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Welcome, one and all, to this walkthrough to Final Fantasy XII! My name is Apoqliphoth, and I'll be your guide. This is my eighth (good lord, that many?) walkthrough for the Wiki, and with the upcoming release of The Zodiac Age, the HD Remastered, previous-Japan-exclusive remake of this game I imagine people are going to be wanting a comprehensive, fun walkthrough of everything the game has to offer. This guide will be updated once The Zodiac Age is released to cover everything added to the game. For now, enjoy it for what it is - my take on how to play Final Fantasy XII.


Dammit Vaan and Penelo, why does your official art show you sitting down, you're messing with my alignment. Oh right, because you're peasants. You can tell I tried to make them to-scale, too.

Vaan.PNG Penelo XII.png Balthier-ffxii-render.png Fran.png FFXII Basch Render.png Ashe Alt Render.png

Notes and Tips[]

  • Final Fantasy XII is very (didn't want to overuse the italics) different to its predecessor, Final Fantasy X. (Let's face it, XI may as well not exist) Instead of a straight line that opens up at the end, the world of Ivalice is fairly expansive and can be explored much more freely than Spira ever could. Part of the game's "flavour" is travelling between different lands and exploring the local culture, so restricting too much of the world would be illogical. Explore that oyster, huskies.
  • Making money is treated differently in Final Fantasy XII; Gil is scarce in the world of Ivalice, so you have to make a living selling the loot that drops from monsters.
  • Sidequests are almost constantly available, so partake in them whenever you can - otherwise you'll miss a great deal of what the game has to offer.

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