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Welcome to Paramina's Final Fantasy XII walkthrough! The main walkthrough contains spoilers, but if you're after a no-spoiler playthrough, then I've got you covered - check out the Spoiler Free walkthrough supplement, if you're into that sort of thing.


Ciao, and welcome to my FFXII Walkthrough, my second for this wiki (my first was for VIII, check it out if you plan on playing it at some point), by yours truly. After slogging through my first walkthrough, I decided I'd take on the mammoth task of writing one for this awesome game. Yes, I know there will be a lot to cover, but a challenge is a challenge! Unbelievably, this is the wiki's first ever Final Fantasy XII walkthrough! Yay me!

"You jes full o' surprises..."[]

  • Final Fantasy XII has such a wide scope for the player it's impossible for me to tailor this walkthrough to your specific needs, and it'd be unfairly limiting for you to decide to follow my strict instruction. I'll chip in with specifics every now and then, but I'll make this as general as possible - especially when it comes to character set-ups, though I'll definitely chip in the system I use.
  • As a heads-up, the party I tend to use are the ever-awesome Balthier, Basch and Fran. Occassionally I sub in Vaan when he is not ebbing my tolerance, but I rarely use Ashe, and never, ever, ever use Penelo. Again, it's up to you since each character is really whatever you want them to be, but seriously... don't use Penelo.
  • In terms of character set-up I usually choose a vague sort of character class for each and use the License Board that way in their development. As I love to expand minds and boost gaming experience (heh heh), feel free to check out the Extras menu to see how to have fun with the License Board and play the game as if playing with the FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII and FFX casts in terms of Job Classes. I know it sounds weird, but check it out because it's quite fun.
  • Please only edit grammatical issues or similar, if you have a strategy I haven't used or I've apparently missed something out you think will be useful, then please put it in the Discussion relating to that page. Feel free to leave any comment there, really.
  • Oh, and as always, expect bashing. I love FFXII, I really do, but I can't not bash - 'tis my style.

"Let's get this show on the road..."[]

License Board[]

Think of the cast of XII as your blank canvas - you are completely free to mold and create your characters to whatever whim you fancy. Six Paladins? Okay. Six Black Mages? Yeah. Six Oracles? Um... okay? (but why?). Anyway, here are the basics of this wonderful system:

The License Board.

  • Licenses are needed in order for stat growth. It's a bit like a giant, checkers-version of the Sphere Grid from FFX. Each license is a bit like an ability, and there are six different categories: Armor Licenses, Weapon Licenses, Magick Licenses, Tecknick Licenses, Accessory Licenses and Augments.
  • The board is split into two: the top half is where you can find Augments, Accesories, Tecknick and Magick categories. The bottom half is purely Weapons and Armor. Weapons and Armor bought at shops can only be equipped if you possess the correlating License to do so.
  • Each category has different sub-groups of Licenses within them, making it easy for you to follow a 'Job Class' if you wish. For example, there are three 'series' of Armor - Light Armor, Heavy Armor and Mystic Armor.
  • In order to be able to 'purchase' licenses, you use License Points (LP). These are expendable and are earned from fighting battles. Some items can double your LP, which is always handy. I think you need 13000+ LP to cover the entire board. It sounds ludicrous when you're slowly grinding in the 1s and 2s but you'll culminate this amount eventually, trust me.
  • After purchasing one License, then all four Licenses adjacent to the purchased one become available. Through this way, you move across the Board as you progress through the game.

There's a pretty good in-game tutorial though, so don't worry if you haven't got it just by reading my inane babbles. Any other queries, I advise you to check out the Drake's super-in-depth License Board Guide, which I really could have done with on my first playthrough. Lucky you, you've got it at your disposal just now! Seriously, check it out, it explains a lot.

Playable Characters[]

Vaan.PNGFFXII Basch Render.pngBalthier-ffxii-render.pngFran.pngFile:Ashe.jpgFile:Penelo.jpg

Guest Characters[]

A respectable bunch, good to have them around.

File:Reks.jpgFile:Vossler.jpgFile:Larsa Full.jpgFile:Reddas.jpg

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Spoiler Free Walkthrough[]

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