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Hello, people! Welcome to my Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough! I'm SetzerLeonhart and though I'm kind of new on the wiki I have played Final Fantasy for a while and decided to do a walkthrough of one of my favorite games in the series.. The motivation for this is so the wiki has a walkthrough of VIII done by a fan of the game. And since I decided to go through VIII again, there you go. If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes, feel free to correct them. However, all other edits must run by me first.

I have a set party for this game (as I do with most games), but you can use whoever you like. All characters can be used effectively.


The X button is confirm, the O button opens up the menu and in battle lets you switch to what character you want to act if more than one has the ATB bar full. Triangle is cancel and Square can be used to challenge NPCs in Triple Triad and minigames. The controls for minigames will be explained in the walkthrough. If you press L2 and R2, you can escape from battle. Start will pause the game.. I think that's it for this section, anything I might have missed will be explained fully in the walkthrough.


Read the game tutorials on the junction system, GFs and the like. They are very helpful. I won't explain them in detail in the walkthrough, though I will cover the basics. I will advise in the walkthrough setups that will make your characters very powerful. However, you can do challenge runs like a no Junction run if you like. One of the things I like about the system in VIII is that it gives you (almost) complete freedom on how your characters turn out, so you can have them suit your play style and be as weak or strong as you like.

Oh, the monsters on this game level up as your party does. So because of this variation, I won't give an exact level for the monsters or their HP. I will tell you their range though.


  1. Remember to always have items like Phoenix Downs and Tents, as I won't keep reminding you to buy those.
  2. If you want to keep your SeeD rank high, don't take too many steps without fighting, especially after you get paid, otherwise there is a chance of your SeeD rank decreasing.
  3. Teaching the GFs refinement abilities early will help you get good magic for junctioning quickly.


  1. The Beginning
  2. Field Exam and Dollet
  3. Graduation, Secret Area and Diablos
  4. Laguna, Timber and Train Mission
  5. Timber, TV Station and Laguna antics
  6. Galbadia Garden, Deling City and Tomb of the Unknown King
  7. Assassination Attempt
  8. Winhill, D-District Prison and Missile Base
  9. Balamb Garden, NORG and Fisherman's Horizon
  10. Balamb, Centra Ruins, CC Group
  11. Trabia, War of the Gardens, Galbadia Garden
  12. Edea's House, Laguna Loire Movie Star, White SeeD
  13. Great Salt Lake, Laguna, Esthar
  14. Lunar Gate, Enter Lunatic Pandora, Lunar Cry
  15. Ragnarok, Esthar, Jumbo Cactuar
  16. Shumi Village, Leveling Up, Weapon Upgrades
  17. Blue Magic, Deep Sea Research Center, Obel Lake
  18. Dollet Pub and Bone Quest, Meet PuPu, The Vase Quest
  19. Chocobo Forests, SeeD Written Exams, Leftovers
  20. Lunatic Pandora, Ultimecia's World, Getting the Ragnarok
  21. Ultimecia's Castle
  22. Omega Weapon and Final Battle