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"You hear a voice from nowhere..."
"Do you seek to break this seal?"
"Then by your word - so shall the seal be undone!"

This is the walk-through for the Arcane Labyrinth for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad version of Final Fantasy II. These are the floors A-D.


  • Where the key term is obtained: From the completion of the objective from the Ultima Tome floor.
  • Objective: The room has 5 Chimera Sphinxes in it. When you approach one, a red mage will appear.

"I created this here monster myself! I can't have you just come in here and destroy if like that.''
"But I'll tell you what - if you're really intent on fighting monsters, how about helping me with my research?"
You will be given a choice of "Yes" or "No". Choose "Yes".
"Alright then. I'm currently studying how to amplify magic power."
"I've just doubled your magic power!"
"Use it to handle that there monster."

Your magic power does not actually increase and you do not have to use magic to defeat the Chimera Sphinx. Just defeat the beast, and the mage will talk again.

"Hmm... That won't suffice..."
"I still lack enough test data to support my study..."

The mage will disappear, allowing you to find another of the Chimera Sphinx. Each time, he will offer to amplify your magic and once the Chimera Sphinx is defeated, he will tell you that the it will not suffice. Once you defeat the 5th Chimera Sphinx, his tone will change.

"How about that! You got every last one!"
"This turned out to be better research material than I'd ever expected!"
"I guess the burden of magic power on the Soul isn't so great after all..."


  • Where the key term is obtained: From the completion of the objective of Sorcery
  • Objective: This room has daises with headstones on them. There is one person in the room; an old man. Speak to him.

"I pity the lost souls that wander these depths..."
"While there are those who know where they should be..."
"Many others do not. I know you can see them..."
"Perhaps you might see to it to show them the way to where they belong!"

There are three "souls" that are wandering around where their headstones are. You need to get behind them and get them to head towards their headstones. Once they both disappear, talk to the old man again.

"At last... All can rest in peace."
"Bless the Mercy in your heart!"

The exit is located at the top-left part of the room.


  • Where the key term is obtained: Learned from Cid when trying to find out how to destroy the Dreadnought.
  • Objective: There are 9 Flames on this floor. Eight of them are Mines and will attack when you talk to them. The one in the bottom-left part of the room is friendly.

"S-s-soooo c-c-cooold... F-f-fire f-f-fading... N-n-need h-h-heat..."
At this time, you have to opportunity to give the flame an item, use either a Hellfire or Fire Tome.
"You saved me!"
"Travelers, should you come upon a temple where a bell rings out, there you may find the ghost of my erstwhile love."
"Let the sound guide you to her."

The clue given pertains to the Goddess's Bell room.


  • Where the key term is obtained: From completing the objective in the Darkness room.
  • Objective: This room is mostly covered with electric floors, which causes damage when you walk on them. The goal of the room is to walk on some of the electric floors, then talk the guy in the eastern part of the floor. When you first talk to the guy, he will tell you that he needs to collect electricity. After walking on the electric floors, talk to him again.
  • Creatures encountered:
  • Treasure(s):


Tracking (full map)

Ultima Tome[]

  • Where the key term is obtained: After taking back Fynn Castle, you will learn Ekmet Teloess. Ask Gordon about this term, and he will tell you about the Ultima Tome.
  • Objective: This room contains a few red mages scattered around the room. When you talk to each of them, they tell you about magic, but nothing substantial. The mage you want to speak to is in the inner middle-left area.

"Day and night, night and day, we study the art of magic here."
"As for the spell recognized to be the king of all spells, Ultima... our findings have been inconclusive."
"Here we collect the tomes from all variety of spells in our world."
"We endeavor to unlock the secrets of magic and analyze them."
"If you happen to own any magic tomes... a donation would be most appreciated!"

At this point, you will have the option to give up an item. The tome they are searching for is the Toad. If you give any other tomb, the mage will basically thank you and nothing else.

"The tome of Toad! This should make a splendid addition to our library! Thank you!"
"Casting the Toad spell..."
"we may be able to learn something by analyzing the Sorcery signature it generates."

The exit is at the middle-top of the room.


  • Where the key term is obtained:
  • Objective:
  • Creatures encountered:
  • Treasure(s):

Wild Rose[]

Wild Rose (full map)

  • Where the key term is obtained: This is the first term that is learned in the game.
  • Objective: There are five pairs of a Soldier fighting an Altair guard. You need to defeat all of the Soldiers ("All enemy troops repelled!"), then speak to the Altar guard that was not fighting a Soldier.

"We could not have been victorious without your support. I thank you for your help. The castle has been purged of invaders."
"Nevertheless, remnants of the enemy forces still linger on the perimeter."
"We shall endeavor to seek them out by Tracking them."

There still will be random encounters, but you can find the exit at the top-left part of the room.

This floor is reminiscent of the Wild Rose Rebellion that takes place when the players help Princess Hilda retake Fynn Castle.



  • Where the key term is obtained: Completion of the Objective in the Cave floor.
  • Objective: Before doing anything in this room, head to the northern-eastern part of the room. You should find four spheres there. Tap on one of the spheres and it should make a sound. This will cause four red wizards to show up in the room. Find each Wizard and defeat them.

"So, you have come to prevent our sacred ritual? You will not stop us!"

Each time you defeat a wizard, one of the spheres disappears. Once all of the spheres disappear, head back to where the spheres were and enter that section. There will be a girl in there.

"You saved me! Thank you! Oh, thank you!"
"Those evil mages locked me away in here."
"They've been practicing some wicked ritual in this subterranean cavern."
"I was peeking in on them when they spotted me... Hm? What kind of ritual?"
"Each was holding a Candelabra while they circled around in the dark."

The exit is located to the left. However, you will have to leave the section where you came in.


  • Where the key term is obtained:
  • Objective:
  • Creatures encountered:
  • Treasure(s):


  • Where the key term is obtained:
  • Objective:
  • Creatures encountered:
  • Treasure(s):