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FFVIII logo.png APOLOGY: Hey everybody, I have returned after a long absence.

Reading back over this walkthrough that i wrote in my early teen years has made me realise how childish and offensive some of the language is, and I will now take action to edit it and make it sound better. I apologise to anyone who was offended by the content of this walkthrough, in particular the matter pertaining to Christians, as my immaturity back then was pretty appalling. The matter will be dealt with ASAP. Thank you everyone, and please continue to use this walkthrough :)

And its me Super Sephiroth, bringing you the first of three of my planned walkthroughs. This walkthrough was written because of this story:

Long ago, a user named AuronKaizer, a moderator here at FFWiki began a walkthrough for Final Fantasy VIII, as the site did not have one at the time. Another user named Crazyswordsman, buereucrat of the wiki, decided he could do it better. The two got into a rivalry and CSM's walkthrough was going great, but in the first phase of walkthroughing the second disc, he stopped. Other members began a walkthrough, including Alcaeus and Yellow Moogle, but neither got very far, though both are pretty awesome people. The wiki's best walkthrough writer, BlueHighwind, hates this game with every bone in his body and thus wouldn't walkthrough this game. Then I came, and wrote this.

It's not because I hate all the walkthroughs on the wiki, its because this is a good way to serve the wiki. I have a way of playing a video game and not stopping until I do everything worth doing in it. That's why I write walkthroughs. Now, the game itself:

Final Fantasy VIII is a great game, but its cool with me if you don't share my opinion. I personally think this game is better than VI and that's mainly because this game is a tweaked version of the said game. VIII is sadly put down and destroyed by a lot of people. That's fine, for people like BlueHighwind and Crazyswordsman who have reasons for despising it, but I hate people who just come along and abuse a game because other people do it. It has a great new battle system, which is fully explained in a moment. It has a great storyline, a nifty battle system and a great fun factor. Admittedly, the main playable cast really, really suck, but the temporary playable cast is one of the best in the series.

Despite this, Final Fantasy VIII is filled with flaws and plotholes, which are put there to make fun of. I talk of this game's predeccessor Final Fantasy VII a lot, because huge portions of this game were ripped from FFVII and VI and VII is the best Final Fantasy out there, hands down.. Now, please realise that my editing rules are fairly loose. Only edit grammar, if you see a flaw in strategy, put it on the discussion page of the relative page. Coding errors may be fixed. PLEASE include an edit summary, its so much easier. If you wish to comment on my opinions of your favourite games (VI) and my opinions of the characters, then just go fuck yourself. I don't care. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so let me have my own. Constructive editing or queries of strategy are fine, so long as you give an address I can reply to, like your talk page.

After I wrote mine, Squallinoa 08 wrote his own walkthrough. And he seems to have gotten more credit than me. Fuck, I hate it when that happens. If you want to judge info view his walkthrough here

I'm bored of the technical crap, let's play.

Battle system[]

The battle system of Final Fantasy VIII is confusing at first, but is very easy to use with a little practise. All party members can use the Attack command in battle at any time, but to use magic and summon, you need a Guardian Force, abbreviated GF. More on GF in a moment. Your characters must junction a GF to be able to do anything. You can now junction Item, Draw, Magic, GF and any special command abilities such as Card. To use magic, you need to Draw it. Drawing magic is really easy. Junction a character with Draw and use Draw on an enemy. The character can now attempt to take magic, like Fire or Esuna. Magic is divided into copies and you don't have MP. You can use magic in your stock, but if you use Fire three times and you have three Fire spells stocked, you cannot use Fire until you Draw more. You can also obtain magic by using Draw Points in the field and refining an item such as a Flare Stone to get copies of magic. So Draw is sorta like having a party of Blue Mages, as you can also just Draw the magic from an enemy and use it on them.

You can use magic to increase your stats in another example of junctioning. If you have stocked magic of say Thunder, you can junction it to a character's stats. So we junction Thunder to the Speed stat of 16, and we have 70 Thunders in stock, then it may rise to 27 or so. So a level 14 character can have 9999 HP insted of 567. Its awesome.

Now for GFs. There are a total of 20 GFs, 16 of which can be junctioned to party members. When junctioned, that character can use every ability that GF has learnt. You may junction as many GFs per party member as you wish. GFs are also like Espers of FFVI. They can be summoned. Say we junction Shiva and Ifrit to a character. Then we junction GF to their battle menu. Now that character can summon either GF to attack every enemy. While they are being summoned, GFs shield the summoner with their materialising body. So if the GF loses all their HP, they fall like a character does, only the GF cannot be healed until the battle is over. Now into the game.

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