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Alright here I am again everyone! The amazing and wonderful Cymbeline is here with a second walkthrough. If you are curious as to how I write my walkthroughs you can look here. So here we are with the first official sequal in the Final Fantasy world, a sequal to X. Now this game is by no means excelent, but I don't think that its awful either. Its sorta in the middle or lower middle depending upon how you view it. Its basically full of side missions and out of its 100% Completion system the main storyline counts as less than half of its total percentage. But this game has a very happy and upbeat tone to it, so if your feeling sad or depressed at least you can look at this game and go "Well at least someones happy." In the end I don't blame you for not wanting to replay this game, but you could do it for me, just to make me feel special.


This games controls are pretty basic, it uses the same controls from Final Fantasy X.

  • Move Character/Move Cursor/Change Pages: Playstation Lstick Neutral.png
  • Climb/Jump/Cancel: Playstation-Button-C.png
  • Talk/Examine/Confirm: Playstation-Button-X.png
  • Open Menu: Playstation-Button-T.png
  • Cycle through Characters or Dresspheres/Spherechange: Playstation-Button-L1.png
  • Cycle through Characters or Dresspheres/Trigger Happy: Playstation-Button-R1.png
  • Pause: Playstation Button Start.png


This game is a trove of sidequests, essencially every area in the game has its own storyline and its your job to complete that story for that area before the end of the game. As stated before most of this game is side objectives and its really not that hard of a game. Most of the bosses are jokes and the storyline isn't all that great either but its not truly awful and you could at least get 100% and never have to worry about it ever again. Thats my job, to guide you around the world of Spira and make sure that you can see the Perfect Ending to this game.

You are only given three characters to use in this game, thus all their abilities are determined by what Dressphere they are using. Yep instead of using classes they decided to make this game a game of dress up. Well at least in this dress up game you get to kill stuff so its actually worth playing. Anyway each dressphere has its own abilities, stats and uses (though some are really not useful at all.) You learn those abilities by having the Dressphere equiped and fighting in battle. Some abilities are really worth learning (like --proof abilities) while others are just wastes of time (Battle Cry for example).

This game has a Mission System that it uses which will state the mission and what your goal is to do. Its not like its really useful because if you watch the scenes (which you must to get 100%) it all explains what you have to do. There really isn't much else to say... Oh wait the battle system!

This game uses the ATB (Active Time Battle) system that means you have a bar that fills up, then you take an action, then you either preform the action or wait for another bar to fill up, then it empties and then you need it to fill up again before you can act again. You have the basic HP and MP whic I'm going to assume that you know. Oh yes and you can Spherechange in battle as long as your current Dressphere connects to another Dressphere on your Garnment Grid. Garnment Grids are the grids that you put Dresspheres on in order to use them. Most grids have intial abilities that they grant (like Strength and Magic +5% or Use Cure) and most also have gates that you can sphere change through to use more abilities (EX: You pass through a red gate and gain the ability to cast Cura but only in that battle.) There are also these things called special dresspheres that only one person can use and you must pass though every node on your equipped dressphere in order to change over to this unique dressphere. Its not really all that useful so I'd just pass on it and focus on better things.

Let's see did I cover everything? I sure hope so but I'm sure that if I missed anything you'll figure it out through playing the game.

Tabel of Contents[]

Chapter 1: Sphere Hunters

Chapter 2: Secrets of New Yevon

Chapter 3: Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings!

Chapter 4: 1000 Words

Chapter 5: The End of Vegnagun