Well gang, looks like we're back at it again. Welcome to Cymbeline's fourth page of his Final Fantasy XIII-2 walkthrough. I hope you're enjoying your time here. Please remember to keep all limbs inside the vehicle during the duration of this trip. Thank you and enjoy the ride.

The Historia Crux Edit

As is going to become the norm, before we actually head into the next world we're going to want to develop our characters some - get used to doing this. Usually the best times are right before boss fights and before you enter a world for the first time. We have ample amounts of CP to spend too thanks to all those fragments we picked up. So starting with Serah I picked up Aero, Scourge, Fira, and as I was working towards Thundara, her Crystarium expanded and for her bonus I decided to unlock the Saboteur Role. Then I picked up Thundara and got Deshell and finally Wound.

For Noel I got Galestrike, Entrench and upon picking up Ravage I expanded his crystarium. For his bonus I selected to get the Synergist role since we don't have any of those yet. Then I got Protect, and finally Veil. For my monsters I got Cait Sith up to Lv9, Nekton to Lv9 and Pulsework Knight to Lv18. For my paradigms I'm going to be using the following:

Paradigm Serah Noel Monster
Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Nekton
Aggression-X Commando Commando Nekton
Diversity Ravager Commando Cait Sith
Tri-disaster Ravager Ravager Nekton
Solidarity Commando Sentinel Cait Sith
Premeditation Saboteur Synergist Pulsework Knight

There wasn't any equipment that I felt it entirely necessary to change so whenever you're ready select Yaschas Massif - 010 AF and off we go!

Yaschas Massif - 010 AF Edit

We open to more Lightning narration, and a reveal of what this Part of Episode 3 is called - Prophecy of Hope. Noel and Serah deduce that they're dealing with a paradox so you know what that means, we've gotta fix it. Let's start by talking to the dude who's right in front of us shall we? Noel blurts out asking where we are and what year it is and Serah rightfully tries to stop him. The researcher answers then asks if we're time travelers. Guess nobody can have a secret identity in the future. He'll give us the map of the area. Talk to him again for a live trigger. I'm saying "The fal'Cie wanted to meet you." because all the other options kinda suck. Noel delivers the line as perfectly as I wanted and the researcher doesn't take his humor well - at least Noel comments on it. To the right of the researcher is an obvious treasure sphere with 500 Gil and if you turn around and head straight back from this treasure sphere and use Moogle Hunt you'll find another treasure sphere with a Metal Armband.

Since the path to our right is blocked off, we have only one real way we can go. Continue straight at the intersection, the right path holds nothing of interest then head left and up the path since the path right is blocked off. Continue forward and suddenly it will get very dark and the game will warn us about Behemoths. We're not quite strong enough to fight them yet so lets avoid them shall we? The lady here will mention staying in the light to avoid monsters and I can't help but agree since its the only way to avoid Behemoths. Run towards the nearest searchlight and follow its path to a treasure sphere with 960 gil. Head to the next stationary lamp and head to the next spotlight when you're ready. In the nook to the left of this stationary lamp is a treasure sphere with 8 Mana Silvers. It can be tough to grab this and avoid confrontation so only run the risk if you think you can make it safely back to the light before you engage a behemoth. Directly across from the Mana Silvers is a treasure box with the Tablet of Paddra and a treasure sphere with 8 Mana Bolts which you can grab pretty easily if you follow the searchlight.

At the next stationary lamp is Chocolina and she's got some new equipment for us. The Lunar Stinger and Volatile Spark offer some very solid boosts to our characters stats and are completely worth the price so get them and equip them. We'll lose our fun synthesized abilities but that's okay since the boost to our power is much more appreciated. Behind Chocolina is a treasure box with the 'Scars' Gate Seal, which allows us to turn back time at Bresha Ruins 005 AF. Open the next treasure sphere under the lamp for some Ghysahl Greens. Keep moving forward and we'll finally be out of the eclipse so we won't run into any more Behemoths. Open the next treasure sphere for 540 Gil. Since the path right is blocked we can only go left, and do the same at the next intersection because again the path right is blocked off. Before you reach the marker I recommend setting Noel as your party leader if you've unlocked the Synergist role for him and setting your active Paradigm to "Premeditation". By switching leaders I got the option to talk to Serah for a live trigger so I did and said "Boredom?" because why not. The response is honestly really cute because I love these two characters and when they humorously banter it warms my heart. Talk to the woman who is the marker for this area and she will tell us we can't go inside because we're not on official academy business. Then a monster attacks! Hey that looks like our buddy Gogmagog, remember him? Noel jumps into the fight and its boss time!

Boss Fight: Aloeidai
HP: 52,990
Stagger: 150%
Difficulty: Medium

Peep that HP for a hot second will you? That almost 4 times as much as Atlas had, so you know this is going to take awhile. Aloedai has some vicious attacks, Swipe is a powerful physical attack, Ruinga is a powerful magical attack and he can cast Deprotectga and Deshellga which makes them even more devastating. He also has an extremely powerful move called Landshatter that when you see the prompt you're going to want at least one Sentinel up to soften the blow as best you can.

So what can we do? For starters get Veil up on all your team. Protect and Shell are worthless because they'll just get dispelled by Deprotectga and Deshellga but Veil will lower the chance of those spells sticking. If they do, either heal up with a remedy of have Cait Sith use Esuna to get rid of it. Then its a pretty standard boss procedure. After his chain has been slowed (Serah's Saboteur attacks will do this while you're buffing) use Tri-Disaster to push the stagger, then use Aggression-X to hit him as hard as you can - switching to Paradigms with a Medic when you're HP starts to get low.

After the first stagger this thing will throw up a Causality Barrier which is the same annoying ability it was before but our strategy doesn't change - push the stagger, and hit him hard. And keep your HP up. Don't hesitate to use potions to supplement your healing if you feel the need to. You really have to try and avoid letting this battle go on for too long as the building wound damage will really do a number on your teams HP.

Once he falls we'll get the Aloeidai Fragment.

After this thing falls it tries to drag Serah and Noel into its weird vortex thing and they're saved by a boomerang that hopefully will look familiar to everyone. Yep say hello to Hope, now ten years older and doing mighty fine for himself. He's the Director of Academy Research who apparently successfully predicted where and when we would reappear. Alyssa also shows her face, so that's pretty neat. We get some exposition then we're back in control.

Then we're given a live trigger just follow along and enjoy the story. Talk to the guard on the stairs to move things along, then talk to Hope for a live trigger. I'm asking about the ruins because why not. He'll give us some information about Farseers and Noel reacts to this information like it means something to him? But does it - stay tuned! Follow and talk to Hope again to keep things moving. He talks about how all the girls who could see the future and how they were all called Yeul. More exposition happens and Alyssa gets real excited about something called the Oracle Drive. Noel fires it up and we see footage from the previous game which was recorded several centuries ago showing Lightning which is spooky isn't it. Hope then shows up another image and its Lightning fight Caius in Valhalla. Also spooky how that's recorded isn't it? Hope then gives us an Artefact which is perfect because we need it to get to the next location we need to go too. Convenient right?

Back in control talk to Alyssa and she'll tell you about how they're trying to make time travel ideas for regular people and Hope will give us a live trigger to which I'm saying "Who was the seeress?" because my roommate wanted to hear the answer. Turns out Hope doesn't really know much of anything. Head down the ramp and directly behind a pillar at the base of it is a treasure sphere with a Warding Talisman. Down the corridor of pillars at the very end is a hidden treasure sphere that Moogle Hunt will find with some Ghysahl Greens. Talk to the guy at the base of the ramp here named Cole and he'll ask us to find him an Old Model Battery. Accept the quest. Head all the way down to the level of the ruins where we fought the boss and by the base of the stairs Mog will react. Use Moogle Hunt and open the treasure sphere for a Serenity Sachet. Talk to the woman down here named Shannon and she'll ask us to find her wristwatch so obviously we're going to do that. Head up the ramps by the giant head and open the treasure sphere here for 3 Remedies. Keep going up and open the treasure sphere here for a Carbuncle Figurine.

That's about all we can do here, so when you're done head out of the city and towards where the marker is. You can't miss it. Examine the gate and use the artefact to move on. We're given a live trigger and I'm saying "Bothered by the moogle?" because its funny and will hopefully lift Noel's spirits. Serah and Noel then blast off into the timestream but not without some of Serah's thoughts. Then we're in the Historia Crux having unlocked Oerba - 200 AF. Before heading over there it's time to develop our characters.

For Serah I picked up Poison, Dispel, Imperil and then worked Sentinel to a Crystarium Expansion where I picked up the Medic role. For Noel I got Vigilance, Launch, Element Guard then worked Synergist to his Crystarium Expansion where I also picked up the Medic Role. Then I got Cait Sith up to Lv11, Nekton to Lv11, and Pulsework Knight to Lv20. I'm not feeling like changing my paradigms quite yet. so when you're ready select Oerba - 200 AF and I'll see you there!

Oerba - 200 AF Edit

We arrive to find Oerba is basically really fucked by some real extreme spacetime paradox. Guess what our job is now? Once you're in control look back towards the gate and around it to its right you'll see something phased out. Use Moogle Hunt to reveal the Giant Egg fragment worth 300 CP. That was easy. Head towards the weird spacetime thing and use Moogle Hunt to reveal a weird light thing. Examine it to be taken into the spacetime rift. Remember when I said these puzzles were everywhere? This one is different than the last one in the sense that we have to play connect the dots with the crystals on the board. This is the easiest version of these puzzle imaginable and the time limit is barely an issue. You should be able to do this easy peasey. Once you clear the first stage of this one you solve the anomaly opening up more of Oerba for our exploration. We also get the Time's Stardust fragment worth another 300 CP.

Moving ahead, open the obvious treasure sphere for 2 Gysahl Greens, then at the intersection go left for a treasure sphere with a Power Wristband. Pop that on Noel and then head back to the intersection, go back right and jump down onto the top of the building here. Head to the southeastern corner and follow the path into the village square. Here tucked away into a corner you'll find Chocolina, who doesn't have anything new to sell us. Investigate the building to her right and tucked away in the back you'll find a treasure sphere with a Map of Oerba. Up the stairs here you'll find a treasure cube with a 'Visions' Gate Seal. Go back to the village square and Moogle Hunt this rift to find another gate and another puzzle. This time there are two stages but they're both super easy so no worries. Again the reward for clearing this rift is more of Oerba to explore and the Times Shell fragment worth 300 more CP.

Go to your left now and head around the back of the building here for a treasure sphere with a Magician's Mark a perfect accessory for Serah boosting her Magic stat. Head back to the ramp and go up it. There is a treasure sphere with 550 Gil just south of the big tree here. Keep going forward until there is a long thin stairway to your right, head down it and use Moogle Hunt to enter yet another puzzle world. This one, surprise surprise has three levels we need to complete. Again its still remarkably easy. Our reward this time is yet again more of Oerba to explore and another fragment, this one's called Times Coral worth yet again 300 CP.

Move forward down the linear path and open the treasure sphere on your way for 3 Cie'th Tears. Keep going forward until Noel gets a talk bubble above his head and runs off. Open the treasure sphere as you chase him for a Librascope. Talk to Noel to activate a little scene where Serah talks about Vanille and Fang and Noel relates it to time travel. Continue forward and open the treasure sphere on your up up the stairs for 600 Gil. Before you continue up the next set of stairs I recommend you take some time to rearrange your paradigms. We're going to be going up against a moderately difficult boss so you don't want to go in unprepared. Don't forget you have a good amount of CP to spend too thanks to all the fragments we've been collecting so now would be a good time to spend it.

For Serah I'm picking up Esuna, and Fringeward. For Noel I'm grabbing Esuna, and Curasa and then I leveled his Synergist role with the remaining CP I had. For my monsters I have Cait Sith at Lv13, Nekton Lv12, and Pulsework Knight Lv20. For Paradigm's I'm going to be using the following:

Paradigm Serah Noel Monster
Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Nekton
Aggression-X Commando Commando Nekton
Diversity Ravager Commando Cait Sith
Tri-disaster Ravager Ravager Nekton
Combat Clinic Medic Medic Pulsework Knight
Premeditation Saboteur Synergist Pulsework Knight

Set your active paradigm to Premeditation and head up to the roof of the school. Up here we'll find another Oracle Drive. Examine it to start a scene where a girl tells us to stop but Serah touches the device anyways. It shows us the actual ending of Final Fantasy XIII the one where Lightning is there and timespace isn't all sorts of messed up. It ends by showing us the way history went for this timeline where Lightning is gone and they exclaim that the prophecy has been changed, and then the big baddie Caius Ballad himself shows up. Noel recognizes Caius and the girl tells us that she's seen us. Turns out the girl is Yuel but not the Yuel Noel knows. Its kind of confusing but basically Caius is here to stop us and we don't really want that so we have to fight him. Boss time!

Boss Fight: Caius Ballad
Caius Battle XIII2
HP: 34,560
Stagger: 300%
Difficulty: Medium

Caius doesn't have as much HP as the last boss we fought but he has lots of really neat abilities. He opens the battle with Heart of Chaos which gives him reraise, but its not really important because we still win when we knock his HP to 0. Body and Soul grants him a ton of buff which is annoying, Chain Break breaks our chain on him and that's extra annoying, Blast Wave hurts pretty bad and inflicts Wound Damage which we don't want stacking up, Graviton and Giga-Gravition are basically just Ruin and Ruinga so they're not overly threatening and finally Eye of Bahamut hits someone with a lot of nasty debuffs.

Start by having Noel buff your team with all the buffs he knows. Protect, Shell, Veil, Vigilance they all help in this battle. While he's doing that have Serah throw out Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil and Poison. Then use a Ravager heavy paradigm like Tri-Disaster to drive him to a stagger. Then pound into him with Aggression-X while using Diversity to heal any damage you take. Don't worry about him using Body and Soul during his stagger just keep up the assault and you can take him out. But remember to use Combat Clinic when you see him ready Blast Wave otherwise your team is going to get hit extremely hard. Whenever you see him about to use blast wave I recommend switching to Combat Clinic to heal up fast. Don't be afraid to use it anytime you're worried about the damage your team is taking. All in all he's not that hard. Beat him down and do it fast.

After he's beaten he gets right back up. He goes to kill us and uses blast wave against us. As Serah and Noel get real messed up by Caius' assault he goes to end Noel and is stopped by Yuel somehow. She says some stuff to us and Caius leads her off completely forgetting about killing us apparently. He leaves behind an Artefact though which is awful nice of him. Examine what he left behind to collect the Artefact of Origins and trigger a scene. We get a live trigger to which I'm going to respond with "Why did Yuel appear here?" because I'm confused about that. Noel doesn't really help explain it much. Back in control drop down though the broken glass thing on the ceiling to fall into the school and open the treasure sphere here for 10 Power Bolts. Exit the schoolhouse and grab a chocobo when you're ready.

Ride back to the village square, ignoring the gate for now, and past where Cocolina is, up the ramp so we can jump onto the building next to her. Jump over using the chocobo's glide feature by holding down the B button. Then dismount and use Moogle Hunt towards the middle of the building to reveal the Graviton Core Gamma Fragment worth 500 CP. Head back towards the gate now. Directly across from it is a set of stairs, head up them and to a hidden treasure sphere that you can find with Moogle Hunt. It contains a Hypnocrown. Well we've done just about everything we can here, so examine the gate to move on.

Noel gives us some information about Yeul and how she was the same as the Yeul from his time. Then we get a live trigger to which I'm saying "It's personal." because I want to respect a man's privacy and "Sorry, I drifted off." seems a little to mean to say to Noel. Noel is greatful and understands Serah not prying. Serah does some more internal monologueing and then we're given a Whimsical Headdress as a live trigger award. Then we're back in the Historia Crux. Turns out we've unlocked a parallel universe to Yachas Massif - 010 AF as indicated by the time being 01X AF. I feel like I've covered quite a bit on this page so I'm going to call it a day here. Join me on the next page when we tackle this new parallel timeline!

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