When I couldn't see a future, and I was afraid...when the future was clear, and it hurt to see...I'd just close my eyes, and lose myself in happier days.


Let's get to know these guys

Hope Estheim

Everyone is so mean to this kid. It makes me sad :[ Honestly people just need to be kinder to him. He just witnessed his mother die, he's with a strange girl and he's scared. He has every right to complain. He has the wrong idea about Snow though. Snow never killed his mother. Hope is just extremely upset. Plus he's 14 which means he's angsty. It happens to everyone :| And he doesn't look that much like a girl >.> People seriously over-exaggerate with this kid. Some of his speeches can get a bit annoying though. He dies a lot during the story too, which is unfortunate. He get's a lot more useful in the 2nd half of the game though. I found myself sticking with him full time after Chapter 12. He's better than what most people think. To me he's certainly more tolerable than Snow.

Oerba Dia Vanille

Don't hate on a kid who witnessed his mother die and then go through the traumatic experience of becoming a l'Cie. It's okay Hope. I know what it's like to lose a dear family member too.

Vanille here is the narrator of The XIII. She's quite the interesting person. Despite her happy peppyness, her back story is quite sad. Later on she'll get into a more serious act but still retain some of that peppyness throughout the game. Basically she's not the average "perky girl". The things she does in this game sometimes don't make sense, but whatever she does it's pretty entertaining. Her character can really grow on you as you get further in the game. Vanille is a wonderful person. Make the most of the time you have with her. By the way, she has a pet robot which is so awesome X3

So there's a Save Point. You actually don't have to save here, but if you want to stock up on some Potions, then you can browse through the shop. Go toward Vanille and examine the airbike. Can Hope fly that thing? Let's push him in and see! Time to go that way. Hope is hesitant though. "If we go in there, that thing could—It could make us l'Cie." *gasp* Foreshadowing :O Let's go before gorilla man ruins all the fun! It asks you if you would like to save your progress. Say yes and replace Snow's face with The XIII's logo. Oh we're on Chapter 2 already? Hmm, I should plan my walkthrough parts more thoroughly >.>

Vanille in the Vestige.

Now that we've made a magnificent crash landing in the Vestige, let's look around. Vanille grabs her Rod weapon of death and plays around with it for a few seconds until she's interrupted by a Pantheron. If that rod isn't a strange enough weapon for ya wait til you see Hope's Boomerang of death! >:D It doesn't make any sense, I know. Once that thing's dead you get B&W Outfitters. It's an accessory shop you can access at a Save Point. You now have control of Vanille and you have yourself the Instrument of Dissent trophy/achievement.

An item sphere is located in the area behind you. That contains 30 Gil. Go back and save at the Save Point then go up the stairs and go to your left. Fight off the enemies in that area and pick up that treasure with 4 Potions inside. That treasure sphere blocked by the group of Zwerg Scandroids contains an Iron Bangle. Kill those Pantherons and go toward that gold symbol on the map. Vanille is pretty carefree right now while Hope is being...negative. Hero makes himself known to the entire Vestige (and Serah) and then we're back to controlling this guy.

There's a Save Point in front of you and an Item Sphere behind you with 2 Potions. Continue down that straight line and battle those Pantherons. Activate the switch and move everything around to make things look complicated. Screen fades then, whats this?

All right, go for it! Make it happen!


Sazh! Which means Lightning! :D They're trying to open a door :D Lightning happens to open it with an apology. "How'd you open it?" Sazh asks. Heh, by being awesome. Now we get educated on Shrouds. You have a Deceptisol but don't use it yet. Save and kill the Pantherons then go up the stairs and in the left corner is a tuft of Pheonix Down. There's a Myrmidon that doesn't seem to go after you, so skip it if you wish. Fight off that group of Pantherons and Zwergs and get the Gladius for Lightning. Most people switch to that weapon, I like to keep her Blazefire Saber though, because I'm canon like that :P There's another Myrmidon and a Pantheron blocking the way. Use the Deceptisol to make things easier.

Switch to Snow. Head straight back to get 2 Potions. Go back and defeat the Zwergs and Pantherons blocking the switch and then activate it. A lift will descend. Hop on that and get on your way.

Hope is now 100% sure that Snow is here. He doesn't know what he should do but I think he likes the sound of running away. Go up the stairs and go right. Take out the Zwergs and get a Fortisol. Now go take out those Pantherons. When you enter the next area, save and then take out those Pantherons. That treasure holds 100 Gil. Continue and then come across a cutscene. Those are Cie'th. They make me laugh cause they're all twitchy and awkward looking. Snow enters and the fight begins. Nothing to this fight. It's the same as all the others.

How did we get here, you ask, Snow? Same way you did hot shot. Don't make these people leave. Otherwise we'll be stuck with just you >.> Serah is the name of his future wife. Serah is a Pulse l'Cie. Hope us upset and understandably so. Just listen to him.

Back with Lightning and Sazh, Lightning finally reveals her motives. Her sister is a Pulse l'Cie. She's there to rescue her, like the big badass sister she is! Take out those twitchy Ghouls to your left and get the Power Wristband. Those Cie'th are easy to get past. Save at the Save Point. There's a straight line of Cie'th. Those are also possible to get past but you'll have to fight those two Ghasts up ahead. Now go on the elevator and head toward the girl.

Serah enters an eternal slumber.

Serah Farron. Lightning's little sister. See a resemblance? Yeah, neither do I. Kidding. I think Serah is awesome. Why? Well, she's Lightning's sister, for one thing, and her voice actress is Laura Bailey, who is probably my all time favorite voice actress. Seriously, my favorite voice actress is sisters with my favorite character ever? It's so freakin cool! And yes she is getting married. To who? Snow. Yeah, that guy. How old is she? 18. How old is he? 21. Not a bad age gap but still it's too early. I think Serah is just too cool for this guy, although Laura Bailey and Troy Baker don't make a bad couple, but Laura and Travis are better for eachother :) Ok, enough of my voice acting chatter. Watch the cutscene and be impacted by emotional stuff. Did you see Lightning give that glare again? Snow didn't see it, so he didn't die. Then he gets close to Lightning when she's full of rage and sadness and that causes more of his brain cells to die. Some more drama goes down and then we go on a date with the fal'Cie.

Before you go on your date, though, you need to go through some Cie'th. At the top there's an Item Sphere with 5 Potions. Save and then enter the fal'Cie lair.

Boss: Anima
Anima Core.png
Difficulty: Easy
HP: 3,300
Drops/Rewards: Doctor's Code

We finally get to a boss battle that requires more strategy. You'll want to attack its Manipulators first and then Anima. If you go straight for Anima you will get knocked back hard. When the Manipulators are gone it will start Initiating Regeneration. That's your chance to do damage on Anima. When the Manipulators are regenerated, attack those and repeat the process. It should take about 3 rounds to finish him.

After all that, sit back while the haunting theme of Ragnarok plays and watch as history is being made.

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