Palamecia Flight

The Palamecia

We are now gonna spend a good chunk of time in the air. Our other 4 l'Cie are back in our control. Shut up, Snow.

The Palamecia Edit

Head over to Rygdea and talk to him. We're now headed off to the Palamecia, but not after we watch a few cutscenes.

Now that we're on the Palamecia, we have Fang's Theme as our background music. We also have some PSICOM Raiders and PSICOM Infiltrators to deal with. Your starting Paradigms could be better, but you'll manage with them.

Palamecia inside

There's a Pandoran Spear in that item.

Paradigm Lightning Hope Fang
Guerilla Ravager Synergist Saboteur
♦Relentless Assault Ravager Ravager Commando
Aggression Commando Ravager Commando
Diversity Ravager Medic Commando
Solidarity Commando Medic Sentinel
Combat Clinic Medic Medic Sentinel

Kill those PSICOM soldiers up ahead. Then watch Lightning show off her moves. Go to the red ring and activate the panel. Hop on the lift. Once the lift reaches the top, and you do some more jumping, go to the right if you want 4 Digital Circuits.

External Berths Edit

Now that we're dangerously outside the airship, go in the opposite direction that you're facing for a nugget of Millerite. The new enemies we have here are Deckdrones and PSICOM Dragoons. You don't need to worry about any of them. Well, you might want to be cautious around the group of Deckdrones up ahead, especially if they start to charge some of their "kicks."

Follow Fang and hop up onto the other deck. To your right is a confused PSICOM dummy and 3 Incentive Chips. On the higher deck to your left are 4 Silicon Oils. There are no more items I need to report for now.

Meanwhile on the Palamecia... Edit

Vanille crystal

Isn't she just so beautiful :3

As you can see, Sazh is perfectly fine. We go back kinda where we left off with Sazh. It shows us what really happened during that time in Nautilus.

Sazh has looked to optimism and knows that Dajh will come out of Crystal Stasis someday, just like Vanille. Vanille then tells Sazh a brief summary of her story, and we go back to Day 1. This is a beautifully rendered scene of Vanille waking up from her crystal sleep. Well, now we know a little bit more about Fang and Vanille.

Back to the others... Edit

Is it just me or does Snow really need to shut up?

In addition to these ridiculous PSICOM soldiers are PSICOM Huntresses. If you encounter a group with them, kill them first. If you go all the way to the end of the straight path, you'll end up right where you first began on the Palamecia. When you turn, you'll get the Life Saber. Blocking our way is a Viking. They're a bit tough to kill, even with staggering. After a stagger it might start to spam Thermal Discharge.

The item up ahead contains an Ember Ring. After the long line of enemies is a Pandoran Spear.

These people sure have some weird color coded warnings. PSICOM soldiers march into Vanille and Sazh's holding cell and tell them they are being moved. Then Sazh lets his Chocobo loose on them. Then Vanille fires at a Vespid Soldier. So they take the guns and make a run for it. They come out with their regular weapons but it seems like those guns would be like instant kill. By the way, yay optimism!

Paradigm Sazh Vanille
Tide Turner Synergist Saboteur
Archmage Synergist Ravager
♦Slash & Burn Commando Ravager
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
War & Peace Commando Medic
Yin & Yang Ravager Medic

You have to deal with a Flanitor and a Flanborg in order to advance. Now that Sazh has 4 ATB Gauges, his guns magically transform into a shotgun. It's as impossible as Lightning's gunblade. Open the door. You have 2 ways you could go. The left path holds 2 Flanitors and a Flanborg. The right path holds 2 Flanborgs, and behind the door are 2 Flanborgs and a Flanitor. The item behind all that contains a Royal Armlet. The item in front of the door you're supposed to open contains 12 vials of Murky Ooze.

The Palamecia has now entered code "purple." Vanille decides for the first time in her life, she's going to save Fang (Although she really doesn't need saving). Woo, let's go save each other!

We're back in control of Lightning and the others. This area is the Rotary Shaft. It's swarming with a bunch of enemies that I don't want to deal with, and these battles take a while.

When you look at the map, you'll see 2 ends coming off the circle. The right end holds a White Cape. The left one contains a Pain Dampener. The inner ring of the complex contains a nugget of Rhodochrosite and a Perfect Conductor.

When you get through that area, we go to the control center to see what Jihl and the Primarch are up to. Jihl's freaking out over what color code to use, then breaks her glasses when she hears the l'Cie got away. ._. She's scary...

Sazh and Vanille are back in our control. This area reminds me of math. One item on the outer circle contains 8 Segmented Carapaces. An item near the center contains a tuft of Phoenix Down.

When you try to leave, you can't cause the door won't open. Then you have to fight a Vespid Soldier and a Thermadon. I didn't do this, but summon Brynhildr, cause this fight just sucks.

Outside the Palamecia Edit

Vanille, go fish!


Back with Lightning and people. There's a Whistlewind Scarf way in the back of the area behind you. Trying to escape enemies is pretty difficult up here. On the right side, blocked by a Viking and a few PSICOM Dragoons, is a Perfect Conductor. There is an area with huge groups of Deckdrones and Vespid Soldiers. I suggest avoiding them all.

To the right of the Save Station, you'll find 2 PSICOM Dragoons and 13 Barbed Tails. You can avoid a lot of enemies by going down on those...I don't know what those are but you can walk on them. This is hard to explain so hopefully you know what I'm talking about. If you go along the path that kinda zig-zags, you'll run into 300 Gil. And all the way in the right corner is a Spark Ring, blocked by 4 PSICOM Dragoons.

Phew, we're almost there. How's your Crystarium coming along? If you haven't done so yet, you should spend some of that CP.

Beyond the 2 PSICOM Dragoons is a boss battle. Change your default Paradigm to Guerilla if you don't have it there already.

Boss: Kalavinka Striker
Kalavinka Striker
Difficulty: Easy
HP: 108,000 (First one)
122,400 (Second one)
Drops/Rewards: Soulfont Talisman, Blessed Talisman
CP: 1,280

Use Libra or a Librascope. Stagger it with Relentless Assualt. You should be able to kill it within the first stagger.

Intermission Edit

With the 1st Striker down, another one comes our way. Before we can kill it, we need to have a short reunion of l'Cie, and before this reunion can last, we need to kill the 2nd striker.

Hope should Barthunder, Protect and Shell the team. That will greatly reduce the amount of damage we take. Its move, Hellstorm Bolt, can do a lot of damage, but it shouldn't be serious since Barthunder covers us. During the 1st stagger, you should be able take a good amount of its HP away. Have Hope rebuff when you need to.

Fang Vanille's brand

Fang invading privacy once more.

Fang! Vanille! FANG!! VANILLE!! A bit of an over-dramatic reunion in my opinion, but I'm happy we're all together again. Lulz at Fang checking Vanille's brand.

Vanille goes fishing for a flying dragon type creature(I don't know what it's called). And to people who say Fang's not a Dragoon because she doesn't jump: IN YOUR FACE!! Let's ride this baby out of here!

We make a transition over to magical graphics and Fang is wildly controlling that creature. See, look how Sazh is just barely holding on.

Okay, now this is stupid: Some idiot believes Squeenix was rascist towards Sazh in this cutscene cause they had Sazh almost flying off this thing, while others remained stationary. Stupid, right? Sazh is our comic relief here! There's no reason why this would be rascist. -_- Grow up, people.

Anyway, we dangerously fly into some intense shooting. The creature blows a hole into the Palamecia and then we JUMP! ASDFGHJKL That part is so awesome!!! I think group freefalls are so cool.

Free at last? Edit

Sure, but not really. You now have the freedom to choose your team, however, Lightning is forced to be your party leader until after the chapter boss. I'm definitely not complaining deal with it. Pick your other favorite people. My personal preference would be Lightning, Fang, and Vanille (or Hope). Since there's a good chance that you don't have the same people I do, I wont put down a Paradigm table until the boss battles. So pick your Paradigms wisely. I believe in you!

Bridge Access Edit

Bridge Access Diagram

Oh, I hate this place so much. The PSICOM idiots are a nuicance, like always, but to a greater extent. The items located here are tedious to get.

You need to activate the panels to put bridges down between the other platforms. There are multiple panels on a platform to get you to different places. You have to kill the group of enemies on the platform before you can activate the panel.

This would be ridiculous for me to explain in words. To your right is a diagram of the full area.

  1. Where you Start
  2. Pain Dampener
  3. 2 Rune Bracelets
  4. Librascope
  5. PSICOM Infiltrator x3, PSICOM Destroyer x1
  6. Thermadon x1, PSICOM Destroyer x1
  7. PSICOM Destroyer x1, PSICOM Dragoon x3
  8. PSICOM Huntress x2, PSICOM Destroyer x1, PSICOM Reaver x1
  9. Umbra
  10. 3,600 Gil
  11. Thermadon x1, PSICOM Raider x2
  12. PSICOM Reaver x1, PSICOM Dragoon x2, PSICOM Raider x2
  13. Thermadon x1, PSICOM Destroyer x1, PSICOM Infiltrator x3
  14. PSICOM Reaver x1, PSICOM Dragoon x4
  15. PSICOM Destroyer x2, PSICOM Huntress x1
  16. Gold Bangle
  17. Perfect Conductor

Eh...I probably should've rotated this picture around, but I'm not redoing this. Sorry if it's a bit hard to follow. This place sucks immensely. The item by the Save Station contains an Ethersol. You're gonna want to switch you're party to Light/Fang/Vanille for this upcoming battle.

What the crap is going on? Edit

Do we get to fight Jihl? Pssh, no. It would've been interesting if we did, but oh well. All he had to do was wave his magic wand and turn her into a l'Cie that would kill us over and over until we finally got our technique right. Whatever. It's ok.

Boss: Barthandelus
Paradigm Lightning Fang Vanille
Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Ravager
Aggression Commando Commando Ravager
♦Assassination Ravager Saboteur Saboteur
Diversity Ravager Commando Medic
Solidarity Commando Sentinel Medic
Combat Clinic Medic Sentinel Medic
Difficulty: Hard
HP: 462,000
Drops/Rewards: Entite Ring
CP: 6,000

Oh yeah. Every time we encounter Barty, Snow's gonna lose more brain cells. Joy...¬_¬

Librascope the old fart. Kill the Ailettes and the Pauldrons first. They all have 50,400 HP, so they're easy to take down when debuffed. Once those are gone, debuff Barthandelus. His Thanatosian Smile won't do too much damage, but switch to Solidarity when he uses it. Baptism in Ruin will send out multiple Ruin spells, and Ruinga will do moderate damage. Destrudo is one you'll really want to watch for. When he charges that, you need to lay on the attacks and get close to him. Since he should be atleast Imperiled and Deshelled, stay on Relentless Assault. The AI for Autobattle will use regular magic while Lightning backs away. Stay close to Barthandelus by using a Strike attack, like Sparkstrike. When he flinches, it means his Destrudo is weakening.

When he uses Destrudo when he's staggered, the gauge will go back down to 0%, but you can still get it back up there when he's charging it. You should be able to get him in 2 staggers.

Note: This method should take about 10 min. If you take more than 20 min, he will cast Doom on you.

Your Crystarium expanded!

Eww, he's still alive :/ Galenth Dysley is the Sanctum Primarch and fal'Cie Barthandelus. He's an ugly old jerk who doesn't like to die. I don't like him, but I find Snow more annoying. And I know this might not've worked, but I was hoping this ugly guy would oppose Lightning in Dissidia 012. 'Twas not meant to be though.

Barty mentions Ragnarok and Fang questions the name. The gross creep then gives our l'Cie the meaning of their vision. One (or two, just sayin') of them must become Ragnarok and destroy Cocoon (or Orphan, either one works). Another major foreshadower. Our Focus would be complete if we followed what he said. Then Snow starts talking again. Eww, Snow, go away. Get all depressed by Serah's "true focus."

Dysley's owl then transforms into an airship that we board. We transition into a high speed airship chase with awesome graphics. Yaag Rosch comes out of nowhere with his Proudclad and tries to kill us once again. After dodging some more projectiles, we enter the city of Eden. And SOME people just don't watch where they're going. We almost hit a building, but then pixilate into a foreign dimension of some sort. I really don't know how the hell we get to where we are. Guess what? Airship #2 is down.

Onto the next part.

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