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Welcome to Paramina's Final Fantasy X International walkthrough! Expect spoilers in the main walkthrough, but if it's a spoiler-free guide you're after, I've got you covered, too.


Ciao, comrades, and welcome to Paramina's (I despise having to refer to myself in third person in order to link to my User Page) third walkthrough for the FF wiki, for Final Fantasy X. This Walkthrough will cover the PS3/4 HD Remaster and the original International and PAL versions of the PS2 game; this means even if you just have the regular old U.S or Japan PS2 version, this walkthrough is applicable to you. The only difference between the PS2 versions is that the International and PAL features Dark Aeons and Penance, which I inevitably must cover (if you've read my other walkthroughs you'll know I always cover the super bosses, regardless of how ridiculous/time consuming). The HD Remasters have all of the above. So without further ado, let's get going!

"Err, helly doo sad wee to you too."[]

  • Final Fantasy X's gameplay is one of my favourite battle systems. Each character has a specific role (reminiscent of the early Job Classes), so you'll learn who to bring in and when. As a heads-up, my main party usually consists of Tidus, Yuna and Auron. Occasionally Lulu gets a look in, and until Tidus' Accuracy stat is high enough, I'll use Wakka when I have to. I never, ever use Kimahri, and Rikku is a very, very, extreme last resort.
  • Please only edit grammatical issues or similar, if you have a strategy I haven't used or I've apparently missed something out you think will be useful, then please put it in the Discussion relating to that page. Feel free to leave any comment there, really.
  • Expect bashing - as much as I adore Final Fantasy X (it's one of those games that becomes my favorite every time I replay it), bashing is my style. If you've read my other stuff, you'll know that.

"Let's get this show on the road..."[]

Sphere Grid[]

The best of the character stat growth systems, in my opinion. The Sphere Grid is a massive... spherical grid (...) on which your characters traverse and gain stat growth and what have you. Though there's only one Sphere Grid for each character, everyone has their own unique and individual section that they naturally grow into, before they can branch into each other's and become carbon copies battle wise, i.e., eventually you'll have Auron smashing the heads off beasts before doing a quick Prayer and Cheer to big-up the party, but not just yet. Here are the basic notions of this awesome system: File:Final Fantasy 10 Sphere Grid.svg

  • The Sphere Grid is like a manual levelling up system - whilst your characters stats will grow a little naturally (I think), you have to manually level them up by 'purchasing' certain attributes.
  • Thus, in order to move around, you need Ability Points (AP). AP are like this game's EXP. They're expendable and each character has their own bank of AP to spend as you choose.
  • However, it's not enough just to move around the Grid, you also must 'purchase' abilities and stat boosts through the use of Spheres. There are different types of spheres, which each activate certain types of nodes (i.e., a Power Sphere activates Strength, Defense, and Hit Point Increase nodes, whilst a Fortune Sphere activates Luck nodes). Spheres, too, are expendable, and this bank is shared between all seven characters. Spheres are often acquired after battle, but there are other ways of obtaining the slightly rarer ones.
  • Eventually, your character will break out of their own section of the Grid and into other characters. By the end of the game, you can have a team of three who have mastered every single stat growth and ability available ingame.
  • If you choose to play the game in Expert Mode, the Sphere Grid is presented differently. See here for details.
  • Just as a note, Kimahri does not have his own section, rather he can merge into other character's sections rather quickly in terms of gameplay availability. However, Kimahri is crap, so don't bother.

If my inane ramblings meant nothing, worry not, there is a very comprehensive tutorial ingame that even I managed to grasp. If that's still not enough for you, check out the wiki article, which, as always, is brimming with knowledge for your noggin' (ha ha, sorry).

Playable Characters[]

An odd, assorted bunch whose ludicrous hairstyles (I'm looking at you, Wakka) forced me to spend around five minutes adjusting image sizes and order so the line-up worked.

Tidus's portrait.Yuna - Portrait.pngAuron Menu.jpgLulu Menu.jpgRikku Menu.jpgWakka Menu.jpgKimahri Menu.jpg

Temporary Playable Characters[]

Pretty lonely down there, bud?

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"Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair, we leave."[]

Section 1[]

Section 2[]

Section 3[]

Section 4[]

Monster Arena[]

Dark Aeons and Penance[]


Spoiler Free Guides[]

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