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Welcome to Paramina's Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough! As a heads up, expect spoilers, as I am incapable of writing spoiler-free guides.


Hey there! Welcome to the FFVIII walkthrough, the very first walkthrough for this wiki by yours truly, Paramina. I noticed there were quite a few walkthroughs listed for VIII, albeit the majority are In Progress, which is why I thought I'd start my own - yep, with that elusive Complete glowing green sticker of success. If you don't like this walkthrough (ouch), I recommend you check out Drake's walkthrough or Super Sephiroth's.

Now you may be wondering why I chose FFVIII as my first wiki walkthrough when it is arguably the worst/least popular in the series. Admittedly, I am no huge fan of FFVIII myself, but I like a challenge: and what's a challenge if it's not writing a guide for a somewhat sub-par title? Besides, bashing has its fun. Having to replay so I can write this is pretty rough, but at least the soundtrack makes it vaguely do-able.

But hey, let's grit our teeth and get through this together...

"Let me hit you with some knowledge..."[]

  • My preferred party is Squall, Quistis, and until Irvine comes along, Rinoa (and only until Irvine arrives). if you're okay with looking at Zell's horrifying skinny legs or using Rinoa then go ahead, but know that you should use Selphie only as a last, last, extremely definite, point-of-no-return last resort.
  • Please only edit grammatical issues or similar, if you have a strategy I haven't used or I've apparently missed something out you think will be useful, then please put it in the Discussion relating to that page. Feel free to leave any comment there, really.
  • Expect bashing. I've got to get some sort of fun out of this service.
  • Generally I Junction up my main three with all GFs and magic, and only when I'm forced to use the other three, I use a complete Junction Exchange between the parties. It's up to you if you want to distribute your stuff out differently, just keep in mind that's the system I'll be using whilst writing this.

"Let's get this show on the road..."[]

Junction System[]

A slight shock to the system from the relatively normal and comprehendable battle systems of FFs-past, Square decided to throw all caution to the wind and whip out a new system, the Junction System, for FFVIII. It's a lot more complicated than it need be and I won't even attempt to try and explain it fully here for lack of patience, so the basics you need to know are as follows:

  • There is no longer an MP count. Instead, you have a number of each spell (a maximum of 100), and using the spell depletes your stock.
  • Without a Guardian Force (GF), you can only attack. Therefore, you must junction a GF to your character if you want to cast magic, draw, or use any other ability. GF's can also be summoned, but only if junctioned.
  • You don't buy spells anymore, you acquire spells through the Draw command. You can draw from enemies and also from draw points. Drawing spells adds spells to your stock.
  • You can also junction magic onto certain stats (only if you have a GF equipped), which increases them. For example, if you have a Strength stat of 16, then Junction 100 Waters onto it, this Strength stat would be raised to 27 (or similar). This is your main source of stat growth, and it allows you to totally overpower your characters (level 14 with 9999 HP?), so utilise it well.

Any other queries I advise you check out the Junction wiki page, which has a pretty comprehensive explanation of the system.

Playable Characters[]


Temporary Playable Characters[]

A million times more tolerable than the main cast, I'll tell you that for free...


"Ok, playtime's over for you jackasses..."[]

Disc 1[]

Disc 2[]

Disc 3[]

Disc 4[]


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