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Hamfruitcake here, so let's go escargots. Of course, if you hadn't noticed, I got bored of this intros a very long time ago.

More Original Monsters[]

I could ramble a bit here to increase the length of this paragraph but I've got to the point where even rambling seems futile and a bit sad... So on this page I expect your stats to be through the roof. Everyone should have traversed the Sphere Grid enough to have their stats happily sitting around the 180 mark, no bitching or moaning about it. This is no walk in the park. Any lower and you're going to find Nemesis a helluva a struggle that's for sure. My last warning, write it down on a post-it and stick it to your forehead.


I'm not going to lie, I love Neslug. His design is second to Barbatos as my favourite in the game for any fiend. And yes, that's because, for once, he's not a palette swap of a previous boss encounter. Plus he's fun to fight for a change! Tedious but I like this battle very much.

To unlock Neslug you'll need to capture 1 of EVERY fiend in Spira. No easy task that's for sure, Victor will give you Winning Formula x99.

Original Creation : Neslug
HP: 4,000,000 (12,000)
Attacks: Curaga, Megaton, Slime, Lick.
AP: 50,000 (50,000)
Steal: Gambler's Spirit x1/Friend Sphere x1

So Neslug has no real attacks to speak of, unless you count the ever powerful Slime Lick and Megaton. In his first stage he will hit you with both of these attacks. Slime is your main concern as it hits the party for a hefty amount of damage and inflicts Poison, Curse, Armor Break, and Mental Break. Most likely if you don't have Break HP Limit you'll die so just equip it to one character to survive. Otherwise Megaton and Lick deal damage to singular characters most likely killing them.

Hopefully your team's agility will be massively high at this point so Hasteaga and repetitive swings of Quick Hit should deplete his HP swiftly before he has any chance of harming you. After 2,000,000 of his HP is gone he'll retreat into his shell and become immune to physical attacks and endowed with Regen, at this point he'll only cast Curaga on himself so fear not the vacant boom of death from here on. Another way to send him crying into his shell is to perform a perfect, 12 hit, Attack Reels and then Entrust Wakka someone else's precious Overdrive bar and repeat to have him scuttling back into his shell. Blitz Ace and a Grand Summon of double Oblivion also work a treat here.

Once he has retreated within his shell you can only harm him with magical attacks so it's best to settle with Doublecast Ultima and then Copycat it to death. Summoning Anima and using Pain also works well here. It's repetitive and Neslug's strangely unreliably strong Regen will slow you down but eventually, in a very awesome fashion, Neslug's shell will crack and break.

With his shell gone it's simply a case of hammering him with one last Attack Reels or endless stream of Quick Hits to fell this foul beast once and for all. It's the home stretch from here. Heal and Revive any fallen characters and reap the pride of defeating the most bad ass looking beast in the game. In my opinion... He even provides a satisfying death scene, what's not to love about this guy?

Defeating Neslug will net you Armour with HP boosts and Weaponry with Piercing and Triple AP - good for selling. He also drops Pendulums if you need them. Go figure, nothing useful comes of his defeat, it's a crying shame....

Ultima Buster[]

5 of each fiend in the world? You are kidding me, right? Well I wouldn't kid me, but hey what do you know, that's what you need to unleash this beast into the world. For Dark Matter x99 and an instant Ribbon to customise to anyone's armour you wish is a reward though, surely?

Original Creation : Ultima Buster
HP: 5,000,000 (12,000)
Attacks: Contamination, Ultima.
AP: 50,000 (50,000)
Steal: Gambler's Spirit x1/Lv 3 Key Sphere x1

So the arms and the head each 80,000 HP, nothing a Celestial Weapon can't happily rely on. He doesn't counter anything with any moves so herein does not lie the problem. It all comes down to his irritating Ultima, super powerful even for a team with a relatively high Magic Defence. You're only option is to use an Aeon as a meat shield or pray Shell provides enough protection for your team. Sometimes he will use a simple body attack which will more than likely KO a single character but you can handle that. The thing you can't do is gamble your survival so get an Aeon in there just in case.

Otherwise the best strategy to go for is Hasteaga and Quick Hit to tackle the arms and head and then get to work on the body. Time summoning your aeons right and perhaps even get a cheeky Overdrie in there. Attack Reels and Blitz Ace are not cheating in my book, neither is using Entrust. Go for it! Just keep hammering away and he shall fall. Just dispatch the arms and head as they regenerate. Mixing something fierce, like I dunno, my favourite, a Hyper Mighty G will definitely speed the process along. Nothing too difficult. Show this loser what you can do.

Ultima Weapon drops Winning Formulas and armour with Break MP Limit oo-er! He also will drop weaponry with Triple AP, Overdrive -> AP or Triple Overdrive. All easy sells.


I'm not entirely sure why this particular fiend is placed here, to be honest he's way much easier than his predecessors and laughable compared to his follow up. But hey why not hm?

To create this fiend you'll need to capture two of each of the fiends in Mt Gagazet's underwater caverns. To be honest this is no difficult feat because you're about to face Nemesis next and he demands 10 of every fiend and that you defeat all of the Monster Arena Creations to face him. So right now... Well you should be more than ready to face this guy, Victor gives you Megalixir x30.

Warning: If you haven't used Wakka, Rikku or Tidus, as you have been training up around the sphere grid you're going to be sorely disappointed with how this following battle goes. I haven't been overly stringent with who to use and what suits who. To be honest, I don't care. I'll never know your favoured team. For now, and if you haven't used them for a while, Wakka Rikku and Tidus are your team. A good idea is to reap the 50,000 AP rewards from previous fiends such as Neslug and Ultima Buster and any Original Creation, Catastrophe? Sub them in quickly, in and out, to gain the AP. You've been doing this method for a while to train up your whole team throughout the game I assume? Otherwise take them for a jog around the Omega Ruins or abuse Don Tonberry. It's going to be much easier if these chaps have had some love attention before this fight.

Original Creation : Shinryu
Shinryu (FFX).jpg
HP: 2,000,000 (12,000)
Attacks: Shining, Eraser, Physical swipe.
AP: 50,000 (50,000)
Steal: Gambler's Spirit x1/Lv 3 Key Sphere x1

If you have a suitably levelled Wakka this should take two rounds of Attack Reels, otherwise there may be problems.

As with the loveable Ruby Weapon from games gone by, I where I recommended you enter the fight only with Cloud. A strategy in this battle could be useful to reflect this. Shinryu's Eraser will Petrify and instantly shatter a single party member meaning they are completely removed from battle. He'll usually do this so that there is only one character left. This shouldn't cause any trouble if your team are equally strong, or you have a good reserve of Auto-Potion - with X-Potions. But to manipulate this move you can enter the battle with two characters KO-ed to choose who you are left with and avoid the choice being made for you by Shinryu.

Shining is a powerful non elemental attack which will most likely cause the most problems for your team, if you kill him quick enough he shouldn't use it but it is magic based so Mixing something with Shell in it will dull the damage.

Dependent on who is left you'll likely be relying on their Overdrives, Mix, Attack Reels and Blitz Ace and Quick Hit to finish the battle. With reasonable strength and some good meaty attacks it shouldn't take long at all. 2 million? Pah! Easy!

He drops weapons with Double AP and armour with Auto-Med along with standard drops of Wings to Discovery. Back here often if you want Double AP or Break HP Limit I may assume.


To unlock this games standard, most powerful boss, if you're American or not playing the Internation version, you will need 10 of every fiend in Spira and to have defeated EVERY Monster Arena Creation. Victor will reward you with 10 Master Spheres and the chance to face the mighty Nemesis. Scared yet?

Original Creation : Nemesis
FFX Nemesis.PNG
HP: 10,000,000 (12,000)
Attacks: Physical attack, Armageddon, Ethereal Cannon, Ultra Spark, Ultima.
AP: 55,000 (55,000)
Steal: Lv 4 Key Sphere x1/Warp Sphere x1

The tried tested and fail safe method against Nemesis, everyone who is anyone will tell you this is as follows.

Have suitably high Agility on your chosen team and everyone with Quick Hit (duh!) and set it up without Yuna in the front line. You can have her there but it just messes up the timing a bit and you find yourself running out of fingers sometimes... Then enter the fight with Auto-Haste set up or Hasteaga, mix something fierce up if you wish too (*coughs* Hyper Mighty G *coughs* I have to stop pushing that on you people...). Hammer away at him and watch for his red turn to appear in the CTB bar in the right hand corner. If he Ambushes you, give up, you'll never catch up from him killing you over and over. Just try again. Hoping for a Pre-emptive is always a good thing but a ginormous waste of money too... Also avoid using Overdrives at all costs here as he will counter with a powerful Ultima.

When it comes close to his turn trade Yuna in and have her summon up something to take the damage. 90% of the time you aren't going to survive Nemesis's attacks no matter how strong your party are so do as I say. If they survive throw an overdrive out or two if you wish. Otherwise as soon as your party returns to the fray switch Yuna back out and continue to deal damage as swiftly and as powerfully as you can. When you see that sneaky red box moving up the turn list then have Yuna return to summon another meat shield. Sticking your Battle Menu in the Config on Memory makes accessing your Quick Hits that much, well, quicker!

Just keep going with this until Nemesis falls. How easy was that? Not as easy as you'd have liked? Shame. Dark Aeons are coming up next!

Nemesis luckily drops armour and weaponry worth actually keeping, for a change. Break Damage Limit and Break HP Limit for your using pleasure, very kind indeed. He also drops Warp Spheres which will help you further in filling your sphere grid. So your team will gather around afterward to recieve the title The Ones Who Conquered All and the item Mark of Conquest. Victor invites you back any time you wish but of course expects you to still pay.

The bastard.

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