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Welcome to Part 16 of Drake Clawfang's walkthrough for Final Fantasy VII.

Deep Impact[]

Welcome the Whirlwind Maze, kiddies, on the outskirts of the Northern Crater. Head left to the next area, watching a guy in a black cloak die along the way. At this time, if she's not with you already, you'll be forced to bring Tifa along with you. Head left and jump down, go left and grab the Neo Bahamut Materia, then use the save. Go left to the next area, getting a scene of Rufus along the way - that wimp Hojo is with him, grrr....go to the next area, and talk to the two guys in cloaks for a few minor items.

Jenova DEATH
HP MP Dangerous Attack
25000 800 Silence
Steal Morph Drops
None Can't Morph Reflect Ring
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None None 1/5

To advance you must walk forward when the wind is low, otherwise you're pushed back and have to fight an enemy. It's not that hard. In the next area watch about a dozen black-cloaked guys (no, not Organization XIII) get killed off. Open the chest for the Kaiser Knuckle - it has 8 Materia slots but has low power, so stick with the Dragon Claw Tifa should have. Go up to another windy area - this time you must avoid the wavy strips of wind that rush past as well. Go up and watch as Sephiroth kills his own guys, then attacks you. But of course, by now you know it's not the real Sephiroth, right?

Jenova DEATH is a cakewalk. She can Silence you, but all her attacks are Fire elemental - equip a Fire Ring and you're invincible. Wail on her with your best attacks, and be sure to try out that new Neo Bahamut you picked up. Even without the Fire Ring, Jenova can only hit for 700 a pop, and even if she triple turns you she still shouldn't be able to kill you. Group cast Regen and you'll be set for healing.

Once you win, you get back the Black Materia - give it to someone to hold, then talk to Tifa to move on. Take the MP Turbo Materia and save nearby. Head up, grab the Poison Ring, and enter the next area for another wind barrier, this time with lightning. It's still not too hard to slip past. Head north to the next screen, and a scene.

Deja Vu?[]

Huh? You're back in Nibelheim? The party knows Sephiroth has just projected an illusion. Speak of the devil, and he appears along with two Shinra guards and...some brunette guy you've never seen before. Hey, Tifa knows something is up, but Cloud's not buying it. Sephiroth laughs and vanishes. Talk to Tifa to progress in the scene. It's the night of the razing of the town again. And that's not Cloud that runs out from the mansion, it's the brunette guy again. Tifa's getting antsy again as the man helps Zangan save the people. Finally, Sephiroth appears again.

Cloud claims to remember that night clearly, but Sephiroth just calls him an emotionless puppet, then gives one of his iconic quotes. Talk to him to move the scene ahead again. Sephiroth claims Professor Hojo made Cloud, piece by piece, after the town was destroyed. Someone was reading Mary Shelley while they were in that basement. Cloud, so he claims, is just a clump of Jenova cells. Talk to Tifa, and Cloud finally notices how skittish she's being. Tifa tells Cloud to remember their childhood, and Sephiroth laughs and babbles some more. Talk to her again; Cloud knows his memories are screwed up, but he still knows who he is. Sephiroth appears again, with the coup de grace; the picture of the three of them they took five years ago. And surprise surprise, that's not Cloud. Now Cloud starts to spaz out again and his memories go weird. He can't remember ever joining SOLDIER for some reason.

Now we're with Rufus again. The crater stronghold is chock full of Mako and Materia. Then Hojo comes in, and a giant eye opens behind the ice - it's the WEAPONs. Back with your party, the person you gave the Black Materia too is isolated from them somehow, and Tifa sends him off to help Cloud. Except, it's not Tifa, it's Sephiroth shapeshifted to look like her. And the party didn't really vanish, of course. The Shinra are considering clearing out now, when suddenly, Cloud, Tifa and the third party member appear around them. Now Cloud tells them to leave, but Rufus doesn't listen. The party member with the Black Materia runs in, and Cloud takes him. He then apologizes to everyone, and...

Oh shit. Cloud rises into the air to a strange root-like thing over the crater. Hojo does some plot dumping on the Jenova Reunion and how Sephiroth called all those with her cells to him, including Mr. Failed Experiment, Cloud. And then, Sephiroth appears once more. And it's the real Sephiroth this time - perfectly preserved in crystalized Mako. Rufus, surprisingly, agrees to take the gang to safety as the crater shakes. And then, Cloud willingly hands the Black Materia over to Sephiroth, and the crater collapses. As the Shinra airship flies off, the WEAPONs wake up and fly off to the corners of the world.

Oh. Joy.

POW Camp[]

Now we have a small scene where Tifa dreams about Cloud. She finds him in Midgar, and there's a really bizarre conversation between them. She always knew something was off about him, but never came forward. Well way to go girl, a lot of good that did the guy. She wakes up with Barret in a room. Cloud is AWOL, but you've probably already figured that out. It's been a week, and Tifa's been sleeping for a while. In the meantime, the WEAPONs are rampaging, the Crater is protected by a barrier, and the icing on the cake - Barret opens the window to reveal Meteor streaming towards the Planet. By the way, you're in Junon, in case you can't figure it out from the FMV.

Talk to Barret, when Rufus comes in. He confirms it, Meteor is coming, we're screwed. And now he plans to kill you just to make the public feel better. As Barret, suit up with equipment and Materia, then follow Tifa and the guard into the next room. Save, then head downstairs and follow them into a room with Scarlet posing for the cameras. She's such the media darling, leading Tifa into the gas chamber, isn't she? Tifa is strapped down, and Scarlet slaps her around. Goddammit, come on, first Aeris, and now Tifa? Is there a rule that the hot chicks must be made to suffer?

WEAPON's Attack[]

Oh phew, execution delayed, there's an alert. The media flees, and a media person gasses Scarlet. Ha, it's Cait Sith! You always knew he was good for something. Now it's fight time. If you equipped Barret you'll have no trouble, if you didn't, no big deal, these guys aren't too tough. Afterwards go try and open the door to the gas chamber. It's not opening, crap. Rufus gives the command for Heidegger to launch the giant cannon, the Sister Ray. We get a short scene of the cannon moving into position, reminds me of the Autobot City in the original Transformers movie. If you saw the film, you know exactly what I mean, come on admit it.

Boom boom, the Sister Ray fires into the ocean, making an impressive splash. But Sapphire Weapon is still coming, and Shinra's normal artillery while the Sister Ray reloads does even less damage than it did. Back with Tifa, the room starts to fill with gas, and Barret tries to find a way to rescue her. Head up and talk to Cait Sith, then leave the room. Go right and down, and talk to the reporter - it's Yuffie and she joins you.

Run down to the next area, and approach the elevator. Along the way you may fight 2nd Class SOLDIERs. Their Sword of Doom can hit for 800, which can be trouble if these three haven't seen much action and are under-leveled. They drop X-Potions. They also liked picking on Yuffie for some reason, I can't imagine why. Approach the airship for a scene.

Now you're Tifa, trying to escape. Press X-button.png to grab the key, then X-button.png and Triangle-button.png to get the key into your mouth. Press Circle-button.png and Triangle-button.png to unlock your right arm, then Circle-button.png once more to escape. Inspect the control panel in the back to turn off the gas, then try the door for a scene. Sapphire Weapon fires a big laser at Junon, then gets a blast in the face from the Sister Ray that would make Dick Cheney proud.

Still as Tifa, climb all the way down the screen and run up along the length of the Sister Ray. Scarlet appears and slaps Tifa around. But this time, our lady monk isn't tied down, oh no. Now just press Circle-button.png to slap. Really, come on Tifa, you could kick her off the cannon with ease, really, slapping? It's cute and funny and all, but really. The guards show up, and someone tells Tifa to run to the edge of the cannon. Alright, Barret hi-jacked the Shinra Airship! Kiddies, at long last we have ourselves an airship! Say hello to the Highwind!

Head inside and approach the walkway. Head up the bridge to find out that the whole gang is here! Captain Loudmouth is, duh, the Captain of the airship. Talk to Red XIII to continue the scene. Tifa is still broken up over Cloud. Talk to Cid afterwards. If Cloud fell into the Lifestream, maybe he can be found where the Lifestream gushes out of the earth? Talk to the pilot near Cid, then go back downstairs and enter the operations room. Talk to the guy to form your party - Tifa must be in it at all times. Swipe whatever Materia you gave the guys you don't wanna use in Junon, and suit up your new party. Then its time to hit the skies!

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