Hey remember when Lightning got crushed by the giant meteor at the very end of the prologue? Wasn't that wild. Welcome to Part 5 of Cymbeline's Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough.

Yaschas Massif - 01X AF Edit

Upon landing we quickly realize that we've solved the paradox since its sunny on the Massif again. Good for us. Head up the cliff opening the treasure cube along the way for the 'Encounters' Gate Seal. Keep going and talk to Noel for a live trigger, I'm saying "How can the future affect the past?" because that confuses me a little bit. Noel isn't very helpful but he suggests we talk with Hope or Alyssa to figure it out. Continue out of the ravine we're in then head right at the intersection towards the Paddra Ruins. When you arrive you're treated to a scene where Yeul stops and talks with us. She says she's different from the one we met before but she shares in her ability to see the future. She says Serah and her are the same which is extra cryptic and then she just kinda leaves. Talk to Noel for a live trigger and I'm saying "How am I the same as Yeul?" because maybe Noel knows what she meant. But its really not an entirely helpful conversation.

Carry onward into the ruins themselves for another scene of Serah's thoughts. Then head through the ruins up to the top to where we last saw Hope and Alyssa. Talk to Hope to trigger the next scene. Hope fires up the Oracle Drive and we're shown more of Lightning and Caius fighting in Valhalla. Hope thinks that Lightning is truly out there and encourages Serah in her quest. Hope talks some more about time travel and how he wants to change the past and save the lives of a lot of different people he cares about. Then the Oracle Drive gets real spicy and shows us some more images, this time we see the crystal pillar falling apart and Cocoon plummeting into Gran Pulse. Everyone is a little shook by all of this as they're faced with the reality that Cocoon is going to fall. Alyssa gets real freaked out and then calms down as soon as she realizes she won't be there for the time it falls. They create a game plan as to how to handle this catastrophe and Serah starts to bug out a little. But she shakes it off as nothing. Then we get some more Lightning narration.

Back in charge talk to Hope for a live trigger to which I'm saying "Will we meet Lighting again?" since that's sorta the whole purpose of this quest isn't it? Hope tells us that basically all we have to do is what we've been doing, solving paradoxes and saving lives in the process. Talking to Noel gives us a little more information about the fall of the crystal pillar if you're curious. Try to walk away to trigger another scene where Serah talks about how she no longer wants to just find Lightning she wants to save the future. which is just noble of her isn't it?

In control head behind Alyssa and Hope to a treasure cube with an Academic's Hat. Exit the tent and go down the newly opened path to the right. Climb all the way to the top of the ramps here and use Moogle Hunt near the man here to reveal a treasure sphere with 600 Gil. Using Moogle Hunt again while standing on the marker here will reveal the Mysterious Artefact. Head back down and into the ruins proper. Talk to the man at the very end of the area with the pillars and turn in your Tablet of Paddra (which we got back in Yaschas Massif 10AF) to him for some backstory and the Orb of Clotho fragment worth 300 CP. A scientist in this area with a silver ponytail named Lester also has a quest for us. He needs us to find three fallen stars. Accept it and then talk to the guard at the base of the ramp here named Duncan who will ask us to kill a Cie'th so we can put it out of its misery. Accept this as well then head over to where the chocobo is, which should be by the next set of stairs you need to get down. Mount it and ride it out of the camp they have set up here. Follow the path taking all the right turns to get to the area that used to have the searchlights. Jump with the chocobo on the ramp leading out of this area and float over to the higher up rock here for a treasure sphere with a Unicorn Horn.

Jump down from here and follow the path towards a gate, ignore it for now and head to the area that a little higher up and then to the left. If you jump down from the bridges here you'll find a treasure cube under them with an Ivory Crystal. Head back up the path and follow it to the right. By the second area that blocked off you will find a phased out treasure cube. Dismount, use Moogle Hunt and open it for the Onyx Crystal. That's about all we can do here, so head back to where we found the Ivory Crystal and use the Mysterious Artefact on the gate to reveal its true nature. Noel and Serah chat for a little bit and we get more Serah thoughts as we blast into the timestream. Shortly after that we see Yeul collapse and Caius holds onto her dying body and then she's gone just like that. Caius laments whats just happened and glares at the gate as he walks away with Yeul's corpse.

In the Hisotria Crux we're given only two options but only one of them we can actually do. Select the Void Beyond to be taken to the next area.

The Void Beyond - Year Unknown Edit

We arrive and everyone's a little confused as to where and how we got here. Mog then explains that we're in a place called The Void Beyond where we're lost between times. Serah decides to take this as a break and Noel talks to her about a legend about a Goddess, specifically the Goddess Etro.

Once we're in control open the treasure sphere right in front of you for a Map of the Void Beyond. Then examine the pillar of light to be released from the void. Then we're back in the Historia Crux as it normally is having unlocked a Locked Location. So are we at a dead end? Not Quite. There are actually two areas we can open up for exploration right now. One is in Yaschas Massif 1X AF and the other is in the Bresha Ruins 005 AF. Right now we're going to want to go where the Bresha Ruins takes us. So head over the ruins and then head to the time gate that we found underground. It's marked on the map if you get lost but if you just head underground near where the time gate spits us out and follow the path forward you'll get there pretty quick. Examine this gate and use the Reunion Artefact to open it up. Serah sees some more stuff in the gate and Noel asks her if she's getting visions which she shakes off rather unconvincingly. Then we're back in the Historia Crux having unlocked Sunleth Waterscape - 300 AF. Before we head there we're going to want to power up our characters.

For Serah I picked up Launch and got a Crystarium Expansion where I selected to boost her Accessory Capacity by 20. Then I grabbed a Medic Level. For Noel I got Protectga and then leveled Ravager to a crystarium expansion where I also increased his Accessory Capacity by 20. Then I picked up another Ravager level. For my monsters I have Cait Sith at Lv13, Nikton Lv13, and Pulsework Knight Lv20. I'm not changing up any of my Paradigms quite yet. For equipment I gave Serah a Black Belt on top of her Magician's Mark and Noel has the Rune Bracelet with his Power Wristband. Whenever you're ready select the Sunleth Waterscape and off we go!

Sunleth Waterscape - 300 AF Edit

As we land, we're given more narration and the title of this part of Episode 3 - Oathbrand. Then we see Noel and Serah watching miniflan just appear. Noel thinks they might be whats going to end the world but we can stop them and then Serah gets all wonky again and kinda freaks out while quoting a wild prophecy, then we see something flash in her eye and see...Snow. He's getting his ass kicked which is great for me but not great for Serah and she runs off to save him. We're left as Noel and all we can do right now is chase after Serah. On our way we see one huge flan, even Noel comments on it. Then we're treated to a Serah and Snow reunion. Then the big flan attacks and Noel jumps into fight. Then its boss time!

Boss Fight: Royal Ripeness
Royal Ripeness
HP: 102,160
Stagger: 200%
Difficulty: Easy

Snow joins us in this battle which is pretty neat I guess since now we have four party members and Snow can't even take damage. He's a Commando and remains that way forever and all eternity, but its helpful since he'll always keep the chain from going down. Anywho the king here has a couple abilities to deal with: Revitalize is annoying as it heals him and grants him Regen and Belch which just hits our team with Poison, which isn't all that hard for us to handle.

The King opens with Belch so use Either Diversity or even Combat Clinic to quickly heal the ailment before hitting the King as hard as you can using either Relentless Assault or Tri-Disaster to stagger him. He's weak to Wind and absorbs Fire so keep that in mind when you're blasting him. Once he's staggered use Aggression-X to really lay in the hurt. Eventually a Cinematic Action will happen!

  • Hit Xbox Button X

This gives our team Protect thanks to Snow, which is pretty alright. As his HP falls he might use Quivering Wrath which grants him Haste and the ability to inflict wound damage. All in all he's not too hard, its just a long fight. Keep up the assault until his HP reaches 0 then we get another cinematic action!

  • Xbox Lstick Neutral UP
  • Hit Xbox Button X
  • Hit Xbox Button X Repeatedly
  • Hit Xbox Button B Repeatedly
  • Xbox Lstick Neutral Right

For perfecting the Cinematic Action we get the Crystal Heart Adornment.

After all that however the miniflan just rejoin together to become the King yet again. Noel tells us to get away while Snow wants to fight it again. Guess who has the better idea? Noel then challenges Snow and Serah is caught introducing her fiance to the man she's been spending hanging out with for the past few hours. Then we get some more Serah narration followed by Snow telling us why he's here and that apparently he's able to jump through time and he's found out this giant flan is slowly destroying the crystal pillar. Then we get a live trigger, to which I'm saying "Are Vanille and Fang okay?" because I care a lot about them. Snow says that they're okay for now which is good and then Serah and Noel offer to help Snow save the crystal pillar and solve the paradox that is the giant flan.

So for this entire area we're going to have a party of 4 as Snow adventures along with us in his hip new outfit which is pretty nice. First things first chat with Snow for a Map of the Sunleth Waterscape. Then follow Serah and open the treasure sphere by her for 625 Gil. The gang then decides to follow the mini-flan and see if they'll take us to an artefact. Then Mog reacts to the glowing vine because its something we're allowed to use. Just examine it and you'll be taken where it leads. Continue onward to the intersection. To our right is a gate, to our left is the gate we came from and straight leads further into the waterscape. Head straight for now. Here we find Snow jumping on the back of a big beast that's going to serve as our way of crossing this area. We're then given the Moogle Throw tutorial which I recommend you take just to for sure collect the treasure around here. Basically you hold LB and then aim then press RB to toss Mog. The treasure you get from this tutorial are a Librascope, a Silver Bangle and 8 Mana Chips.

As the creature begins to move again look off to its left side and you'll see something thats glowing and bouncing up and down here. Throw Mog to it for a Wild Artefact. Disembark at this new area of the Sunleth and throw Mog at the treasure sphere behind Chocolina for 7 Vitality Chips. As a note while you're fighting in this area you will hopefully tame a miniflan, if you don't its not the end of the world but its one of the best Commando monsters you can get and I'm going to assume that you have one and use it as its power especially in the late stages of its development is nothing short of amazing. Head over to where you can see a very thin path but there's no way for you to get across. Use Moogle Hunt around this area to make a vine appear and then take it over to this area.

Open the treasure sphere here for a Frost Ring, and then Moogle Hunt a little ways down the path to reveal a treasure sphere with a Unicorn Horn. Head back the way we came and now take the other path and take the vine at the end. Close to where you land, just to the right use Moogle Hunt to reveal another vine but don't take it. Open the obvious treasure sphere for a Zephyr Ring then head down the path next to it. It looks like it'd be hard to navigate but really its not. Reach the end and touch the miniflan to start a relatively easy battle with them. After its over we get a scene where Snow comments on Mog and talks about theme parks which Noel has no idea about them. The rest of the scene doesn't really matter. Anyway the game doesn't tell you but we now have the Combat Artefact. Throw Mog at the obvious treasure sphere for an Ember Ring. Return to the gate that's very near this area.

Examine the gate to use the Artefact we just found. There's a short scene where Noel explains that Snow can't come with us which really isn't as much of a shame as Serah makes it sound. Then we get to see the Snow's a L'Cie again. Who could have seen that coming? Anyway we're not done in the Waterscape so ignore the Coliseum for now and head back to Sunleth. Go all the way back to the beast riding it back again to the first part of this area. Keep on eye out to the beast's right and throw Mog at the treasure sphere you see towards the end for a Spark Ring.

Once you arrive at the other side head to the intersection and go right towards Chocolina. Head to the end of this area where we find our path blocked by invisible flan. Use Moogle Hunt to disperse them. Take the short side path to a treasure sphere with 960 Gil. Then head back and clear the other path of flans, following it along to a treasure sphere with 8 Vitality Droplets. Follow the path to a vine and ride it. Continue up the branches climbing to where the miniflan are. Again its another easy battle and the reward is the Thundering Artefact. They talk about how the Artefact being crystal and then Serah talks about her time as a crystal. Then Snow brings up Fang and Vanille and we get a live trigger. I'm saying "Feel like a song?" because I'm bored and I don't care about being nice to Snow. Noel tells Snow to sing to them but he refuses because he's lame.

Back in control, open the treasure cube that appeared for the Blue Flower adornment. Head back to the vine, but instead of taking it jump down to the lower area here. At the very end look to your right to see a Fragment just floating here. Throw Mog at it to collect the Extraordinary Egg Fragment worth 300 CP. We've now done all that we can here so head to the gate that is past the big flan King. Yes there is still that gate in the middle of this area but we'll come back for it in due time don't you worry. Take the vine path to get around the big guy and examine the gate to use our Thundering Artefact on it. There's a short but unimportant scene and then we're blasting into the Historia Crux having unlocked The Archylte Steppe - Year Unknown. Whew, I feel like we've accomplished a lot this page don't you? Join me on the next page for the continuation of our epic quest!

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