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Vanille and Sazh Pompa Sancta

Happiness :D

Kinda sad to see Vanille upset in a place like this. We won't have to fight anything for a while. It's just looking around and watching cutscenes for now.

You see the gold symbol up in the map that tells you the place is important? The way to get there quicker is blocked off by people, so you need to go the long way around.

Sazh and Vanille need a break. Sazh plans on seeing Eidolons on Parade. Later on the news, our l'Cie see their fellow l'Cie in Palumpolum, and Vanille sees Fang. Sazh doesn't understand what she's talking about though.

You know where to go from here, right? Cool. Sazh tells Vanille to loosen up. Huh, that's something I expected Vanille to say. She's far from perky at the moment :[

Time for the Pompa Sancta parade! Just watch the magicalness.

Aww! Vanille sadness D:

A Nautilus Park date with Sazh

Nautilus Sheep and Hina



You are now here.

I love forgetting about the heavy stuff. For the sake of happiness, please spend a long time looking around. In the cutscene up ahead, Sazh tells Vanille about his plan to bring Dajh to Nautilus someday. He asks Vanille if she has someone special out there. "Nope," she says. That's a lie.

Up ahead are SHEEP!!!! They're so fluffy, and cute, and hilarious to stare at XD They make such cute noises too >3< Sheep, they're entertaining.

Lol...Nautilift. Ok, the "Nautilift" nearest to the Save Station takes you back to Nautilus Station. For some reason, this area with the pods reminds me of XII. Board the Nautilift that takes you to Nautilus Park.

Vanille smells Chocobo. Haha, this area is ridiculously fun. Change of music, we get Cocoon de Chocobo. I love this theme. And look around indeed. There are some sheep hopping around the area. They're so funny looking when they move. Sometimes if you just stand around the sheep will go toward you and start pushing Sazh.

In one of the little strips that leads to the water, there's a chocobo and an item that contains a Phoenix Down.

In the Chocobo Corral...

Nautilus chocobo corral

I'm having fun, are you having fun?

Chocobo family

Cute, right? :D

While Sazh and Vanille take the scent in, the Chocobo Chick wanders off. In the center of the terribly entertaining population of sheep is the Chocobo. The Chocobo takes flight again. You'll find it on the cart. By the way, keep an eye on the children next to the cart. Especially this boy that seems to be looking at something. Those people are stange >.> The next location the Chocobo is hiding in is the fountain.

Now, look to the left of the cart. I do not know what the crap this person's issue is but I don't think this is what you normally do with chocobos. The children and the sheep are wondering what the hell he's doing too. To the right of that is a group of chocobos and in the center of them is the Chocobo Chick. Then an Item Sphere comes down out of nowhere. It contains a Star Pendant.

The sheep have moved out of the way so now we can continue on. This cutscene is cute. And it makes me want a Chocobo even more. Sazh plans on turning himself in to see Dajh one last time and tell him about the Chocobos. Vanille will not let that happen though. She almost tells Sazh whose fault it really is but then...ugly music plays and PSICOM jackasses start shooting at us. Nautilus isn't very fun anymore :/

Time to get serious :|

Paradigm Sazh Vanille
Tide Turner Synergist Saboteur
Archmage Synergist Ravager
♦Slash & Burn Commando Ravager
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
War & Peace Commando Medic
Yin & Yang Ravager Medic

When leveling up their Crystarium, I suggest you level up his Synergist role until it gets to Haste. Now that he has Haste, Sazh is now the most magical Synergist in the game. Level up Vanille's Saboteur for an extra Accessory slot and Imperil. Now let's change Archmage to Tide Turner and set it as our default Paradigm.

Up ahead is a Zwerg Metrodroid and a pair of Spica Defenders for Sazh. Up past the 2 Zwergs and Orion is another Orion and a Guardian Amulet. Hasting and Imperiling enemies makes battles so much better. To the left of the Save Station is a Healer's Staff with little Zwergs prancing around it.

Now, up where you're supposed to be...(You might want your default Paradigm as Tide Turner, by the way...)

Boss: Midlight Reaper
Midlight Reaper FFXIII
Difficulty: Hard
HP: 100,800
Drops/Rewards: Gyroscope, The Motherlode
CP: 1,500

Libra, Haste, Faith, and Enfrost Vanille, in that order. Then do the same for Sazh but give him Bravery too. Vanille will cast Imperil and Deprotect. Its Nerve Gas will Poison your people, so use Antidotes. Now that you're set, build the Chain Gauge with a round of Slash & Burn, then switch to Dualcasting to stagger it. Once it's staggered, switch to Slash & Burn, use Blitz + Attack, and repeat.

After the 1st stagger, it will start to Release Arms Restraints. When it's charging that, you'll need to focus on getting it staggered again. If you don't stagger it by the time it uses Railgun you may have some issues with this guy. If you need to rebuff or debuff, worry about that when it's staggered.

You got a new Retail Network: The Motherlode

This cutscene is a bit of a surprise (And somewhat creepy). No, this Dajh is not an illusion. He's the real thing. Then Sazh's boy turns to crystal.


Jihl Nabaat

Jihl Nabaat

'Tis the face of evil.

This lady is Jihl Nabaat. She's one of the most interesting FF characters to talk about between me and my friends. For one thing, one of my friends looks just like her when her hair is down. She has the glasses and everything, even the same color hair. And since The XIII is the 1st FF me and my friend have a complete grasp on, we have made up a family of "Jihls." Vayne Solidor is Jihl's brother, Lulu is Jihl's sister, Quistis Trepe is Jihl's daughter, and Scarlet is Jihl's other sister. I haven't played IX yet so I don't know if I'll find a "Jihl" in that game. (But if it had to be someone it would be Beatrix)

Back to her main part in the game, she's heartless and evil! I don't like her that much, but yet I do. She's cool yet she's so evil and mean! She works under Galenth Dysley, the Sanctum Primarch, and for some reason she isn't made a l'Cie. 'Twould have been a more interesting game if she were.

After Jihl rats out Vanille, and the Pulse l'Cie runs away in tears, Sazh goes running after her.

Going in the straight line and coming across a cutscene, Vanille comes to a throne and starts hallucinating. That's a nasty looking Sazh right there... >.> The real Sazh comes up and a lot of heavyness sets in. Then later, Brynhildr appears!

"Do your worst, you freak!" <-- lol...awesome.

Eidolon: Brynhildr
Sazh and Brynhildr
Difficulty: Easy
HP: None
Drops/Rewards: Brynhildr Eidolith
CP: None

Buff yourselves with Haste. Move onto Slash & Burn and build the Chain Gauge. Switch to Dualcasting to get it higher. Heal when you need to. Just keep the Chain Gauge above 100%

When the gauge is full, hit that Playstation Button S/Xbox Button X button.

Congradulations. Sazh gained another ATB Segment!

The heavy drama continues. Sazh puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. He is then carried to the airship in a funeral like fashion. Don't be alarmed. They're making it a bigger deal than it really is. I don't get why they had to go through all this just to carry him to the airship when he's alive. ...Weirdos. ¬_¬

Say goodbye to Nautilus. 'Twas fun while it lasted.

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