Call me Light.


Back to just Hope and Lightning. We encounter more PSICOM people, and this time Hope dies much more easily. I think our battle ratings will average 3 stars too :/

Paradigm Lightning Hope
Supersoldier Commando Synergist
♦Slash & Burn Commando Ravager
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
War & Peace Commando Medic
Yin & Yang Ravager Medic
Symbiosis Medic Synergist

Time to save. When you get to the circle, take a left and fight off those Corps Regulars, then get 3 Fiber-optic Cables. Just before that Uhlan, go right and get a Librascope. Get a preempt on the Uhlan and stay on the Dualcasting Paradigm. Save. Now things get a little more fun! :3

Dreadnoughts marching

Time to control a Dreadnought! It's so fun watching those Pulseworkers fling into the air and explode >:3 But unfortunately it doesn't last forever :/

Jackpot! 2 treasures. You can get a variety of different items in those 2 item spheres depending on how many Pulsework Soldiers you've annihilated. You can find the list of possible items here.

Up ahead is another treasure with 2 Electrolytic Capacitors and a Save Station. Fight the Uhlan and the soldier to get a Spark Ring. Go to the right up ahead and get a tuft of Phoenix Down. Jump down and attack the soldiers. Skip those enemies and go through the tube if you want to. Save for the upcoming epicness >:D

Eidolon: Odin
Odin ffxiii.png
Recommended Paradigm Lightning Hope
♦Symbiosis Medic Synergist
Slash & Burn Commando Ravager
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
War & Peace Commando Medic
Yin & Yang Ravager Medic
Doubledose Medic Medic
Difficulty: Very Hard
HP: None
Drops/Rewards: Odin Eidolith
CP: None

I guarantee you, Hope will go through like 5-7 Phoenix Downs during this battle, depending on whether or not you had Hope buff everyone. (I didn't because I forgot ._.) I suggest you do though. The dying will be at a minimum. Everything he does will deal heavy damage, especially Skyward Swing. You may need to keep a medic on the team at all times. When anyone's HP bar goes yellow you need to heal. If your timing is good, try having HP in the green and attacking with Dualcasting when Odin uses Ullr's Shield. Go back to a Paradigm with a Medic when he puts the shield down. If not then continue to keep a Medic on at all times. You may not make it the first time but, it's all about trial and error. Hit that Playstation Button S.png/Xbox Button X.png button when the gauge is full.

Lightning got another ATB Segment!

Well, now that that's over, go the usual direction. We'll come across a battle and a Gestalt Mode Tutorial. They're dead and now we take a break and watch some cutscenes. Yay! Aww, Lightning and Hope moment (I don't approve of that pairing by the way >_>). Hope's neck is gonna have issues when he wakes up.

Sazh and Vanille's turn now

Paradigm Sazh Vanille
Tide Turner Synergist Saboteur
Archmage Synergist Ravager
♦Slash & Burn Commando Ravager
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
War & Peace Commando Medic
Yin & Yang Ravager Medic

Go back if you want to find a tuft of Phoenix Down. That item sphere is extremely easy to miss. I was surprised to have even found it. (Yay backtracking.)

We've got Bombs now. They start out with half HP and heal themselves when they attack. When they get to full HP, they will use Self-destruct which will kill you if they have full life. The lower their health is when they're charging Self-destruct, the less damage they will do to you. They're scary to fight but it pays off when you kill them. There are 2 Bombs you may have to deal with. Get a preemptive strike on them no matter what.

Walk down and activate the machine. Fight the enemies if you want. Up ahead is an item that contains an Auric Amulet. Fight/run away from the Pulse Automata. You can save now. Now we get to deal with Gremlins. They're easy to kill, and they use Fire magic, so watch out for that. There's a group of Gremlins guarding an Ember Ring.

When you get to the wider area, go down to the right and get a tuft of Phoenix Down. Here you have to activate the machines in the 4 outer corners. Enemies are surrounding all of them so you have to kill them to get through. The bottom left corner holds 2 Bombs. Bottom right corner holds a Bomb and a Pulseworker. Top left corner holds another Bomb and Pulseworker. Top right corner holds 2 Pulseworkers.

Once you activate all 4 machines, that gate will open, and you can access the center where a vial of Fortisol is waiting for you. Blocking your way out are 2 Bombs and 2 Pulseworkers. Preemptive strikes are your best friends :D An item down the path contains 300 Gil.

As we leave the Vile Peaks, Sazh and Vanille decide it's time to rest. Looks comfy ¬_¬ Now we can save!


The Lindblum. Impressive, eh?

Seems like a waste of beautiful graphics for this kind of cutscene :| It doesn't last for long anyway. We go inside the Lindblum and meet Cid Raines, brigadier general of the fleet. Gotta love this part, "Here, let me shake your hand, because I don't realize that your hands are binded." I don't usually skip cutscenes but this one wears me out with all this irritation. Snow just gets kicked down by an arrogant Fang.

Flash back of Day 7. Serah reveals her state as a l'Cie to Snow and tries to break up with him. Love knows no bounds with this guy, though. This flash back is actually interactive. We get to play as Snow at the seaside city of Bodhum. Go ahead and explore the place. Take your time, since this is the only time you play here. When your done looking around, go into the bar and talk to Lebreau. Serah will then magically appear at the end of the dock. You know, serious Snow needs to show up more often.

Onward to Chapter 5!

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