Back on Cocoon, we see Cid Raines looking down on the race track in Eden.

Flashy homecoming

One of my favorite cutscenes in the game! It's so shiny!!! Cid starts off the race and we go to the guy in 1st place. I think that guy is played by Travis Willingham. Anyways our happy l'Cie come in and ditch the airship and do another epic group freefall (WITH EIDOLONS!!!) and totally crash this place. We can just assume the airship crashed. Lightning is SOOOOOO AWESOME in this cutscene!!!! She and Odin do this magical stunt of amazing awesomeness and then the PSICOM guy is all "YOU'RE DEAD!!" and Lightning is all "YOU FIRST!" and she's all badass and whatever! I don't know what Fang is doing. Vanille is being attacked by PSICOM peoples and then one guy blows her and Hecaton off the tank and it's kinda funny. Then Lightning and Odin defy some gravity and continue to be awesome.

Boss: Anavatapta Warmech
Anavatapta Guardmech.jpg
Difficulty: Incredibly Easy
HP: 280,500
Drops/Rewards: Tesla Turbine, Sanctum Labs
CP: 26,000

I know how "oh so frustrated" people can be with the way this game plays out (i.e. repeatedly tapping the X button.*(but the Final Fantasy series kinda has you doing that anyway ¬_¬)), so don't get mad when I tell you this. All you have to do is stagger the machine and it'll die. Just keep tapping the Playstation-Button-X.png/Xbox Button A.png button for Autogestalt and it'll be staggered within seconds. Easiest boss in this game.


Welcome back party with 'splosions and warfare! Creatures and monsters of Pulse invade the city of Eden and terrorize the populace. We go to Cid who is watching Eden burst into flames from the chaos down below. A soldier informs him of the events (even though it's pretty clear to him...) and the poor guy is shot and killed by Calvalry D: That was unnecessary. Cid Raines asks his Tarzan friend to end it so he does. More gunfire.

Soes we just left Gran Pulse but the enemies followed. You're going to automatically start out with Lightning, Snow and Vanille. Feel free to change your party if you wish. As for your Crystariums, I suggest you work towards everyone's Full ATB Skills. Lightning, Hope, and Sazh's skills are in their Ravager roles. Fang and Snow's are located in their Commando roles, and Vanille's Death is located in her Saboteur role. What you must must must do is get Highwind for Fang, Haste for Hope and Death for Vanille. Work on that while we're here.

We have Cie'th and hovering vehicles flying everywhere. Shouldn't be too hard for us. Up ahead you'll find the Lionheart for Lightning. Up ahead you can preempt a Bulwarker. Debuff it with a few debuffs then switch to Aggression or Relentless assault and it'll go down easily. Go straight then take a right and you'll find 9240 Gil.

In this cutscene, we hit a dead end and Lightning brings some AMP technology out of nowhere. Everyone is jumping off the platform and Vanille greatly hesitates even though she has fallen out of a flying object...more than twice. Fang tells her to "not drop the gizmo"...oh Fang, shut up. You give the poor girl lies. Well while our l'Cie are falling at high speeds, the chocobo and Vanille are spazzing out. Lightning prepares herself for the epic landing and kicks some more ass. Vanille has a rather unpleasant landing due to "not dropping the gizmo," (I assume) which she should have done. Lightning takes down the last soldier and she and her team of happy people strike an epic pose. Lightning continues to be an epic badass.

The Corps Defenders up ahead can take down your HP in a few seconds but overall they're pretty easy. You'll also come across some Corps Stewards, Sanctum Archangels, Adamantherons. They're not much of a challenge.

We see Cavalry men entering some type of elevator looking structure. They're causing some trouble in Eden. We have to fight 2 Sanctum Seraphs and a Bulwarker. There's also a Targeting Beacon involved. Take out the Seraphs first and then stagger the Bulwarker, add on a few debuffs and bring on the attacks.

Step into the elevator type thing. We're now next to a highway of some sort. We learn that the Cavalry is here to take down Orphan. Then a raging Behemoth King comes out of a portal and wreaks epic havoc on the busy street. That doesn't scare Lightning though. Nothing will stop her! >:D

This doesn't need a boss template since it's a generic Gran Pulse monster. Debuff it with atleast Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil. Its HP goes down pretty quickly, but when it gets to below half, it will do what Behemoths in this game do: stand on 2 legs, pull a sword thing out of it's back and regain its HP. Its debuffs will also go away. Get the debuffs back on it then bring down the HP with your best offensive paradigm. Your going to want to heal if one of you're party members is below half. If one or more of your members die, use Renew.

Well now we have Sahagins in our way. They should be pretty easy this time since you're sexier than you were then. Up ahead we'll come across a Rebel Heart for Snow. A little further we hear some commentary from our team and then an Amphisbaena comes crashing through the roof of this place. We'll also encounter a group of 3 Adamantherons and 2 Corps Defenders. Kill the Defenders first and then the Adamantherons.

Well also encounter a Proto-behemoth in the way of an Item Sphere. Try to get a few debuffs on it. Staggering it is the most important though. Once it stands, it won't heal, but it will be bestowed with Haste and Bravery, and it can kill you in one swipe. If you stagger it before it kills you, you can launch it and keep it up in the air until it's dead. The Item Sphere contains the Otshirvani for Hope.

Nuisance Boss

This guy, he hates us.

Boss: The Proudclad
Proud Clad FFXIII.png
Paradigm Lightning Fang Hope
♦Decimation Ravager Commando Synergist
Tri-disaster Ravager Ravager Ravager
Aggression Commando Commando Ravager
Hero's Charge Medic Commando Synergist
Tireless Charge Commando Commando Medic
Combat Clinic Medic Sentinel Medic
Difficulty: Medium
HP: 1,530,000
Drops/Rewards: Particle Accelerator
CP: 10,000

Start off by using Libra. He's immune to all debuffs so a Saboteur is pretty useless here. Stay with Decimation until one of your members is close to half HP, then switch to Hero's Charge. When everyone has 6 buffs, switch to Tri-disaster and stagger him. When he is staggered, go through about another round of Tri-disaster to build the chain gauge, then switch to Aggression to chip away the HP. By the end of the stagger, he should be below half HP. Right when the stagger ends, he'll use Limiters Deactivated, which will heal him up to about half HP and bestow him with Bravery, Haste and Vigilance. He'll also use Retaliatory Strike which goes heavy on the attacking. Switch to Combat Clinic immediately. After the attacks let up, reapply buffs that may have worn out, then stagger him and break away more HP. You should be able to get him within 2 staggers.

He retreats for now, but he'll be back.

The only ones who can stop them...

Here's where Hope replaces Vanille in my party. Sorry Vanille :(

Hop on the elevator. As we make our way out, we see a soldier getting trampled by a Tyrant, then the Tyrant getting blown up by soldiers. Then, through the smoke, an Adamanchelid comes charging out. The soldier is being an idiot and gets trapped with the Adamanchelid. Luckily, our happy people come to the rescue.

This doesn't really deserve a boss template either since it is also a generic Gran Pulse monster. Use Lightning, Fang and Hope. Debuff it with Slow and Curse. Heal whenever you're in yellow. You should have Hope buff everyone with every buff he has, especially Haste, Bravery, Faith, and Enfrost. Stagger it and switch to Aggression. It is capable of using Quake. When that happens, switch to Combat Clinic. Same with Bay. When it uses Bay, it can Daze the party. Overall, it shouldn't be too hard if you keep it staggered with its Curse status. If you're lucky enough, it might drop a Gold Nugget.

Hmph, Who died and made Snow Lightning? Eh, whatever. Up ahead is a beast called a Humbaba. It's pretty easy to get a preemptive strike on. If not, then get some debuffs on it, then stagger it. If it's not staggered by the time it reaches half HP, it will stand and regain it's HP. Battles should go easier though, if you have a Synergist (Hope).

Up ahead is a battle between PSICOM and a Humbaba. Always approach a soldier, never the Humbaba. The Humbaba sees you, the soldiers don't. You get a preemptive strike on them and they'll be pretty easy on you. It's quite convenient when the soldiers and the Humbaba help each other kill themselves.

All of these 3-way battles are a great way to get a lot of CP. It's a really good time to grind. Up past the Adamantoise and to the right is an Item Sphere containing 15,000 Gil. Across the street by the soldiers are 5 Perfect Conductors. Down the stairs and past the 2 soldiers and the Proto-Behemoth is, I guess, a dead Humbaba. I don't know if it's just my game but the spike bracelets it has on are shaking ._.

Time to go on the other side of the door. Up ahead is a little bit of a labyrinth. There are paths running multiple places, multiple enemies fighting one another. It's absolute chaos.

Past the Save Station, you'll see PSICOM and Cie'th engaging in battle. To the right is pretty much the same thing. And there's an Item Sphere with 2 Blaze Rings. On the other side of the circle is a Tyrant, and a path to another circle. After a few run-ins with some Sahagins, you'll find a Champion's Badge.

On the alternative route, you'll come across a Bulbasaur, some Sanctum Inquisitrix, and some Adamantherons. You'll also find 6 Particle Accelerators. The Vernal Harvester is pretty much like the Aster Protoflorian we fought a while ago. Give it a few debuffs, stagger and juggle in the air til its dead.

Right in front of the destination point is a Vernal Harvester and a Tyrant being fat and taking up the area. You get a preemptive strike every time. Go for the Tyrant first, that way if it forges a blade, the blade will attack the Bulbasaur and you don't have to deal with it. Then just be careful of the Bulbasaur's moves. If it attacks you're leader you'll probably lose.

It's like Snow is a completely different person in this chapter. He seems more angry and serious than usual. Snow punches the door once more and it activates, revealing Snow's group of obnoxious teenagers. Turns out, l'Cie or not, they're there for Nora's "fearless leader." This scene is so lame it almost hurts...

There's an item sphere up ahead that contains the Antares Deluxes for Sazh. The fighting is quite difficult on this path. There are Juggernauts here that are kind of hard to get around. If you do fight them, just use a lot of Synergists and Saboteurs.

When you climb the stairs, you'll see a big Adamantoise just standing there. I'll talk about that more later.
Our heroes arrive at the top of the stairs, only to find strange crystals floating in the air. Then the evil wizard-pope-sorcerer of Oz comes out of no where to tell us that the Cavalry is on its way to the heart of Eden and that things are waiting for us and whatever. Then the Door of Souls starts to glow which means it's probably opening. Onto the Adamantoise.
Up ahead are 2 Item spheres, the left one holding 6 Particle Accelerators and the right one holding a Plush Chocobo. This situation is like in Pokemon, where you choose one fossil and the other one disappears. In this case you choose an item, then when you go for the other one, the Adamantoise attempts to enter the building, but because it's so dense and huge it breaks through the glass, and the other item falls with it. Well, if you kill the Adamantoise before you grab the item, you are able to get both.

Adamantoise Death Trick

You don't at all have to fight this if you don't want to.

Paradigm Vanille Fang Hope
♦Espionage Saboteur Saboteur Synergist
Guerilla Saboteur Ravager Synergist
Smart Bomb Saboteur Ravager Ravager
Tri-disaster Ravager Ravager Ravager

Medic paradigms are worthless in this situation.

This is a very very intimidating enemy, but trust me, it'll be worth it in the end. Have Vanille, Fang and Hope in you're party. Immediately summon Hecaton. Debuff it with Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil and then spam Death until your party returns. Don't go into Gestalt Mode. It's best if you switch Paradigms during the animation sequence for Death. Switch to Guerilla if Fang is done with her debuffing. Hope needs to put on at least 4 buffs on each part member. Once he's done with that, go through a round of Tri-disaster to build the chain gauge, then switch to Smart Bomb to continue spamming Death.

If and when the Adamantoise stands up, it's all over. You may have luck with this and Death will work right away, or it could take you multiple tries. Death is always completely random, but this method works a lot of the time for me. It's actually kind of rare for me if it doesn't work. It'll get easier once you finish the game.

If you do happen to kill it, you'll get 40,000 CP and the chance of getting a Platinum Ingot or a Trapezohedron. You'll also be able to get both of the items up ahead. The Plush Chocobo sells for 35,000 Gil.

Continuing our way to Eden Hall

There are 2 Humbabas and a few groups of Sanctum Celebrants. Their Bazooka attack is strong and will most likely take down a party member or two. There are 17 Hellish Talons located through the security gates to your right, and 12 Hellish Talons to your left.

Up the stairs and through the door is Eden Hall. Through there, you'll find a Mistilteinn for Vanille. As you exit Eden Hall, many more enemies will appear. Snow asks for a plan and Lightning goes with the one Snow usually uses: charge in through the front door. And Sazh, there is nothing wrong with Lightning! >:| ......>.> Moving on...

As we get through some more enemies and approach the circle with the Save Station, we see more soldiers coming in. Then all of the sudden they turn Cie'th. These poor guys are called Sacrifices. They're easy to debuff and stagger, but be very careful. They are capable of casting Death. Even if Death doesn't work, it can still potentially cause a lot of damage. On the other side of the Save Station you'll find a Power Golve. After the last batch of Cie'th you'll get a vial of Ethersol.

Soes here we see the Proudclad just sitting there. Then it starts up again, and Fang realizes that Yaag hates us and wants us dead.

Boss: The Proudclad
Proud Clad FFXIII.png
Paradigm Lightning Fang Hope
♦Riot Shield Ravager Sentinel Synergist
Tri-disaster Ravager Ravager Ravager
Aggression Commando Commando Ravager
Hero's Charge Medic Commando Synergist
Tireless Charge Commando Commando Medic
Combat Clinic Medic Sentinel Medic
Difficulty: Hard
HP: 3,570,000
Drops/Rewards: Royal Armlet, Eden Pharmaceuticals
CP: 100,000

More nuiscance boss. Yay... He'll often switch between Annihilation Mode and Aerial Defense Mode. You should probably stagger him as fast as you can while he's on the ground, because then you'll be able to launch him. When he is in Annihilation Mode, he'll spam Muon Blaster. When he's in Aerial Defense Mode, he is immune to all debuffs. Have Hope apply 6 buffs to everyone, then work on staggering it if you need to, or go with Aggression. Repeat the process when necessary.

At some point in the battle, he'll use Limiters Deactivated which will bestow him with Bravery, Haste, and Vigilance, but also Deprotect and Deshell. He will also be fully healed which is extremely cheap. Heal to green, then Tri-disaster, then Aggression and repeat. Tireless Charge when the HP gets around yellow. He's a tough opponent, but if you keep your HP green for most of the time, you'll do fine.

Aww, our happy people hurt Yaag really badly D: ...Well, yeah I know he stalked us and tried to kill us a billion times, but you have to admit, we never really showed signs of being hurt >.> So now he starts to care for us and calls off l'Cie operations. Yaag is dying and Snow is being a friendly idiot. Monsters show up to hinder our mission. The brave Yaag Rosch then sets off the grenade and sacrifices himself to help us. aw... :[ Nothing we can do about it. We have other things to worry about.

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