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Welcome, kiddies, to Drake Clawfang's Final Fantasy XII License Board FAQ! This isn't a walkthrough, it's a how-to Guide to FFXII's ability system. The Real Time Battle system has a few flaws, but the License system is totally awesome. But it can be hard to understand and use properly, so I'm here to explain it.

Part 1 will explain the basics of the system - how to use LP, get Licenses, move about on the board, etc.

Part 2 will list the licenses on the upper part of the board, part 3 will list the ones on the lower part.

Part 4 will cover Quickenings - which ones to take for which character, when to take them, and how to use them.

Part 5 will tell you what Licenses the party members each begin with, and what this means for their growth.

Part 6 will cover getting the most out of your LP - which Licenses to take, which are vital, which are useless, and which ones are situational. Go here if you already understand the License board's workings and want to know how to use it properly.

Parts 7 and 8 will cover what many players like, a "Forced Job Class Game" - assigning party members Job Classes and taking Licenses reflective of the job's traditional skills.

Espers will not be covered in this guide for one simple reason - they're useless. Espers and Quickenings both have to compete with normal spells for your MP. Quickenings, once you can slam out a proper chain, like 10 or more, are far superior to Espers, and typically do more damage in less time than any summon can. The only Esper you need is Belias, because he's needed to advance the plot, otherwise the Espers are just there to provide shortcuts on the License board (see Part 6 for what I mean by "shortcuts"). Esper licenses are useful, but Espers themselves are useless.

If you have any questions, leave them on my talk page. I'm on this Wiki every day, so any messages you leave me will be answered within a few hours most of the time and no more than a day at worst.

Alright, enough talk. Let's get this show on the road.