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Welcome, kiddies! At long last, I, Drake Clawfang, have played Final Fantasy VII, and now the time has come for me to write a walkthrough for it in my ongoing attempt to usurp BH's role as main walkthrough writer (j/k).

So, before we start, let's go over the ground rules.


  • Flames will be used to toast marshmallows. I like VII, but I don't worship it like it was sent to Earth by God delivered by a choir of one-winged angels singing the admittedly cool music that bears that name. You don't like it, tough.
  • Use whichever party you like. I personally found the parties I use in this walkthrough to be quite strong and balanced, but if you want to swap Tifa for Cid or whatever, go right ahead.
  • Feel free to edit any section of the walkthrough to fix things like broken links, links to disambiguation pages, grammar, etc. However, any large-scale content edits will have to be cleared with me first. Otherwise I'll revert them. To suggest such changes, use my talk page or the talk page of the section.
  • I'm an Aeris fanboy and a Claris shipper. Again, you don't like it, tough.
  • I make jokes comparing Sephiroth to Sesshomaru. I despise Sephiroth and will take every chance I can to bash him into the ground. Ditto previous comeback.


X-button.png is Cancel, Circle-button.png is Confirm. X-button.png also lets you run. Press Triangle-button.png to call up the menu out of battle. Square-button.png is mostly useless, save for minigames. Select lets you examine information during battle, like enemy names and attack data, etc. Start pauses during battles. Press R1 and L1 to escape from battle, but it sometimes doesn't work. There's also several vehicles in the game - their controls are explained when you get them.

Basic Gameplay Advice[]

Characters can equip a weapon, an armor piece and an accessory. Weapons determine attack power, armor determines how much damage you take and how likely it is you'll evade damage altogether. Accessories do a variety of things - raise stats, grant immunity to status ailments, etc. Some weapon and armor pieces have special effects, which are noted in-game. Materia is also explained in this guide. Each character has a Limit Break bar that fills as they take damage - when the bar fills, they can unleash super-attacks. Stronger Limits are learned by killing enemies and using the Limits the character already knows many times.

And thems the basics, anything else is basic Final Fantasy stuff. If you're new to the series, relax, you'll pick up on the stuff quickly enough - shopping, random battles, bosses, whatever. Through a combination of my help and common sense, you'll be fine. The template at the bottom of this page also has many helpful links for you should you need help, including item lists and pages for every enemy in the game.

Boss Template[]

I use a Boss Template for my walkthroughs. The template gives the boss' HP, MP, and which of its attacks are dangerous. Steal is the item the boss has to steal, Morph is what item the boss turns into (though for many bosses this is impossible), and Drop is what the boss drops at the end of the fight. Weakness is what the boss is weak to, and resistance is what is a bad idea to attack it with. I also rate bosses on a scale of 1 to 5 for difficulty;

Rating What it means
1/5 If you lose, you're a disgrace to the RPG genre
2/5 You shouldn't have too much trouble if you're careful
3/5 This boss poses a bit of a threat, but you should win
4/5 You'll probably die at least once fighting this boss
5/5 Kick your heels behind your head and kiss your ass goodbye


  • Always have a character equipped with the most Materia their current set-up allows. The only thing empty Materia slots are good for is proving that you're an idiot.
  • Keep your item stock high. Ethers, Hi-Potions, Tents, and Phoenix Downs.
  • When I say level up, do it. If I'm fighting a boss at Level 19 because I took the time to level up and you're stuck at level 14, what worked for me will not work for you.
  • Check the containers you see for items.
  • Always check the materia, weapon and armor shops in a new area, you never know what's for sale.

Also, BlueHighwind has his own walkthrough. Feel free to read it if my own is inadequate for your needs.

Alright, let's move ahead.


  1. First Reactor and Slums
  2. Second Reactor and Aeris' Church
  3. Don Corneo and Wall Market
  4. Train Graveyard and Sector 7's Destruction
  5. Infiltrating the Shin-Ra Building
  6. Escaping from Shin-Ra and Kalm
  7. Midgar Zolom and Junon
  8. The oil tanker and Costa Del Sol
  9. North Corel and the Gold Saucer
  10. Sidequests, Gongaga and Cosmo Canyon
  11. Cosmo Canyon continued and Nibelheim
  12. Rocket Town, Sidequests and Wutai
  13. Wutai Pagoda and Temple of the Ancients
  14. Sleeping Forest and the Forgotten City
  15. Icicle Inn and Gaea's Cliff
  16. The Northern Crater and Junon revisited
  17. Huge Materia and Cloud's Head Quest
  18. Underwater Reactor and Related Sidequests
  19. Rocket Town and Diamond Weapon
  20. Midgar Revisited
  21. Ancient Forest, Ultimate Weapon and Gold Saucer
  22. Descend Heartless Angel - Enter Safer Sephiroth
  23. Extra 1 - Chocobo Breeding
  24. Extra 2 - Ruby and Emerald Weapons
  25. Joke Page - Compilation Commentary