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Hello everyone! It is I Cymbeline, and this is my first walkthrough on this Wiki. I have chosen to do Final Fantasy XIII due to the reason that I like a challenge, and that this game in many people's eyes was subpar. But to me, this is one of my favorite Final Fantasy titles. This game is fairly linear so I'm not sure why anyone would really need a walkthrough but I'm here to get you through it so let us begin our journey into the magic world of Final Fantasy XIII.

Starting Up[]

First off your going to need an XBox360 or a Play Station 3, and as far as I know there are no changes between the versions. Then your going to need all Three discs for Final Fantasy XIII. You will also need a controller, a television and you need to be able to read, see, and use your fingers to press the various buttons on the controller you are using.


There are a few control differences between the two versions but they basicaly come down to this, (Note this is in the format PS3 to XBox360):

  • Confirm/Examine Playstation-Button-X.png/Xbox Button A.png
  • Cancle Playstation-Button-C.png/Xbox Button B.png
  • Enter Party Menu/Execute Early Command Playstation-Button-T.png/Xbox Button Y.png
  • View Map Playstation Button S.png/Xbox Button X.png
  • Movement/Menu Navigation Playstation Lstick Neutral.png/Xbox Lstick Neutral.png
  • Camera Control Playstation Rstick Neutral.png/Xbox Rstick Neutral.png
  • View Enemy Information Playstation-Button-R1.png/Right Bumper (We need to get pictures of these...)
  • Use Shrouds/Change Paradigm Playstation-Button-L1.png/Left Bumper (Again, we need pictures of these...)
  • Center Camera Playstation Button R3.png
  • Pause Playstation Button Start.png/Xbox-Button-Start.png
  • Enable/Disable Minimap Playstation Button Select.png/Xbox Button Back.png

Battle system[]

Final Fantasy XIII uses its very own unique battle system. You control only one member of your party, the party leader. You can select your own attacks by using eiher the Abilities menu, or just using Auto-Battle. Throughout the game your characters will gain ATB Gauge segments allowing more attacks. You can use Items with Items, and Techniques with Techniques, but you don't have those at the start of the game. Not only that but the game also uses the Paradigm System letting your characters switch through 6 roles through use of a Paradigm Deck.

The 6 roles your characters can play are: Commando , Ravager , Sentinel , Synergist , Saboteur , and Medic . Each character preforms differently in each role and thus certain characters are better at some roles than others. You can also only use the roles selected for your character in the Paradgim Deck, which will be better explained by the game than me so to prevent confusion I will let the Game take on explaining that.

There's this new thing called "Staggering" in which you fill up the Stagger gauge and when an enemy is Staggered they get hit for more damage. Of course this is vital to winning boss fights, mark fights, and even regular enemy fights. Each role has a different effect on the gauge and here they are.

  • Chain Slowers: Commando , Saboteur
  • Chain Raisers: Ravager , Saboteur (To an extent)
  • No-Effect: Medic , Synergist , Sentinel (Counter-attacks not included)

Techniques are skills that use TP (Technical Points) to activate and cost between 1-3 points. There are 6 techniques avaliable to every character and they are: Summon, Libra, Renew, Quake, Dispelga, and Stopga. Here is a list of what they do, and how much TP they cost.

  • Summon-3 TP- Allows the party leader to Summon their Eidolon. This is the highest costing Technique and in my opinion the least useful.
  • Libra-1 TP- Give all details about an enemy, letting you know their weaknesses and strengths and their status immunities. This is very useful for bosses, and harder enemies, but for lesser enemies just let the data fill itself slowly.
  • Renew-2 TP- It restores a large portion of every party members health and revives them from KO. Extremely useful in emergencies.
  • Quake-1 TP- I have personally never used this Technique ever. Its your only way to use earth damage and it hits in a large radius so its useful if you manage to Preemptive Strike a large group of enemies but I've just never bothered.
  • Dispelga-1 TP- This handy technique removes all status effects from everyone in battle. Very useful if you opponet it loaded with buffs while you have too many hindering de-buffs. Never hesitate to use this in a tough boss fight.
  • Stopga-1 TP- Resets all ATB gauges, both ally and enemy alike. Like Quake I've never really used it but if an enemy is preparing a powerful attack it could prove useful.

Eidolons make another appearence in this game, with each character getting their own personal Eidolons. I never really bother with them as the TP uses is more valuable spent elsewhere but who knows, use them if you like. Each Eidolon is gained by winning its trust, or something like that, by beating it in battle. Eidolon battles are very stratigic, and I will give you the best tips I can for winning.

Your max party is 3, and there are 6 permant characters. At the start you are forced into what team to use, but later you can change it to fit your own needs/preferances.

Table of Contents[]

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Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Mark Missions