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The Vile Peaks Edit

So, there are also Pantherons on this side of Cocoon as well, eh? You know what to do. After that, our party splits once more. We start out with Sazh and Vanille. Once we go across that bridge, the other bridge will go out. Flashback time.

Vanille was there too on Day 11, wishing on the fireworks. We meet Lightning's Lieutenant, Amodar. She's so...not as threatening around him. It's adorable!

Now we come back to a more pissed and cranky Lightning. We also get Hope as our helper! He has all of his 3 roles. Let's take a look at our Paradigms. These are the only Paradigms you can create right now.

Paradigm Lightning Hope
Supersoldier Commando Synergist
Archmage Ravager Synergist
♦Slash & Burn Commando Ravager
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
War & Peace Commando Medic
Yin & Yang Ravager Medic

Depending on when and if you spent your CP, you should have around 800CP. You should probably spend it soon, as there are much stronger enemies now.

Save at the Save Point, and then take the right fork. We have a new enemy called a Thexteron. Its War Cry will bestow itself with Bravery. Stagger it quickly with Dualcasting and finish him off with Slash & Burn. The item contains a Librascope. On the left fork is a group of two Pantherons and a Thexteron. Kill the Thexteron first and then the Pantherons. Up ahead are some Watchdrones. They're harder to take out with two people, but I believe in you. Switch to Slash & Burn when it charges Electrokick. And then there's a Thexteron and two Watchdrones. That can be tough but go for the Thexteron first and then the Watchdrones. Just combine your strategies and you'll be good. Then we come across a Pulsework Soldier. Try to get a preemptive strike on these. When they're staggered they can't attack you and they go down quickly.

Now we get a little look at Lightning and who she was as a soldier. Then we get a flashback of Day 13 and a look at how evil and stupid PSICOM people are. Lightning joins the Purge, and that's when Sazh comes in. Hope could never do something like that though. And then Lightning says that famous quote. "It's not a question of can or can't. There are somethings in life you just do." And then Lightning leaves hope :|

Back to Sazh and Vanille. We get informed of Sazh's Syngergist role and Three-way Battles. These Paradigms are the only options available.

Paradigm Sazh Vanille
♦Undermine Ravager Saboteur
Tide Turner Synergist Saboteur
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
Archmage Synergist Ravager
Yin & Yang Ravager Medic
Symbiosis Synergist Medic

Spend your CP on Vanille's Saboteur and Sazh's Ravager and Synergist roles. Save and then enter your first Three-way Battle. Help the Watchdrones take out the Pulsework Soldier and then kill the Watchdrones. Examine that machine. This time there's 2 Thexterons and a Pulsework Soldier. You should get a preemptive strike on them so stagger the Thexterons first and kill them. When it comes time to kill the Pulsework Soldier, good luck getting him staggered. Vanille will stop debuffing him once theres nothing left to debuff and slow. There's another group blocking a Black Belt. Just take out the Thexteron, then the Pulsework Soldier, and then the Watchdrones. Activate that switch. Skip those enemies, they're a hastle. :| Hey, Hope! :D

Oh, Hope is upset. Not much of a suprise though. We get yet another flashback of Day 11, this time with Hope and his mother. His story is truly saddening :[

Why can't we go to where Lightning is D: Well anyway, time to mess with these Paradigms again.

Paradigm Sazh Vanille Hope
♦Guerilla Synergist Saboteur Ravager
Malevolence Synergist Ravager Ravager
Smart Bomb Ravager Saboteur Ravager
Tri-Disaster Ravager Ravager Ravager
Thaumaturgy Ravager Medic Ravager
Perpetual Magic Ravager Medic Medic

Hop up those ledges. With 3 people now, battles will be easier. Take out the Pulsework Soldier and get one of Hope's weapons, the Ninurta. Save. Go forward and skip some enemies if you wish. Some Incubus will ambush you. You are able to get past them. If you do fight them, they can do a lot of damage. Buff your party with Faith and proceed with Tri-Disaster. Time for a Pulse history lesson.

Sazh is really really odd in battle ._. Anyway keep going and to your left is an area with a Pheonix Down, a Metal Armband and a Save Point. Continue on you're way and use a Deceptisol for the upcoming battle with 2 Incubus and a Succubus. There's another tough battle ahead that may require another Deceptisol. Be careful of the 2 Pulsework Soldiers ahead as well. Save and then LIGHTNING! She didn't miss us ._.

Battle team changed. You know what that means.

Paradigm Sazh Lightning Vanille
Guerilla Synergist Ravager Saboteur
Ruthless Ravager Commando Saboteur
Smart Bomb Ravager Ravager Saboteur
♦Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Ravager
Tri-Disaster Ravager Ravager Ravager
Diversity Ravager Commando Medic

These battles will go so much more nicely now that Lightning's in our team. No I'm not just saying that because Lightning's my favorite person in this game >.> Continue along the way and kill enemies, then activate the switch to put down those awesome stairs. When we get up the stairs...was that a compliment from Lightning? Yay! :D Save and then defeat those Daemons. To the right is a Librascope. Up ahead is an Ember Ring guarded by 2 Pulsework Soldiers and a Succubus. Kill the Succubus first because they're a nuisance and then the Pulsework Soldiers. Equip the Ember Ring to Sazh. I recommend you level up your people now. Set Guerilla as your active Paradigm. Continue and Save. Then Boss battle.

Boss: Dreadnought
Dreadnought FFXIII Enemy
Difficulty: Medium
HP: 17,940 (1st Battle)
44,850 (2nd Battle)
Drops/Rewards: Omni-kit, Lenora's Garage
CP: 360

Can we have a boss battle that doesn't require 2 parts? No? Ok. Start off with Libra then buff yourself and Vanille with Faith and Lightning with Bravery. Vanille will debuff it with Deprotect and Deshell. When she's done with that, switch to Tri-Disaster and stagger it. The Dreadnought will use Steam Clean to remove its debuffs. It won't attack when using it. Once it's staggered switch to Ruthless if you need to debuff it again. If not then switch to Relentless Assault.

This time it uses Fire attacks. Buff the party with the right buffs again and Vanille will continue to debuff. Switch to Tri-Disaster and build the Chain Gauge. Its new move, Wrecking Ball, will do heavy damage, so switch to Diversity as soon as it pops up. Right after that it will try to Steam Clean itself. Once staggered, switch to Ruthless to debuff if needed. Relentless Assault should take away a good chunk of its HP.

You get a lot after this battle. An Omni-kit, a new Retail Network and new roles for Lightning and Sazh.

We can upgrade weapons now! Pay attention, it's important. The components that bestow an EXP Bonus are always Organic Components. Components that will decrease the multiplier are always Electronic Components. You can tell which one is which by looking at the icon in front of the name. Dismantling some unneeded equipment will get you more components. (I suggest you hold on to all weapons+accessories if you plan on getting all 36 trophies.) You should always organize the components, as well as everything else in your inventory, so you can be efficient and know where everything is. Select a part of your inventory and press Playstation Button S/Xbox Button X to sort them. Categorizing is better than Alphabetizing.

Now go forward. Lightning will scout ahead while you save. Looks like Lightning has a plan. It's not all that crazy either. Anyway, we split up again and it's gonna stay like that for quite a while. See you on the next part.

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