Mission 57 - What's Yours is Brine[edit source]

FFXIII enemy Sahagin.png
Mark: Sahagin
Cie'th Stone Location: Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors
Mark Location: Vallis Media - Atzilut's Tears
Class: C
Reward: Uraninite
Note: There are 3 Sahagins and 2 Alraunes

Blitzing always works. You might want to put a few debuffs on them though. Go for the Alraunes first.

Mission 58 - The Culler of Many[edit source]

FFXIII enemy Humbaba.png
Mark: Humbaba
Cie'th Stone Location: Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors
Mark Location: Mah'habara - The Earthworks
Class: B
Reward: Speed Sash

Debuff and stagger. That's it.

Mission 59 - Two-faced Fiend[edit source]

Zirnitra FFXIII.png
Mark: Zirnitra
Cie'th Stone Location: Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors
Mark Location: Sulyya Springs - Subterranean Lake
Class: A
Reward: Energy Sash
Note: There are 3 Ceratoraptors involved.

You should probably be careful with this fight. Blitz and kill the fish-frogs first then just the same thing with the other Zirnitras.

Mission 60 - Dégelà Vu[edit source]

Gelatitan FFXIII.png
Mark: Gelatitan
Cie'th Stone Location: Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors
Mark Location: Taejin's Tower - The Cloven Spire, Apex
Class: A
Reward: Mnar Stone
Note: There are 3 Gelatitans

For this battle, you should have a very strong party. Use a Deceptisol and other shrouds if you want. Ussing Aggression will help you take out 2 of them easily. The other Commando keeps the stagger bar from going down. When two of them are gone, the Guerilla paradigm will come in handy. Once you're ready, switch to Tri-disaster and stagger it.

Mission 61 - I, Juggernaut[edit source]

FFXIII enemy Juggernaut.png
Mark: Juggernaut
Cie'th Stone Location: Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors
Mark Location: Oerba - Village Proper
Class: A
Reward: Royal Armlet

Use a Deceptisol for this battle. Get 4 debuffs on it, then switch to your best paradigm and take it down.

Mission 62 - Indomitable Will[edit source]

Paradigm Lightning Fang Hope
♦Superiority Saboteur Synergist Synergist
Smart Bomb Ravager Saboteur Ravager
Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Ravager
Tri-disaster Ravager Ravager Ravager
Solidarity Commando Sentinel Medic
Combat Clinic Medic Sentinel Medic
Raktavija FFXIII.png
Mark: Raktavija
Cie'th Stone Location: Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors
Mark Location: Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse
Class: A
Reward: Genji Glove
Note: There are 2 Raktavijas

Debuff them with Imperil while the Synergists buff the party. Switch to Solidarity when the HP goes yellow. Switch to Smart Bomb to add debuffs that Lightning doesn't have. When you're set, switch to Tri-disaster and stagger one of them. When it's staggered, switch to Smart Bomb and debuff it with at least Deprotect and it'll die quickly. Repeat for the next one.

Mission 63 - Crushed by Doubt[edit source]

Paradigm Vanille Fang Hope
♦Espionage Saboteur Saboteur Synergist
Guerilla Saboteur Ravager Synergist
Smart Bomb Saboteur Ravager Ravager
Tri-disaster Ravager Ravager Ravager
FFXIII enemy Adamantortoise.png
Mark: Adamantortoise
Cie'th Stone Location: Sulyya Springs - Subterranean Lake
Mark Location: Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors
Class: A
Reward: Genji Glove

It's not much different from an Adamantoise. Have Vanille, Fang and Hope in your party. Immediately summon Hecaton. Debuff it with Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil and then spam Death until your party returns. Don't go into Gestalt Mode. It's best if you switch Paradigms during the animation sequence for Death. Switch to Guerilla if Fang is done with her debuffing. Hope needs to put on atleast 4 buffs on each part member. Once he's done with that, go through a round of Tri-disaster to build the chain gauge, then switch to Smart Bomb to continue spamming Death.

Mission 64 - The Doomherald[edit source]

Paradigm Lightning Fang Vanille
♦Infiltration Saboteur Saboteur Saboteur
Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Ravager
Thaumaturgy Ravager Ravager Medic
Recuperation Synergist Synergist Medic
Salvation Medic Medic Medic
Tortoise Sentinel Sentinel Sentinel
Mark: Vercingetorix
Cie'th Stone Location: Oerba - Rust-eaten Bridge
Mark Location: Yaschas Massif - Paddreaen Archaeopolis
Class: A
Reward: Gold Watch

The mission where the Cie'th Stone and the mark are on the very opposite sides of Gran Pulse. Yay for Waystones, eh?

To make things easier, use a Fortisol and Aegisol before the battle. Use Libra too. Get 5 debuffs on it, especially Slow, then switch to Relentless Assault. Putresence will cause your buffs to go away. When it uses Impenetrable Aura its debuffs will go away, bostow itself with Bravery (among other buffs later in the fight) and it will heal itself. The chain gauge will also reset, even if it's staggered. This is a good time to heal and buff up the party. After about 10 seconds, you should switch back to Infiltration and reapply the debuffs. Once those are reapplied (and he hasn't used Impenetrable Aura) switch to Relentless Assault and start pounding on him. Switch to Thaumaturgy when at least 2 people are at yellow HP. Continue the pattern for as long as you can. When about 1/4 of his HP is gone, he'll start using Wicked Whirl which is devastating if you don't switch to Salvation immediately. The pattern might go off course but you can easily get back into it if he uses Impenetrable Aura at the right time.

There's going to be a lot of paradigm switching in this battle. It's recommended that you're people are very close to having maxed Crystariums and at least 1 3rd tier weapon. Vercingetorix's page goes further in depth which is very helpful, so I recommend you read some of that page too.

And when you're done with him, you get the shiny Gold Watch! Although I don't think you'll need it since you're party is sexy enough to kill just about anything with 5 stars. ;)

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