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The guide exists in its entirety out of here, but I'm still not done copying here. You can go through Archades at this point (12/19). Updates will come regularly, as much as life allows, and as fast as I can go through the game at the same time to proofread and verify info.

If you are a talented wiki editor who needs a hobby and want to give a hand to break up walls of text with pictures and making everything pretty, I'm taking application while I concentrate on getting the brunt info out there XD


This guide purpose is to give a comprehensive system for obsessed gamers to collect loot while they are playing Final Fantasy XII, and sell it as efficiently as possible to unlock every single bazaar package. As a secondary goal, it will also aim for the player to fill the bestiary and complete other side quests.

This guide is written for players who have previous experience of the game and don’t need many pointers as how to move through it or to beat foes. It can, of course, be used in parallel with some other walkthrough as needed and it will reference to the wiki pages concerning creatures and bosses where you can find strategic information.

I first wrote this guide and compile the tables with the original version of the game. I have since, like many others, played through the remastered version, and adapted the guide to reflect the changes. Although not many bazaar packages have been modified, there are still some significant changes and I would maybe come around some day to add subsections about the original info, for those who are nostalgic.

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