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Welcome to this site's first Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Walkthrough written by Rocking Chair. This is my first walkthrough for the site and i'm glad to be of any help possible when it comes to tackling this often forgotten about spin-off game in the Final Fantasy Series

Revenant Wings is completely different to any other Final Fantasy that you have played. Despite being a spin-off of the incredible Final Fantasy XII, it plays nothing like that game and is a real time strategy game of sorts. While I wouldn't say it is an absolute must play in the series, the game is decent enough that if you are a fan of the genre or want to kill some time.

This walkthrough will be different to what I previously have done being that it is split up into missions. All you have to do is look down the list of missions and pick out whichever it is that you are struggling with and simply read the way that I have done it and the strategy that I have used and try to see if it will work for you. I also don't recommend that you follow my walkthrough for the whole game. I suggest that if your struggling with a mission then you simply look it up and I will try my best to guide you through it.

Since there is a fair bit of variation in enemy AI, I am only giving advice based off my experience with this game so hopefully you will be stuck with similar issues with missions and therefore will find help within this guide.

The Mission templates I have used are a slight variation to BlueHighwind's trademark enemy templates.

Other than that. Enjoy!

Table Of Contents[]


Chapter 1: The Direlect[]

Chapter 2: Distant Skies[]

Chapter 3: What Goes Up...[]

Chapter 4: The Grand Hunt[]

Chapter 5: Stranded[]

Chapter 6: Stealing Eternity[]

Chapter 7: Illusions Within/The Oath[]

Chapter 8: Ivalice[]

Chapter 9: Thoughts Forgotten[]

Chapter 10: Wings Eternal[]

Side Missions[]

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