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Creates [Barrier/MBarrier] simultaneously


Wall is an indirect magic spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is granted by the Barrier Materia at level for, and applies both the Barrier and MBarrier status effects, which halve physical and magical damage respectively.


Magic Materia Barrier, Master Magic
Effect Grants Barrier and MBarrier.
MP cost 58
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut, All, Final Attack, HP Absorb, Magic Counter, MP Absorb, MP Turbo, Quadra Magic, Sneak Attack, Steal as Well
Reflect Yes


Wall can be used by characters with the Barrier Materia at level 4. It applies both the Barrier and MBarrier status effects, halving physical and magical damage. The spell effectively supersedes both the Barrier and MBarrier spells, though it has a higher MP cost than both combined at 58. The spell can be applied to all allies when linking the Barrier Materia with the All Materia.

Wall's main drawback is that it is rendered entirely redundant by Big Guard from the Enemy Skill Materia. Big Guard applies both status effects, along with Haste, to all allies with no requirement to be linked to the All Materia for almost the same MP cost. Big Guard is also arguably easier to obtain than Wall, which has a large AP requirement. This means that Wall is unnecessary if the player can use Big Guard.

Safer∙Sephiroth is the only enemy to use the spell against the party.


FFVII - Cloud Barrier Reflect Glitch 4-8Live-0

FFVII - Cloud Barrier Reflect Glitch 4-8Live-0

There is a cosmetic glitch that happens if the player casts Barrier/MBarrier/Wall on a party member who has Reflect. The spell is reflected onto the enemy party as normal, but the caster's animation is cut short and they don't jump back to their original spot on the party roster, thus going forward a bit every time they use Barrier/MBarrier/Wall. Wall seems to make the user jump slightly further than the other two spells. If the user is attacked (without them dying or the attack misses), or attacks the enemy, they return to their original position. If the character is killed when they are out of their intended position, they remain in the forward position and can be revived without returning to the original position.

The battlefields have no boundaries, so the caster can keep casting Wall and inch forward every time. If the battlefield has walls the caster will simply go through them and keep going. If the player keeps casting till they reach the edge of the map, they teleport backwards all the way to the other bound behind the party, and begin inching forward toward the party from behind them. The player can try this in a battle with one enemy left and under the Manipulate status to block any interference, use Reflect Ring for continuous Reflect effect, HP↔MP to have enough MP for continuous casting without replenishing MP, and W-Magic to cast Wall twice per turn to move even further. This glitch works in every version.

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