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"You hear a voice from nowhere..."
"Do you seek to break this seal?"
"Then by your word - so shall the seal be undone!"

This is the walk-through for the Arcane Labyrinth for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad version of Final Fantasy II.

The Arcane Labyrinth originally was featured in the Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition. It consists of a group of three dungeons and the Arcane Sanctuary.

The Labyrinths[]

The three Arcane Labyrinth dungeons consist of a set number of floors, which are chosen by the player using the key terms they learn during game play. Once the set number of floors is traversed, the player will then open a final floor in which they will need to defeat a boss.

There is no way to save your game or teleport out of the Arcane Labyrinth. You can exit at any point by using the same key term that got you to the floor you are currently on. Such as, if you are on the Wild Rose floor and use the key term "Wild Rose", you will be given the option of exiting. Your progress is not recorded, so if you choose to go back to that particular dungeon, you will still need to complete the designated number of floors.

  • Arcane Labyrinth North West Quarter is located west of Salamand and has 4 floors

The Arcane Labyrinth North West quarter

  • Arcane Labyrinth North East Quarter is located north of Bafsk and has 7 floors

The Arcane Labyrinth North East quarter

Arcane Labyrinth South East Quarter is located east of Kashuan (far to the southwest of Bafsk) and has 10 floors

The Arcane Labyrinth South East quarter

The Floors[]

Due to all the information on each floor, I have split them into separate pages:

Each floor has an objective. You can exit the floor without completing the objective. However, the objective often uncovers either a plot line, a prize, or another key term.

Most of the floors have random encounters. The difficulty of the creatures from those encounters differs for each floor.

The Bosses[]

After traversing the set number of floors, the player will be placed back into the cave that they first started in. The only difference is that now there is only two areas; the one that the player is in and one that contains an exit. This gives the player time to heal or switch weapons. If you have the Blood Sword, this is a good time to equip it. You will have to face one of these bosses:

Once the boss is defeated, you are put outside the Arcane Labyrinth.

Arcane Sanctuary[]

Once the final boss is defeated in all 3 of the Arcane Labyrinth dungeons, the gate to the top floor of Arcane Sanctuary will open. Just like with the Labyrinths, there is no way to save your game or teleport out of the Arcane Sanctuary. However, unlike the Labyrinths, there are no random encounters or treasure chests.

The Arcane Sanctuary

The entrance to the Arcane Sanctuary is a bit "hidden". It is in a small cluster of mountains just north of Poft. The entrance looks like a small dot between two of the mountains.

The Arcane Sanctuary consists of a main floor, a few floors of stairs, and a final floor. You can enter the main floor without finishing the 3 Arcane Labyrinth dungeons, but the gate leading upstairs will be locked. There are three daises in the middle of this floor. Each one of these will be lit with a fire once the dungeon they represent is completed.

On the final floor is Deumion.

Perhaps you have come here to acquire something?
As Guardian of this altar, I take it upon myself to judge your worthiness.

At this point, Phrekyos will be summoned to fight you. Defeat Phrekyos and speak to Deumion again.

Your overcoming the seals was not mere artifice, you are truly endowed with great power.
So what is it you have come here in search of with this great power of yours?

At this point, you can give a key term. Most of the terms will get you the following:

I see. So be it.
In recognition of the words that brought you here, I offer you this.

Deumion will give you a prize based on the last room or series of rooms that you completed in the Arcane Labyrinth dungeons.