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Walled in on all sides, Midgar's biggest and most infamous entertainment quarter is run almost entirely by a man named Don Corneo. Free of Shinra's influence, this dangerous area of the city offers "intriguing" ways to pass the lonely nights.

Loading Screen, Final Fantasy VII Remake

Wall Market is a shopping center in the Sector 6 of Midgar Slums in Final Fantasy VII. It is famous for its dangerous "red light district" atmosphere run by the local crime lord, Don Corneo.


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This place is scary in a lot of ways. Especially for a girl.

Aerith Gainsborough, Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife, a mercenary working for the eco-terrorist organization Avalanche, ventures into Wall Market with the florist Aerith Gainsborough while following Cloud's childhood friend and Avalanche member Tifa Lockhart, who was sent to investigate Don Corneo under the cover story of auditioning to be his bride. Cloud is forced to disguise himself as a woman to sneak into Corneo’s mansion, with him and Aerith gathering items in the original game while earning the endorsement of Wall Market's influential members in the remake.

FFVII Cloud screw

Cloud being attacked by Corneo's lackeys.

With his disguise in place, Cloud and Aerith enter the Don's mansion and find Tifa, learning of her mission and that Corneo has been spying on Avalanche for the Shinra Electric Power Company, the corporation that runs Midgar and pollutes the planet with its mako reactors. After selecting his "bride," Corneo ends up being confronted by the trio in his bedroom. After Corneo is forced to reveal Shinra's intention to destroy Sector 7 where an Avalanche cell is stationed, he sends Cloud, Tifa and Aerith plummeting through his trap door to the sewers in an attempt to feed them to his "pet" Abzu.

Following the Sector 7 incident, its debris damaged parts of Sector 6 and Wall Market which Cloud's group exploit to reach Midgar's upper levels to rescue Aerith from Shinra. Cloud's group also learns that Don Corneo has left Wall Market and gone into hiding in fear of Shinra's retaliation for tipping Avalanche off on their plans.

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Wall Market is first visited in "To Corneo Hall", and is a vibrant shopping center home to many stores inside tents set up around the market, as well as other attractions including a diner, a gym, a bar, and the Honey Bee Inn. The Market can be divided into two main segments, the south and the northern segments, while the entrance to the Honey Bee Inn is a separate segment linked to the south end. Corneo Hall is also located at the far end of the market.

In contrast to the rest of Midgar's slums, Wall Market's buildings are in better shape, appearing cleaner and better maintained, with fewer piles of scrap outside of those owned by the Weapon Store owner.


The southern segment of Wall Market is entered through the path in Sector 6. It is the location of the Inn, the Item Store, the Diner, the Pharmacy, the Boutique, and the Materia Store. Halfway along the left end of the segment, a screen is located.




The inn is located directly at the entrance to Wall Market, and costs 10 gil to stay in. It has a vending machine that sold items, which cost either 200 gil, 100 gil or 50 gil. Cloud can use this machine after speaking to the Materia Store owner, agreeing to fetch an item for him, and then sleeping in the inn; buying the most expensive item resulted in the best reward.

Item StoreEdit


Item Store.

The shop that says "Item" out front is not run by a human clerk, and though it has shelves with items around it, none are available for purchase. At the end is a computer terminal, which is guarded by a machine gun turret at the top.

Though the store offers nothing during the player's first visit, after returning once the Highwind is obtained and exmaning the shop, Tifa's ultimate weapon, the Premium Heart, can be obtained. An additional scene plays if the party includes Cid and Tifa.




The Diner is a food joint which resembles a standard American diner. It sells food for 70 gil, and the options are the Korean B.B.Q. Plate, Sushi Plate, or Today's Special. Which option the player orders is inconsequential, though answering favorably when asking about the food can reward the player they will receive a Pharmacy Coupon that can be traded at the pharmacy for a key item used for Cloud's disguise.




The Pharmacy is a small store with a single room, and shelves of medicine by the counter. Though it is a medicine store, restorative items can be purchased. The shop gives free items in exchange for a Pharmacy Coupon, in the form of either a Deodorant, a Disinfectant, and a Digestive. The best item for Cloud's disguise is a Digestive.




The Boutique is a clothing store that sells clothing and produces custom-made dresses. It is here that Cloud obtains his custom-made dress after fetching the shop's owner from a bar. A Cotton Dress, a Satin Dress, or a Silk Dress are made depending on what the player asks for; the Silk Dress earns the most points in the disguise quest, obtained by asking for something that "feels soft" and "shimmers".

Materia StoreEdit


Materia Store.

The Materia Store is a well-decorated store with antique vases on shelves and ornaments, located behind the merchant who lays on a rug. It does not actually sell any Materia the first time the player visits Wall Market. Instead, the merchant running the store wants to know what items are sold in the vending machine in the inn, and hires the player to go buy one. He gives either a Glass Tiara, Ruby Tiara, or a Diamond Tiara depending on which item the player purchased from the vending machine; the Diamond Tiara is the best, obtained by purchasing the item costing 200 gil. When the player returns to Wall Market after the Sector 7 incident, the Materia Store has been stocked up with some basic Materia for sale.

Honey Bee Inn entranceEdit

The entrance to Honey Bee Inn is to the southeast from the south segment of Wall Market. It is initially packed with would-be-visitors, Johnny included. While Cloud goes inside the Honey Bee Inn, Aeris stays behind.

Honey Bee InnEdit

Honeybee Inn

The Honey Bee Inn.

The Honey Bee Inn is a members-only adult club in the original version, visitable only upon the initial visit to Wall Market when Cloud received a membership card from a man around the southeastern end of Wall Market after visiting Don Corneo's mansion, but having been denied entry. The Honey Bee Inn is brightly lit with neon signs, in contrast to the surrounding metal machinery.

Inside are several brightly-colored, themed rooms occupied by different guests, with keyholes that can be used to peep into them. Cloud could enter one of two rooms available to himself, and after staying in a room, could visit the dressing room to get make-up applied on him from one of the girls. Depending on the room chosen, Cloud obtains either Bikini briefs or Lingerie for Cloud's disguise.

When the party returns after the Sector 7 incident, Cloud is barred entry due to notoriety of his crossdressing exploits, and later still, Honey Bee Inn has been closed down.

In the remake, the Honey Bee Inn is a VIP night club.


The northern segment of Wall Market is a little smaller than the southern segment, and is the location of the Bar, the Weapon Store, and the Men's Hall gym. The northern segment has more piles of scrap along the sides of the tents, left over from the Weapon Store owner.




The Bar is a wider room with a kitchen, several stalls around wooden tables, a screen, and what appears to be a booth for karaoke. Several patrons visit the bar, including the owner of the Boutique, and one sick patron in the bathroom. If Cloud gives her an item to help, she will either give a Cologne, a Flower Cologne, or a Sexy Cologne; the latter of which is the best for Cloud's disguise, and given if the player gives her a Digestive.

Weapon StoreEdit


Weapon Store.

The Weapon Store is located close to piles of scrap, owned by the weapon store owner, and is advertised by a neon sign reading "Machine Gun". It has two rooms, located behind metal fences, with the counter on the right in front of machine guns and ammunition on display, and an office for the store owner on the left containing posters, a computer, and a tank owned by the store owner.

Weapons and armor can be purchased from the counter on the right. The store owner also sells items that he picked up himself. He sells three batteries for 100 gil each, required to climb up the upper plate. After the player returns with the Highwind, the player can buy the Sneak Glove accessory from the owner for a hefty 129,000 gil.

Men's HallEdit


Men's Hall.

The Men's Hall is a boxing gym which also serves as a gathering point for cross-dressers. It is led by a man named "Beautiful Bro", and is visited by Cloud to obtain a wig for his disguise. The gym contains some banners with Japanese and English text: the mat says "FIGHT", the front of ring "S.W.C" and "Square Wrestling Club", left of ring エネルギーV ([Enerugii V]?, lit. Energy V), banners 燃えろ男よ!! ([Moero otoko yo!!]?, lit. Burn, Man, Burn!!), 男乃中乃男!! ([Otoko no naka no otoko!!]?, lit. The Man Inside the Man), 肉質剛健 ([Nikushitsu gouken]?, lit. Muscular Vitality) and 好色美男 ([koushoku binan]?, lit. Sensual, Beautiful Man). A notice to right of the mirror says 男の道 ([otoko no machi]?, lit. Way of Man).

The wig is earned from a squatting minigame, and either a standard Wig, a Dyed Wig, or a Blonde Wig are earned based on the player's performance. The Blonde Wig leads to best results, and is earned by winning the minigame.

Corneo Hall entranceEdit

Wall market corneo

Outside Corneo's mansion.

Corneo's mansion is at the north end of Wall Market. The entrance is guarded by a bouncer who only lets women enter. During Cloud and Aeris's first visit to Wall Market, they must speak to the bouncer to progress, prompting Aeris to come up with the idea to disguise Cloud as a woman. After the Sector 7 incident, the mansion is abandoned and the bouncer will be gone.

Corneo HallEdit

Corneos mansion


Corneo Hall is located at the north end of Wall Market, and is the headquarters for the crime lord Don Corneo. It is home to many scenes of debauchery and perversion, and has a grand aesthetic. Much of the mansion has an oriental Asian aesthetic, and is primarily colored in red and gold. Rigged underneath Corneo's personal chambers lives the monster Aps in the sewers. Cloud gains access after disguising himself as a woman, as the guard will not allow men inside. After the first visit to Wall Market is over, the mansion will be empty and the player can enter at will.

The lobby of Corneo Hall prominently showcases the oriental Asian aesthetic, with bright red colors and gold engraving. After taking the stairs, the Office can be entered through a grand door at the back, the Lackey Room through a door on the right, and a door on the left leads to the Torture Room


Don corneos office

Corneo's office.

Don Corneo's office is where he chooses his "bride". It has many statues by the entrance, a long red carpet leading to Corneo's desk, and at the back is a door to his bedroom. The party is taken here after rendezvousing with Tifa in the Torture Room, and Corneo's decision depends on Cloud's disguise.


Corneos bedroom


Corneo's bedroom is brightly lit by a Chinese lantern and a disco ball. The top of his king-sized bed has a statue of a Chinese dragon. The room also has a trap door on the carpet in front of the bed that will send unsuspecting visitors plummeting to the sewers, where they will fight Aps.

After Corneo chooses a bride, he will take them here. If Cloud is chosen as Corneo's bride, the player is taken here immediately; otherwise, the player must battle there way here with whoever was not chosen and interrogate Corneo.

Torture RoomEdit

Corneos dungeon

Torture Room.

The Torture Room, in contrast to the rest of the mansion, has a medieval aesthetic and is a stone dungeon at the bottom of a long staircase, lit by a single candle. The room has several torture devices around a red table in the center.

This is the room where Cloud and Aeris rendezvous with Tifa. Later, if Don Corneo chooses Aeris or Tifa has the bride, then Tifa or Aeris will be left in the torture chamber with Kotch, though they will defeat him by the time Cloud reaches them; on subsequent visits, he will be tied up here and can be freed by the player.

The dungeon in Don Corneo's cellar was at some point during development intended as a location for a Turtle's Paradise flier. The data for a flier discovered there is marked flier #2, but the text is the same as for the flier #3, found in Gold Saucer.[1]

Lackey RoomEdit

Corneos mansion2

Lackey Room.

The Lackey Room has fewer decorations than the rest of the mansion, and contains a TV, several tables, and bottles smashed all over the floor. Cloud is taken here if he is not chosen as Corneo's bride, and must reveal himself through his disguise and defeat the lackeys here to leave. If he is not chosen, the player can return later.


Wall market wall


The damaged wall climbed in "Aeris's Secret" leads up to the Sector 6 - Plate Lower, and is painted with ominous graffiti. It becomes the "Golden Wire of Hope" after Cloud and friends return to Wall Market after Cloud and Aeris's initial visit. Cloud uses the wire hanging down to climb up, and the player may wish to conserve the remaining Battery for being a unique item, or use it to obtain an Ether from a locked contained. At one point, Cloud must swing from a hanging piece of debris; the correct timing for the player is to jump when it is nearest to Cloud.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit


Item Shop
Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Echo Screen 100 gil
Eye Drop 50 gil
Hyper 100 gil
Tranquilizer 100 gil
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Tent 500 gil
Weapon Shop
Name Cost
Mythril Rod 370 gil
Metal Knuckle 320 gil
Assault Gun 350 gil
Titan Bangle 280 gil
Mythril Armlet 350 gil

The items can actually be purchased from the Pharmacy, as nothing can be purchased from the store labeled Item Store in Wall Market. Weapons can be purchased from the man on the right counter in the Weapon Shop.


The player can obtain several items in the Don's mansion. An Ether can be obtained in the Torture Room, a Phoenix Down can be obtained in the Lackey Room, and a Hyper can be obtained in the Bedroom. The player can return to the Don's mansion after "To Corneo Hall" at any point to obtain these if they did not during the first visit. Additionally, Kotch can be found tied up in the Torture Room upon returning, if the player has not yet started the sidequest in Wutai.


The first chapter that takes place in Wall Market is "To Corneo Hall", in which the player must gather material for a disguise for Cloud so he can disguise himself as a woman to enter Corneo Hall and find Tifa. Depending on Cloud's attire, Don may choose either Cloud, Aeris, or Tifa for his "bride for the night". Cloud will battle Corneo's lackeys if he is not chosen, but the storyline leads to the same conclusion no matter whom out of the party is chosen. In the PlayStation 4 version, getting Don Corneo choose Cloud earns the trophy Consummate Cross-dresser. After Cloud enters Corneo Hall, he, Aeris, and Tifa have to interrogate Don Corneo.

During "To Corneo Hall", the player can optionally get a membership to the Honey Bee Inn by talking to a man in the bottom-right corner of the south end of Wall Market. Inside, the player can view numerous humorous scenes and get make-up for Cloud's disguise. The location is notable for having hoards of dummied out content.

Wall Market is later visited briefly for "Aeris's Secret", in which the player must climb to the Shinra Building on a wall in the northeastern end. The player also needs to obtain a battery from the owner of the weapon store to help with climbing the full way.

Following this, Wall Market is not visited in mandatory quests, but can be returned to for important items.

Date mechanicsEdit

The game has a hidden "affection value" that determines who Cloud will go on a date with in the Gold Saucer later. The value is determined by the dialogue and party member choices the player makes prior to this point. In Wall Market, all decisions that affect the value are in Don's mansion.

If Tifa is chosen as Don Corneo's date:

  • "You alright?" (+3 Aeris)
  • "We gotta help Tifa!" (-2 Aeris)

If Aeris is chosen as Don Corneo's date:

  • "You alright?" (-2 Tifa)
  • "We gotta help Aeris!" (+3 Tifa)

If Cloud is chosen as Don Corneo's date and he rejects his advances, when the Don asks if he has a boyfriend:

  • "Yes, his name's Barret..." (+5 Barret)

Tifa's ultimate weaponEdit

Premium Heart FF7

To get back to Midgar after obtaining the Highwind the player must dig up the Key to Sector 5 from Bone Village. In the store that says Item the player can use the machine to receive the Premium Heart, Tifa's ultimate weapon. A scene will happen if Cid and Tifa are in the party.

Sneak GloveEdit

After returning to Midgar when the party has the Highwind, the man who sold the batteries in the weapon shop will sell the Sneak Glove accessory for 129,000 gil. It increases the player's stealing chances by a great margin, and changes the items that can be stolen from some enemies (not always for the better; for example, it prevents the player from stealing a Vagyrisk Claw from a Bagrisk).

Final Fantasy VII RemakeEdit

The player visits Wall Market in Chapter 9, "The Town that Never Sleeps," where Aerith and Cloud are trying to find a way to enter Con Corneo's mansion. The town is depicted in nighttime and its small alleys are blocked by people, and the player can't get past them to grab the treasures tucked away here. The set of odd jobs the player can do during this segment depends on whose quests the player gets, Madam M's or Chocobo Sam's. The Corneo Colosseum is also available as a battle arena after the storyline-mandated visit there to take part on a tournament; by succeeding in the battles, the player can win manuscripts for the characters' new limit breaks, among other rewards.

Musical themesEdit

"The Oppressed" from Final Fantasy VII
FFVII - Oppressed People

Wall Market has several musical themes. The theme that plays in the main section of the town is "The Oppressed" (虐げられた民衆, Shiitagerareta Minshū?). "Honeybee Inn" (蜜蜂の館, Mitsubachi no Kan?) plays in Honey Bee Inn, while "Don of the Slums" (スラムのドン, Suramu no Don?) plays in Don Corneo's mansion. "Shinra's Full-Scale Assault" (神羅軍総攻撃, Shinra Gunsō Kōgeki?) plays during the climb up to the Shinra Building.

In the remake, "The Oppressed" is a music disc playable in jukeboxes bought from a vending machine in the Sewer System for 50 gil.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Behind the scenesEdit

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Elena of the Turks worked as a bartender in Wall Market in her high school years, as shown in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. Two Guns of the Turks used to work in Don Corneo's mafia within the Wall Market, before quitting and going under the employment of Shinra.

Out of batteries

Unused scene.

There are signs that indicate the player would have been able to buy the batteries required for climbing to the plate separately, instead of getting all three at once, but this was changed for the final version of the game. When asking for the batteries the weapon shop seller's dialogue says "how about 100 gil each", but the player must always spend 300 gil and get all three. Unused text in the game data exists for a situation where Cloud would run out of batteries while climbing.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeEdit

FFVIIR Wall Market Location 3

Wall Market in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Co-director Motomu Toriyama was heavily involved in remaking the Wall Market, having also been heavily involved in designing the events there in the original game. The developers wanted to depict Wall Market as an entertainment district attractive to people from a wide range of cultures and ages while dialing back on the "adult" aspect of it. Honeybee Inn thus became a dazzling dance production in the vein of Moulin Rouge, the Corneo Coliseum was added as an exciting underground battle arena for grown-ups, and Madam M's massage parlor was intended to embody the area's tantalizing aspect. The developers still wanted to feel familiar and in line with the original game.[2]

The developers hadn't originally planned to include the Wall Market gym's squats minigame from the original in the remake, but the on-site game creators viewed it as something that players would be looking forward to and thus wanted to include it.[2]


Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Before Crisis


The name Wall Market (ウォールマーケット?), is, in Japanese, a play on the word "Walmart" (ウォルマート, Worumāto?); only the end of the Japanese writing has been changed. Walmart is an American multinational retailer corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores.


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