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This is a flash back of Day 11 of the Thirteen Days. You should spot someone that looks important in the cafe. She's more noticable when Snow leaves. Anyway, I'll leave you to enjoy the cutscene in peace.

And now we come back to reality. Welcome to the crystallized Lake Bresha. People survive another fall from heights of ridiculous proportion. Snow believes it's Serah's doing and Lightning is still blaming Snow for everything. A minute goes by and already we're fighting again. Hope freaks out over being made a l'Cie and Lightning just goes with "Right". Again, awesome.

We're l'Cie now![edit source]

I seem to be happier than our team about becoming l'Cie. Thing's aren't so boring now and finally the gameplay get's more interesting! View that Paradigm System Tutorial and kill those Cie'th.

Lightning doesn't seem to care about being a l'Cie. She just wants Snow to shut up. Poor Hope is having a melt down. Snow pushes him down after he blames him and Serah for everything. He backs up and meets Lightning's feet. Now that he's seen Lightning's face he crawls away and enters a fetal position. Have you seen a more pathetic thing? :/ Thankfully Vanille is here to pick him back up.

Paradigms[edit source]

Character Three Main Roles
Lightning Commando Ravager Medic
Snow Commando Ravager Sentinel
Vanille Ravager Saboteur Medic
Hope Ravager Synergist Medic
Sazh Commando Ravager Synergist
Fang Commando Sentinel Saboteur

I figured I'd state everyone's Primary roles all at once. For now, Lightning doesn't have her Medic role and Vanille doesn't have her Saboteur role.

Paradigm Lightning Snow Vanille
♦Relentless Assault Commando Ravager Ravager
Aggression Commando Commando Ravager
Tri-Disaster Ravager Ravager Ravager
Diversity Commando Ravager Medic
Solidarity Commando Sentinel Medic
Tireless Charge Commando Commando Medic

We may not need these many paradigms at the moment, but it never hurts to be prepared. These are probably some of the most common ones you'll use. My main focus is offense. I never think much of defense so my use of Sentinel is very little. I also organize my paradigms with more offensive paradigms on top and healing on the bottom. That makes it easier to keep track of things as the battles get faster and more intense in the future. As you can see my favorite colors are red, blue and green :) The ♦ is what your default Paradigm should be.

After you walk a small way and watch that major foreshadowing cutscene you get a Crystarium Tutorial. Quite fun I must say. When you're done familiarizing yourself with the Crystarium, go down the left path and get a preemptive on the group of Cie'th. Keeping going down that way to get a Pearlwing Staff for Vanille. Continue on the main path and save. Up ahead are some Cie'th that are blocking an item. Take those out and get yourself 7 Chipped Fangs. Up further to your right there's an Item Sphere containing 200 Gil.

Lake Bresha FFXIII.png

I'd tell you to go nowhere near Snow but then we wouldn't get anywhere :/ Snow just keeps talking. Lightning's had enough of it, but there's no time to shut him up for good ¬_¬ PSICOM soldiers found us. "Nice gun," Lightning says before she totally kicks their asses. That mid-air gunblade stunt was such epic win X3 Now we have ourselves a Command Execution Tutorial. This is for when the Auto-battle selections aren't the best way to go.

Now we run away! :D There's a group of Ghasts and Wights, and since you get CP, which makes you stronger, you should fight them. There's an item at the dead end that contains 5 Cie'th Tears. You'll come across a group of Breshan Bass. You should be able to get a preemptive strike on them. The left path holds another group of Breshan Bass and a Silver Bangle. There's a Save Point ahead. When you come around the corner, you'll find everyone making introductions, and if you haven't seen it yet, Sazh does this weird pose again. As you go forward, there are some Pantherons. Kill those and collect a Phoenix Down. Up at the other dead end is 50 Gil. There's another item up ahead that contains 8 Strange Fluids. Get those PSICOM soldiers out of the way to get a Magician's Mark. Go up to the Save Point and save. Does something catch you're eye from that spot?

Before you go any further, switch your Tri-Disaster Paradigm to Mystic Tower and make it you're default. Once you do that, go down to Serah's crystallized body. Being in the presence of her baby sister just hurts Lightning too much. Snow's annoying hero-ness get's him in trouble again and he receives a "LIGHTNING PAWNCH". Then this guy comes back from the dead and wants to finish what it started.

Manasvin Warmech
Manasvin Warmech FMV FFXIII.png
Difficulty: Medium
HP: 32,400
Drops/Rewards: Digital Circuit
CP: 64

Guess what? This battle serves as another tutorial. View the Paradigm System Tutorial. For the first few seconds you'll want to switch back and forth between Mystic Tower and Solidarity. This thing has a new move called Crystal Rain which will kill you immediately if you don't use Snow as a distraction Sentinel. Using Mystic Tower will quickly fill its Chain Gauge. When it's staggered, chip off a bunch of HP with Aggression. Heal when you need to.

Moving on, yeah?

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