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Chapter 5[edit source]

Lightning! :D The Gapra Whitewood isn't one of my favorite places, gameplay wise, but it looks cool and has nice music. We switch it up and have Hope take the lead.

Paradigm Hope Lightning
Supersoldier Synergist Commando
♦Slash & Burn Ravager Commando
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
War & Peace Medic Commando
Yin & Yang Medic Ravager
Double Dose Medic Medic

You'll probably want to level up their Crystariums right about now. Get Lightning her Launch ability.

Gotta look cool for Light...

Go up and save. Along the way, Lightning will give you her commentary. Those Frag Leeches will be killed easily with Lightning's Blitz. And now, when an enemy is staggered, Lightning will Launch it! It's such a magical ability X3 I suggest you manually input Thunder for every battle. The enemies are easy going and there aren't many to deal with before you get to the next cutscene.

This scene is important cause Lightning gives Hope her "Survival Knife." Nothing much happens with it. It serves about the same purpose as Serah's crystal tear. Hop on that lift and activate it. Save at the top. The enemies continue to be easy going for a while until you come across a Vespid. It uses Fire magic so equip Hope with an Ember Ring. Use the Supersoldier Paradigm to give you extra protection. Kill off the Thexterons first and then the Vespid. If Hope goes below half HP, heal him quickly. Near that Alpha Behemoth are 3 Antidotes. A small cutscene when you go further, then save when you get off the lift.

Behind that pair of Vespids is the Hawkeye for Hope. Use a Deceptisol for that fight. When you get through all the monsters and approach the glowing door, Hope and Lightning will stop and have a chat about the others. More Snow hate. Woo. Save before you go down.

We are now at a more dangerous part of the Gapra Whitewood. More feral creatures with extra sharpness to them are now the common enemes of this place. The Silver Lobos look menacing, but once they're staggered Lightning will launch 'em and kill them with her awesome.

Up ahead are a few Crawlers surrounding an item with 6 Antidotes. There's another group of Crawlers blocking the way. Past the Silver Lobo and Crawlers is a Feral Behemoth. Build up the Chain Gauge with Slash & Burn, then use Dualcasting to quickly stagger it. Switch back to Slash & Burn to launch it.

It's like Pandora 8O

Those Crawlers at the top are a handful. When Hope's HP goes yellow you need to switch to War & Peace. And then another cutscene.

Coolest spoon evar!! ^ And a chocobo cake :D

We take control of Lightning now and we get to listen to Hope's words of wisdom this time. Also, right now I will expect you to save every time we see a save point. In the far right is a Star Pendant. And I believe this certain cutscene is coming up. Yes, Day 12 and Lightning's birthday. 'Tis not a happy one though :[ On the bright side, her house is pretty cool :D And I am completely serious when I say this; Lightning has the coolest spoon ever. It is so interestingly shaped, it's amazing :O

Yeah anyway, further ahead is an Edged Carbine for Lightning, blocked by a Barbed Specter. After a few more monsters, there is another Feral Behemoth that you have to fight. After the battle, you now have another Retail Network: Magical Moments.

There is a gate past the Save Station. On the left side is a Feral Behemoth and an item sphere containing 1500 Gil. The right side ahead holds a Feral Behemoth, 4 Crawlers, and 8 vials of Fragrant Oil. You can avoid getting in the middle of that fight between the Lobos and the Behemoth. Go on the lift. We're brought back up to peaceful music. A group of 4 Silver Lobos happily great us as well. In the next cutscene Hope initiates Operation Nora.

There are some new enemies ahead. Corps Watchmen, Corps Marksmen, and Milvus Velocycles block your path. As you continue, you will find a vial of Ethersol just before the save station. We're almost done with this place. There is a Milvus Velocycle and 2 Corps soldiers up ahead. Take out the Corps first. When that's done, level up Hope's Synergist role, complete Lightning's Commando, and level up her Ravager. Then open up your shroud menu and use the Fortisol and Aegisol, then activate the red thing.

Aster Protoflorian
Aster Protoflorian FFXIII.png
Difficulty: Hard
HP: 129,600
Drops/Rewards: Tungsten Bangle, Creature Comforts
CP: 1,000

Wild Bulbasaur appeared 8O. Aster Protoflorian is it's scientific name >.> Use Libra or a Librascope on it. It will start to Exproof a certain element which will make its attacks that certain element. Example: Exproofing: Fire will allow it to absorb Fire, use Fire attacks and be vulnerable to Water damage. Make sure you stagger it quickly. You can get it below half of its HP when you continue to Launch it. And keep an eye on Hope. If he dies, his buffs will be gone and it can make things harder when you bring him back. The Protoflorian's attacks will get more vicious when it's HP is below half. If you continue to get it staggered he should be gone in no time.

Your Crystarium expanded!

What's this!? An exit!? I see sunlight! :D Palumpolom? No...not yet :[

Back on the Lindblum...[edit source]

Snow and Fang then FLASHBACK! Day 12! Awesome chase music. Oh noes SERAH! D: Then back to Fang smacking her hand into Snow's head and whatever. Let's go!

Step into the rainbow
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