Hey y'all it's ya boi, Cymbeline, back at it again with this thang. I've been in the process of moving lately so it's been a hot minute since I've touched this walkthrough but never fear we're still going to keep chugging along and before you know it we'll be done. Wahoo and all that.

The Historia Crux Edit

So, I may have lied. Before we head into the Bresha Ruins we're going to want to develop our characters a wee bit since we have to do it manually. For future reference I'm just going to use the role's color to represent what role the ability is from. For Serah I picked up Flamestrike, Sparkstrike, Powerchain, Blizzard, and then I worked her Sentinel role until I got a Crystarium expansion. This works differently in this game than it did in the previous one and we get to pick the bonus that our character gets from the expansion. You're free to select whatever you feel is the most valuable to you I went with increasing the ATB gauge this time around.

For Noel I picked up Fringeward, Blindside, and then worked the Ravager role until his Crystarium expanded. For his bonus I also went with an ATB expansion. We don't have any new equipment nor do we need to change our paradigms so when you're really ready to move on select Bresha Ruins - 005 AF and off we go!

Bresha Ruins - 005 AF Edit

As we arrive we're treated to funky beat and more Lighting narration. We slow-mo our way out of the time gate and then we're here. Serah lets us know we're in Cocoon and Noel is impressed. Then suddenly the giant menacing hand rises from the hole in the ground and attacks. And just like that its boss time my dudes!

Boss Fight: Paradox Alpha
Paradox Alpha
HP: 4,920
Stagger: 200%
Difficulty: Easy

There isn't a whole lot we can do right at the start. Just stick with Slash and Burn to deal as much damage as you can. This thing has crazy high resistance so we just have to tough it out. It's also the first enemy we encounter that can deal wound damage, which is basically damage that decreases our total max health for the current battle. Right now its not to bad but in the future it can be a problem. Keep up the fight until a cinematic action happens!

  • Xbox Lstick Neutral Right!

This blocks the damage and gives Serah Faith and Noel Bravery. Keep up the assault until the next cinematic action:

  • Xbox Lstick Neutral Right
  • Xbox Lstick Neutral UP
  • Xbox Button A

Noel fucks this thing up and staggers it. Switch quickly to Double Trouble-X and lay out the hurt. Once it's HP hits 0 we have another cinematic action!

  • Hit Xbox Button Y repeatedly.

Some airships show up and lay into Alpha destroying it for good. If you perfected the cinematic action you'll receive a Silver Gear after the battle.

Whew, that was quite the start wasn't it? Unfortunately things only get worse for Serah and Noel who are quickly put under arrest. Ruh Roh. In control just follow the guards, we don't really have a choice since we're prisoners now. Talk to the guard in red at the end of this little segment. Apparently they think its our fault the big beastie woke up. Talking to Noel gives us a live trigger, one where I'm saying "What do you make of this 'paradox' effect?" because I overheard the guards talking about it and Noel seems to know a lot. It's apparently similar to the thing Maqui was freaking about about not too long ago. Chat with the guard next. I'm telling him "I'm hungry!" because in times like this we need a little humor. He doesn't think its all the funny tho, poo on him. Talk to him again and he'll tell us about the Gran Elevator - an elevator that was just under construction not too long ago for Serah, but if you notice we've jumped forward two years so its finished now. Isn't time travel neat? For the live trigger I'm choosing "What could it mean?" because it reminds me of Freckle from the Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo. If you haven't seen that you should by the way its a good time.

Then suddenly some girl in the shortest shorts I've ever seen runs up and trips comically. She then lies to the guard and basically gets out of the slammer. We have to talk to the guard first for it to happen though. It suddenly starts pouring and Serah talks about how the time gates are basically causing paradoxes everywhere we go. We get a live trigger to ask our friend and I'm saying "What's your story?" because I'm curious. Her name is Alyssa Zaidelle and she's part of the Academy and she won't tell us her motives yet. Then we're in control. Follow Alyssa until she stops and then talk to her and she'll give us an Academy Communicator and a Map of the Bresha Ruins. Noel then questions why she's helping us which is a valid question. Basically we're just science subjects to her but I guess its okay since science is what the Academy is all about. Noel then offers to be the hero and take out the giant for her which is great of him I guess.

The game then tells us we have the option to play as Noel if we want so like do that if you'd like. And now we have sort of free reign for the area. Let's start by rounding up some treasure shall we? Head straight from Alyssa, towards a crazy looking bird lady and talk to her. This is Chocolina, the games fanservice shopkeep. Buy the two weapons she has for sale, Meteorblaze and Howling Soul for Serah and Noel respectively. Then head to your right down the corridor and open the obvious treasure sphere for 350 Gil. Head back to where the Time Gate is (the South of the map) and head up the stairs to the left for a treasure sphere with 400 Gil. Go up the stairs opposite of this area and open the box here for a 'Leaving' Gate Seal. Head back towards where Alyssa is and head back towards Chocolina, looking to the right you should see a treasure sphere, head up the stairs and open it for a Black Belt. That's about all we can get for the moment, so lets head into the ruins shall we?

Head up the stairs past the guard and open the treasure sphere in your path for 2 Potions. Continue forward for a very easy scripted battle. Once it's over we unlock the Paradigm Pack. Mog basically explains that our third party slot can be filled with monsters. Remember when I said this game had elements of Pokemon in it? You can't capture every monster you battle but you can capture most and monsters are restricted to only one role, but you're allowed three in your pack so they're basically like an extra party member with 3 roles to choose from. For right now we only have the two we just captured but we'll want to adjust our paradigms. You can also change your monster's names and give them adornments which is a lot of fun. Cait Sith is a Medic and Zwerg is a Ravager in battle. For Paradigms right now I'm using the following:

Paradigm Serah Noel Monster
Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Zwerg Scandriod
Aggression-X Commando Commando Zwerg Scandriod
Diversity Ravager Commando Cait Sith
Tri-disaster Ravager Ravager Zwerg Scandriod
Tireless Charge-X Commando Commando Cait Sith
Solidarity Commando Sentinel Cait Sith

I also named my Zwerg Scandroid "Pickle" and Caith Sith "Paws". Moving on, continue down the path until a Giant arm fucks some shit up. Then chat with Noel and he'll tell us that we're overlapping with another time period which we already knew. Keep going forward until you reach another time gate. Examine the gate for a live trigger, I'm saying "Alyssa" because "Atlas" and "Us" are too obvious. She doesn't find it too funny though. Mog will then react to something, so head over to where he is and talk to the guard to learn that supplies are disappearing around the area. Mog then teaches us about "Moogle Hunt" which basically means if you see something that is sort of see through and phased out of reality hit "RB" and he'll make it appear. Do that here and you'll obtain a "Wild Artefact".

Talk to the Captain (the dude in red) here and he'll give you a quest to find two capsules. Accept it and talk to all the yellow soldiers until you find one named Chester and accept his quest to kill a Cie'th. Continue forward and Mog will react to an out of time treasure sphere. Moogle hunt it to obtain one of the Capsules we're looking for. Head down underground now taking the path that is more to the north. Head forward until you reach an intersection, head left for a treasure sphere with the second Capsule we're looking for. Go back and continue deeper into the tunnels and at the next intersection go left for a treasure sphere with 8 Mana Droplets. You'll also get a live trigger so talk with Noel and they'll talk about Alyssa. Noel then gives us some backstory about how he refused to help someone once and he died so now he tries to help everyone.

Continuing on, examine the gate for another live trigger. "What does the Academy think?" is what I'm asking because I'm curious. Alyssa tells us but its really not useful information so let's just keep on going. Along the way Mog will react to another treasure sphere and you should know what to do. Moogle Hunt and open it for a Rune Bracelet. If you want to have some fun synthesized abilities you can give Serah the Rune Bracelet and Noel the Black Belt. Or you can stick with the Iron Bangles it really doesn't matter. Keep going forward and you'll reach the exit of the tunnels. Keep heading forward here for another brief live trigger. Turn the corner to see Atlas in the distance. Alyssa will let us know about an unknown device that appeared and our team would figure out we can maybe use the device to control Atlas. "What does Mog think?" leads to a pretty humorous line about him liking Serah more than Noel. Anyways the game likes to pretend you have a choice but there is no way we can fight Atlas at our current level so we have to try the device.

Head towards Atlas and at the base of the ramp is a treasure sphere with 2 Gysahl Greens. Head up the ramp and back into the underground area. At the intersection go left. Moogle Hunt for the treasure sphere and also the Ghast shows up. He can hit pretty hard but its nothing you shouldn't be able to handle. After you defeat him you'll get the Ghast Fragment and 600 CP. Open the treasure sphere for a Star Pendant. The little area to your left doesn't have anything for you so head back to the intersection. Head down the path furthest to the right - towards the marker for the device that can control Atlas.

When you arrive Atlas' hand attacks and drags us into some weird ass puzzle world. These things show up all over the game and they're all always annoying. This one's pretty easy though because its the very first one we've encountered.

  • Level 1: UP, UP, UP, UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, UP to the gate.
  • Level 2: UP, UP, UP, UP, RIGHT, UP, UP, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, UP, UP, RIGHT, UP to the gate.
  • Level 3: UP, UP, UP, UP, LEFT, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, LEFT, UP to the gate.

Once you've solved the anomaly you're put back in the ruins and given the Delicate Crystal worth 200 CP. Let's activate this machine shall we? Doing so really messes with Atlas and seriously weakens him. Now we actually stand a fighting chance against this big baddie. Head back to the intersection and take the one path we haven't taken yet, opening the treasure sphere for an Orange Newsboy Cap. This is one of my favorite adornments and I highly recommend you use it on one of your monsters. I put mine on Pickle. Keep going until you exit the underground and open the obvious treasure sphere for a Phoenix Down. Now before you fight Atlas you're probably going to want to power up and readjust your Paradigm deck. I captured a few monsters that you might not have and you might have some monsters that I don't have so feel free to fill the slots with whatever you deem the most usable. I'll put the monsters that I have but you may fill it however you like.

First thought you want to develop - for Serah I got Element Guard and Blindside . For Noel I got Aero Deathward and Scourge . For my monsters I have my Cait Sith "Paws", a Nekton "Abyss" and a Pulsework Knight "Crushabolic". If your wondering Paws has the Silver Gear, Abyss has the Olive Tattoo and Crushabolic has the Newsboy Cap. I leveled then all a bit (Paws is Lv6, Abyss is Lv6, and Crushabolic is Lv12). For Paradigms I have the following:

Paradigm Serah Noel Monster
Relentless Assault Ravager Commando Nekton
Aggression-X Commando Commando Nekton
Diversity Ravager Commando Cait Sith
Tri-disaster Ravager Ravager Nekton
Solidarity Commando Sentinel Cait Sith
Delta Attack Ravager Commando Pulsework Knight

When you're good and ready head forward to engage the weakened Atlas!

Boss Fight: Atlas
Atlas (Weakened)
HP: 15,554
Stagger: 200%
Difficulty: Easy

So good news, this thing is way, way weaker now than when it had full strength which is wonderful news for us. That said he can still hurt and inflict wound damage so keep an eye on your HP and either switch to a Paradigm with a Medic or use potions to heal up. He's weak to Fire and Ice so be sure to lay into him with those spells. Start with Relentless Assault to slow the building of the chain gauge and then use Tri-Disaster to stagger him. Good news is he can't attack you when he's staggered so use Aggression to pound into him and hit him with all you've got. He can inflict Curse, but that's not really an issue at this stage in the game. Destroy him. Once his HP reaches 0 we get a cinematic action!

  • Xbox Lstick Neutral Right
  • Xbox Button B
  • Xbox Lstick Neutral Right
  • Xbox Button A
  • Xbox Lstick Neutral Right
  • Xbox Button A
  • Xbox Lstick Neutral Right
  • Xbox Button A

For defeating him we get the Atlas fragment and a Fragment Crystal for perfecting the Cinematic Action.

Atlas sort of just disappears and all the destruction its wrought also goes away. For the live trigger I'm saying "Who would do something like that?" because I wanna know what Noel thinks. Turns out he doesn't really know. Head towards the marker on your map to trigger another scene. We find a memorial for the victims of the Purge from the very beginning of the first game. Alyssa gives us some backstory about how she was worried she might have died during the Purge but she's clearly here so it's all good.

Once the rain is gone we can being our quest looking for Artefacts. Both are marked on the map so you can't really miss them. Head over to the cemetery and open the box here for your live trigger award a Lucky Clover and use Moogle Hunt to pick up the Eclipse Artefact. Before we grab a chocobo, which we're going to want to do, head to the other spot marked on your map and use Moogle Hunt to get the Reunion Artefact. Then head back and grab a bird to ride. Head back to the first gate we encountered and talk to the Captain to turn in his quest finally for the Unio Mystica Fragment and 100 CP. Head back towards the base camp area and on your way you'll see a slab that looks like the perfect ramp not too far from the captain. Run up it and jump, holding down Xbox Button B to make your Chocobo float you into this area. Open the treasure sphere in the lower corner for 8 Power Droplets then dismount your bird and use Moogle Hunt towards the upper corner where Mog is reacting for Graviton Core Beta a fragment worth 500 CP. Remount your bird and head back to the base area. Talk to all the women here until you find one named Cordelia and pick up her quest. Head to where we were kept prisoner and you should see an out of time cube by the guard. Moogle Hunt and open it for the notes Cordelia was looking for. Return to her for the Ars Symphonica fragment worth 100 CP and some foreshadowing.

There isn't a whole lot left that we can accomplish here so head to first of the two gates we found in this area. but on your way search the area to the left of the stairs leading into the ruins proper, Mog should react and you can open the treasure sphere here for a Librascope. At the gate, use the Eclipse Artefact to open it and Serah sees some wacky vision and tries to play it off but Noel sees right through that. Serah then reflects on everything that's been going on before we're thrown into the Historia Crux for some more conversation where we can see how Serah and Noel are bonding and gosh its so cute. Then we're back at our world selection screen. We get a quick tutorial on time reversal but we don't need to do that and we see the area we've opened up is Yaschas Massif - 010 AF. But we've done more than enough for this page so I'm going to call it a day. See you on the next page kiddos!

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