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Welcome to Hamfruitcake's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough. It's always been a solid favourite of many due to it's engaging story, colourful characters, spectacular music and some silver haired guy with a big ass sword that is a physical impossibility for anyone to weild in reality. For these reasons and many others I have undertaken the responsibility of providing this wiki with another walkthrough to add to it's repertoire and my own. Enjoy.


I am a fan of this game for many reasons. Mainly as Cloud has a huge weapon. Everything clicked here for Final Fantasy, the battles, the characters, the music, the atmosphere; fair to say the graphics let it down, but it was a turning point in the history of the series. It's always harked as one of the best games ever made, let alone the series. I know many will argue Ocarina of Time deserves this title but we are on a Final Fantasy Wiki so as far as anyone here is concerned Final Fantasy VII is perfect. And thus forth that is my opinion. If you must play one game in the Final Fantasy series then you should probably play this because it's definitely the best for storyline and overall experience. It could stand alone completely separate from the series as a game in it's own universe as it breaks all ties with the series apart from those fine threads that Square have woven through. Somewhere deep down it's not a final fantasy, it is a separate entity but it's truly magnificent. But it's not my favourite Final Fantasy...


I'm not going to write a whole page for this because it's pretty simple to follow. The one thing you will need to get your fingers to understand is that in this game Circle-button.png is confirm, select, yes, and X-button.png is cancel, deselect, (hold to) run, and not on your life. With that over with I'd give your thumbs a serious work out. I was playing this and FFIX for my previous walkthrough in tandem and my god did my thumbs get confused with all my changing over. Have no fear though, Triangle-button.png is still your menu button and Square-button.png unless you're told to push it does nothing. Oh apart from hide your action menu in battle which can be handy if you're watching a Summon sequence and can't select anything. Works as an out of sight, out of mind mechanism for me. The rest of the buttons make sense, your shoulder buttons adjust your camera on the world map. Start is pause, of course.

Your main port of call for battles in this game will be your Materia. All equipment will come with materia slots for you to put them in, and as you engage in random battles you will recieve both EXP and AP. EXP will boost your levels and AP will go towards your Materia growth. Materia have their own set amount of levels and with the levels comes something special. In an overly simplified manner here is one of my favourite things to do in my spare time, a table:

Materia Ability Levels
Magic Standard Magics, black, white, green, time, all that jazz. More powerful spells, in some cases magic materia needs a level before you can use it.
Summon Powerful beasties come to your aid. Levels amount to how many times you can use in each battle.
Command Different commands to use instead, Mug, Deathblow, Throw etc fall in this one. Just strengthen the command, Steal = Mug etc.
Support Can be linked to other materia to enhance effects Similar to summons, increases their power and how often they can be used.
Independent Stat increasing and generally boosting effect when equipped. Not a lot just increases percentage of Plus materia and Cover.

The levels are signified by stars in your menu and once you have filled in the amount of stars for the materia you will master it. Then (for God only knows what reason) the master materia will give birth to a baby materia which is right back where we started. Master Materia will gain no more EXP but are useful for providing you with all it's abilities. Weapons and armour with their slots provide the materia with different levels of growth, most give you a normal level of growth which means whatever number of AP appears on your battle victory screen is what goes towards the materia. Some give Nothing, usually your ultimate weaponry, in exchange for extra power for your characters and then there are some which can provide you Double and even Triple growth. Look out for them when levelling up your materia as they can be invaluable.

One important thing to look out for would be a specific yellow materia, Enemy Skill. This is the source of all Blue Magic in the game and will inevitably provide you with some of the games most useful spells so look out for that. To gain the spells for enemies it must cast on the person equipped with it and your party must survive the battle to keep the ability; doesn't matter if the character dies just as long as you don't get a game over. Overall throughout the game there will be four to find but unless you're gunning for a perfect game 2 or 3 should suffice for your needs.

That is essentially all I have to say about Materia for now.

Another part to note about the battle system would be your team's order. There are two rows for your characters to stand, the front or back. Standing an attacker at the front would mean their attacks are stronger but they are also harmed by the enemy more. In essence putting your character in the back row would half the damage they would inflict with physical attacks and also half the damage they recieve. For mages this is an ideal place to keep them as magic is not effected by distance and they would not be hurt as much, the same applies for characters using Long Range weaponry. To change this go to menu and select Order, double click on your characters to change their position. Just something to take into account when organising your team.


  • For the Date Scene in the later part of Disc 1, my preference of partner will be Tifa, I will be plugging this throughout the walkthrough but will provide help for the other potential lovers.
  • Steal what I tell you to steal. This differs from FFIX as you can actually get a lot of good equipment from quite random monsters. Also for the more valuable equipment steal multiples to sell later for good money.
  • Doesn't matter where you are, the later places have the better equipment and potions, so the last places you visit will be the best to stock up on Hi-Potions and Ethers etc. Plus it goes without saying always have a good stock of Tents if you can.
  • Level Up. Fight plenty of battles, and ensure your characters are at a decent stage and your materia is suitably levelled through the game. I'm not going to repeat myself over and over again saying 'now would be a good time to level grind', if it's a long stretch to walk then don't flee from battles, go out of your way to kill anything you can. I may sometimes recommend a certain level to be, if you're not, don't say I didn't warn you.
  • Characters not to use would probably be Cait Sith and Aeris. Otherwise the rest seem quite interchangeable power-wise. My chosen team is Cloud, Tifa, Barret, because I'm imaginative but I wouldn't argue if you had to have Cid in your team (seriously, he's a great bench warmer) or even Vincent.
  • Anything that has a slight gleam to it is treasure. Grab it!


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