Finally! Palumpolum! I believe I like this place more than I think I do. I just find it interesting. Also, it's exciting cause we should be close to halfway done with this game. I'm not saying that I'm hoping to get done quickly, but it just gets more interesting from here :)

Chapter 7 Edit

Rosch with his masamune

Yaag Rosch, Sephiroth's cousin.

The silver-haired man who looks all dangerous (not Sephiroth) is Lieutenant Colonel Yaag Rosch. He does his best in order to keep the peace and protect the citizens of a Cocoon. Therefore, he stalks our l'Cie and attempts to kill them whenever he can.

And we're back with these happy people again. I expected to get a bit more CP from our break but whatever. Our Paradigms should be the same from where we left off.

Corps Tranquifex and Corps Pacifex are our new Sanctum enemies. The item in that little strip contains 3 Fiber-optic Cables. Go back and enter the old drainage pipe. There's a small path to the left that contains 3 vials of Holy Water. When you exit that drainage pipe just cross over into the next one if you don't feel like fighting. There is a Falco Velocycle flying around up ahead. It's Gatling Gun will severely overkill whoever it's targeting (in most cases Hope :/). Stagger it as quickly as possible. If you die just try to avoid it...

Hope and lightning's past

"I became 'Lightning.'"

Enter another old drainage pipe. When you exit the pipe, a Librascope is located to your right. We now enter the Nutriculture Complex. Up ahead are Flanitors. They're so annoying. When there are 2 of them they'll heal each other while making extremely irritating siren noises. Just stagger one and kill it to shut them up faster. Or better yet, avoid them as much as possible. There are also Lucidons roaming around. Those aren't a threat once you stagger them.

We get introduced to the fal'Cie, Carbuncle. Obviously we never bite the hand that feeds us. After some walking, we come across a revelation. Lightning has an epiphany and decides that Operation Nora is over and Hope just freaks out. Beyond the ever so annoying Flanitors is a Warding Talisman.

Another cutscene with Hope complaining and freaking out, and then we learn the story behind Lightning's choice of name.

Up further is a lift that will take you to the exit of the Nutriculture Complex, which means 8D awesomeness awaits us! Save! If you ever want to watch this cutscene again then make a different save file. Just letting you know this...

Awesomeness starts here >:D Edit

As we leave the elevator, we are recorded and then surrounded by a crap load of Sanctum military. Lightning tells Hope to make a run for it, but he hesitates, then BAM! Snow runs out and throws one guy off the edge of a building, then kicks one guy down and catches his gun. Fang comes out, then Snow does the coolest thing he will ever do in this entire game. Summon the Shiva sisters and then go into motorcycle mode like a badass. Congradulations Snow, that was awesome. Gunfire rains everywhere and then Fang makes that cute floating camera robot explode (kinda sad because it's cute :/). Then Lightning comes outta nowhere and slices some Sanctum soldiers >:D Then Snow almost takes her head off ._. And awesomeness ends.

For some reason Lightning leaves and gives Hope to Snow, and then Fang goes after Lightning. I don't really understand why they decided to do things this way

We start in battle in Gestalt Mode. Make sure you stagger the enemy. Staggering it will promise a complete win. Just continue to press Playstation-Button-X/Xbox Button A for Autogestalt. Keep going until Diamond Dust, then boom, everyone dies, and the Shiva sisters give us a kiss goodbye.

Since we've taken a long break from Snow he'll have a crap load of CP. You need to get his Launch ability, because Launching is always magical.

Paradigm Snow Hope
♦Slash & Burn Commando Ravager
Dualcasting Ravager Ravager
Arcane Defense Sentinel Ravager
War & Peace Commando Medic
Yin & Yang Ravager Medic
Lifeguard Sentinel Medic

Run up the ice ramp thing and take out some Sanctum soldiers. You're able to avoid them though, if you just want to get to the next cutscene. If you go further along the path, you'll come across a PSICOM Warlord with a few of his minions blocking a vial of Fortisol. When you get off the ice ramp at the top of that structure are some more soldiers and the Paladin for Snow. Behind the other PSICOM Warlord and lackies is where you need to jump down. Head to the left for 4 Insulated Cablings.

In the next cutscene, Hope tries to give Snow the "Lightning death glare." Then Snow pretty much insults Hope's mother without knowing it. We get a call from Fang and she chews Snow's ear out and blah...bla-hehe, Lightning, "I'm not your sister." We then cut to Rosch and stuff, then back to Fang and Lightning. We'll meet at Hope's place and for some reason Snow never stops being friendly to the people that treat him terribly. Hope gets on the line but the line gets fuzzy. "It's called interference," says Fang, like she knows everything.

Cutscene is over, so that means Fang isn't annoying anymore :D We now have control of Fang with Lightning by our side. Fang has a lot of her Crystarium done but she does not yet have Launch. And while you're getting Launch, go ahead and get Smite.

Paradigm Fang Lightning
Undermine Saboteur Ravager
♦Slash & Burn Commando Ravager
Double Trouble Commando Commando
Misdirection Sentinel Commando
War & Peace Commando Medic
Lifeguard Sentinel Medic


Interrupt that military meeting up there. After that, we get to walk right into another cutscene. Fang tells us more about herself. She was born on Gran Pulse! We end at a cliff hanger and then we're back with Snow and Hope again...

Behind you is an item that contains 4 flasks of Holy Water. When you go up the stairs after the 1st batch of soldiers, there is a ledge you can hop up on. When you go up to the stairs on the right, you'll pass a little girl who's playing hide-and-seek with some soldiers. There's a spot where you can jump down and ambush some soldiers, and if you go further you'll find 2 Incentive Chips which sell for 1,000 Gil each. Jump down and pass/kill the soldiers. Then cross the bridge if you still don't feel like fighting. Up ahead by the Save Station is a Guardian Amulet.

This cutscene is one of the more ridiculous ones. Snow does stuff thats extremely unnecessary no matter what happens to justify it. I'm pretty sure no one in the area knew we were l'Cie, but Snow doesn't think before he does stuff, so he creates a bunch of chaos and stupidness. "They'll open fire on a crowd." Well you kinda did too, you friggen idiot. Oh my goodness -_-

Well now this little stunt called in stronger enemies which means Hope is gonna die a lot. Snow, I hate you. Equip Hope with defensive accessories. Those PSICOM Aerial Snipers are such a pain. Stagger them and they won't be as annoying as they are (They're easy to stagger). The next cutscene is annoying because the people are ignorant and Snow.

Time for a new path. Past the save station is another cutscene. Snow is just talking to Hope and then a velocycle randomly shoots down a sign. That was not necessary! Anyway, when you jump down, there's an area behind you that contains a Shaman's Mark. Get it if you dare, though. Once you get it a Falco Velocycle will totally stalk you and you will have to fight it (unless you have a Deceptisol or something). When you do fight it, you will need to be extremely cautious. Make sure Snow Provokes it so it won't attack Hope. When it charges its Gatling Gun you might need to use a full ATB bar of Steelguard or extremely awesome timing. When it's done with that, all you need to do is stagger it with Dualcasting. Be careful of another Velocycle just ahead.

If you can, I suggest using a Deceptisol just to get through this place. It's bad enough that you have to fight one Falco Velocycle. Don't fight one of those with an extra PSICOM dummy or two slowing you down. Go further down the path and behind the billboard if you want 3 Thrust Bearings. The item to the right contains the Vidofnir, Hope's weapon. Up ahead is another Velocycle. If you killed that but don't have any Deceptisols, you're in luck! The item up in the corner contains a vial of Deceptisol! How convenient since there's a Velocycle and PSICOM dummy waiting to kill us. Use the Deceptisol and just keep going until you reach the Save Station. Don't fight anything.

Now before you go any further past the Save Station, equip one of those two with an Ember Ring. Check your Crystarium. Hopefully you leveled up Hope's Synergist paradigm and got Barfire. Switch your Paradigm, Arcane Defense, to Supersoldier.

Boss: Ushumgal Subjugator
Ushumgal Subjugator FFXIII
Difficulty: Medium
HP: 126,000
Drops/Rewards: Abominable Wing
CP: 960

First, you'll want to use Libra so Hope will know to use Barfire. The Subjugator's attack, Napalm, is Fire-based. Its Tail Hammer can do major damage. Especially when it uses Overdrive, which will bestow it with Bravery, but also Deprotect and Deshell.

Stagger it with Dualcasting, then when it's staggered, switch to Slash & Burn. Heal when you get slightly below half HP and rebuff yourselves when your buffs wear out.

Alright, break time for the l'Cie. And FINALLY Hope seriously talks to Snow about his mother! Hope creates a 'splosion that he never uses anywhere else in the game and then almost kills Snow but then is interrupted by another 'splosion from Sanctum military. Then they fall to their deaths! No, I'm just kidding. They're just knocked out for a while. Moving on.

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