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Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo kiddies! Drake Clawfang here, comin' to ya live from the Final Fantasy Wiki! How we doing today people? Yeaaah, what I thought. Well today we're hear to do a Final Fantasy X walkthrough yo. Aw yeah, that's right, the first PS2 playstation game ev-ver, and as your guide none other than me, AC DC, Adam C***, Drake Clawfang! Lemme hear it, give it up y'all!

.....okay I'm done. Yeah, welcome to my FFX walkthrough. Why FFX, why not say, FF9 or FF12, games I like more than X? Dunno really. I was just sitting around some day, and decided "hey, I wanna walkthrough FFX", and here we are. Maybe I just like the joke potential. Yeah, if you haven't read my walkthroughs before I crack jokes, a lot. And they tend to suck, a lot. You'll get used to it, or go insane and spam my email with chain letters and death threats.


  • As mentioned I will make jokes. Often they won't be funny, often because I'll be the only one who gets them.
  • Feel free to edit any section of the walkthrough to fix things like broken links, links to disambiguation pages, grammar, etc. However, any large-scale content edits will have to be cleared with me first. Otherwise I'll revert them. To suggest such changes, use my talk page or the talk page of the section.
  • I don't hate FFX, but it isn't my favorite either. So expect me to occasionally go off on tangents to make fun of it.
  • FFX for some reason doesn't let you skip cutscenes, an oversight by the devs that kept me from replaying Kingdom Hearts 1 for years. Hope you've got a mute button the TV because you're gonna wanna reach for it. Being that this was SE's first voice acting attempt with the main series, it was sorta hit or miss. And there are definitely misses.
  • I expect an elementary knowledge of the FF series from you - know things like status ailments, elemental properties, summons, etc.


I'll do the Sphere Grid later in the guide, if I explain it now you'll just forget when you actually get to the Sphere Grid.

What I will explain is the Conditional Turn-Based Battle, or CTB system. FFX goes back to the good-old days of Turn Based Combat, so long ATB system, we'll see ya around. The CTB system is a much more advanced system than old fashioned games like FF1 have. In the upper-right corner is a chart that lists the order in which your party members and the enemies will get their turns. When a character takes a turn, the amount of time before their next turn is indicated by the purple bar to the left of their icon. Some actions "recharge" the turn slower or faster, and when you highlight a command you can see by the change in the bars how much sooner or later the character will get their turn after using that command. You can also look several turns ahead to see the order of turns in advance by pressing L2 and L1, so be sure to pay attention to that chart and use it to plan out your strategies carefully. For example, even if both enemies you're facing can be killed easily, if one is going to get their turn next, go for him first to minimize the damage to the party.


  1. Intro Sequence and ruins
  2. Ruins continued and Besaid beach
  3. Besaid Village and Temple
  4. Besaid Path and the Ship
  5. Kilika Woods and Temple
  6. Winno, Luca, and Blitzball
  7. Luca cont and Mi'ihen Highwind
  8. Operation Mi'ihen
  9. Road to Djose and Moonflow
  10. Guadosalam and Thunder Plains
  11. Thunder Plains (Final Fantasy X)|Thunder Plains cont. and Macalania Temple
  12. Macalania Temple cont, Seymour, and escape
  13. Sanubia Desert, Home, Evrae
  14. Bevelle Temple, Via Pacifico, Seymour
  15. Calm Lands, Mt. Gagazet, Seymour
  16. Zanarkand, Final Cloister, Spectral Keeper
  17. Yunalesca Battles
  18. Sin Attack and Seymour
  19. Inside Sin and Final Boss
  20. Sidequests - Anima, Yojimbo, Magus Sisters
  21. Sidequests - Celestial Weapons
  22. Sidequests - Omega Ruins
  23. Sidequests - Monster Arena and Min-Maxing Stats
  24. Sidequests - Blitzball
  25. Misc. Extras - Airship Treasures, Jecht Spheres, Level grinding, Money grinding, other items of interest
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