At the time of this writing, it snowed when it had no business snowing. It is in the middle of April and I am freezing. That stupid heater that gave me the Geostigma burn/tan on my leg broke because it's cheap and stupid. Now I have to use a blanket to keep me warm, which is difficult in a chair like this. My legs get stiff from trying to completely cover myself with the blanket and typing is difficult. The area I'm in is a long rectangular room. Computer is in the bottom right corner, TV is in the top right corner. My back is pretty much to the TV. I can't type very well with all these problems AND I'm surrounded by doors that lead outside which is the cause for all of this coldness. I told my mom where I wanted the computer and TV. I told her and then when they put the stuff down hear they ended up in these crappy locations! Never even talked to me about it! Just decided to go with it. This computer needs to be moved >:|

Rant over... (btw we need new furniture.)

Chapter 6[edit source]

Just smells damp. And I think something bit me.


Where have Sazh and Vanille ended up? ...Apparently Vanille's nose brought us to the Sunleth Waterscape ._. The music in this place is wonderful (however, I like the Japanese version better). Level up those Crystariums and set up those Paradigms.

Paradigm Vanille Sazh
♦Slash & Burn Ravager Commando
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
Undermine Saboteur Ravager
Archmage Ravager Synergist
War & Peace Medic Commando
Yin & Yang Medic Ravager

Don't wanna eat those tomatoes.

Eww. Those tomatoes have problems. The Flandragoras are weak against Fire. If you got Sazh's Blitz ability he'll completely obliterate those Hedge Frogs with it. To the left is an item with 6 vials of Mysterous Fluid. After a bit of walking and fighting, you'll come across a Belladona Wand. There is a pair of Procyons for Sazh guarded by a group of tomatoes in the circular area. Continue then take a left if you want a Doctor's Code.

In this cutscene we learn a little bit about Sazh. Flashback to Day 11. We get to see Sazh's boy, Dajh. Dajh actually looks like a barby doll child that my aunt used to have ._. It's kinda creepy but whatever.

This picture is missing a rainbow.

That view...take a minute and look at the amazingness. You can barely see the opening of Cocoon. And listen to what that pop-up said about the Scalebeast. It's possible to kill them but it can take around 14 minutes if you don't kill it properly. If you do decide to take on a Scalebeast it's easy to get a preemptive strike on it. Once it's staggered, it loses its carapace. When that happens it's vulnerable to about anything. Have Vanille debuff it with everything she's got. Then have Sazh buff everyone with everything he's got. Its HP should go down at a much faster rate. Its Shocking Breath can do major damage, so watch out for that.

Down to the left is a Scaledbeast guarding 15 Iron Shells. If you think its worth it, do your best to kill it. There's an easy item coming up that contains a Librascope. Up ahead are some Gremlins that are blocking 10 Scaled Wings.

Break time! Vanille has a little chat with Sazh's Chocobo and then Sazh mentions that our next stop is Nautilus. *GASP* Nautilus O8?!? I love Nautilus! That place is so fun! Vanille lies down to take a small nap and wakes up to find Sazh missing. Follow the Chocobo, follow the Chocobo. :D

Oh...Sazh sadness :[ Another flashback. Day 5. Dajh is branded as a Sanctum l'Cie. Sazh spoils the kid a lot. He also tells a good story. And a big lesson to learn from all of this is to never spoil your kids too much :)

Up ahead is a bubble type thing that changes the weather. With the weather change comes a change of enemies as well. Whether or not the weather is good, the enemies are still a pain to go through. With rain comes Mud Frogs, Hedge Frogs, Gremlins, and Scalebeasts. Clear skies brings a whole lot of tomatoes and a Wyvern. Looks like clear skies is the easiest way to go if you want a Metal Armband that's locate on the right pathway. Those Mud Frogs use Courtship Dance which brings in more Hedge Frogs, which is annoying. The Wyvern is too much of a pain so skip it.

Oh, there's another section of this. I thought there was something missing. I though we were almost done ;_; Behind the group of tomato flans is an Aqua Ring. Up ahead are some new Spooks; Garchimaceras. Up ahead is a save point and WOO! We're at the part where I want to be :D Level up those Crystariums and then if you haven't already experimented with upgrading your weapons, I suggest you do that now too. (I haven't upgraded anything yet ._.) And don't forget to stock up on Phoenix Downs!

Boss: Enki and Enlil
Enki FFXIII.png
Enlil FFXIII.png
Difficulty: Medium
HP: Enki: 75,600
Enlil: 70,200
Drops/Rewards: Fulmen Ring, Riptide Ring
CP: 1,000

Weird color combination, eh? We get 2 bosses this time. Use a Librascope since there's more than 1 enemy to look out for. Debuff them first and have Sazh buff ourselves. Stagger whichever monster you want and kill that one first. At some point in the battle, the woodwraiths will use Bellow, which will bestow them with Bravery, Faith, and Haste. For the Enlil, it will give it Enthunder. For the Enki, it will bestow itself with Enwater. The Enlil's move, Raging Tempest, will create a large thunder attack that reaches a wide area. It will take away half of your life so be careful if you have less than full life. The Enki has a similar move called Raging Torrent. They should be pretty easy to kill with it's debuffs affecting it and Vanille's high magic power.

Your Crytarium expanded!

Yay! We're done with the Sunleth Waterscape and headed to Nautilus! I love Nautilus! X3 Approach the electric fence and watch the cutscene. I will see you on Chapter 7 :)

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