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Final Fantasy VII, in my opinion, was an overrated game. Nowadays, graphics-wise, nobody would play a game with crappy pixelated polygons. It was a great game when I played it, but isn't that enough? Instead, huge fanbases grew on this specific game, and Square-Enix had to fan the flames of fangirl/fanboy-ism by releasing sequels and prequels of this game, heck, even a movie! Hello everyone, I'm Chocolancer, and I'm here to host you a real gem of a walkthrough for an obscure Chinese pirate remake of an overrated game, sold under Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, called 最终幻想7.



  • 南晶科技 (Shenzhen Nanjing Technologies)= "Nan Jing Ke Ji"
  • 最终幻想7 (Final Fantasy VII)= "Zui Zhong Huan Xiang Chi" (say it with me =D)


  • 克劳德 (Cloud)= "Ke Lao De"
  • 巴雷特 (Barret)= "Ba Lei Te"
  • 蒂花 (Tifa)= "Di Hua"
  • 艾丽丝 (Aeris)= "Ai Li Si"
  • 赤红十三 (Red XIII)= "Chi Hong Shi San"
  • 凯西 (Cait Sith)= "Kai Xi"
  • 希德 (Cid)= "Xi De"


  • 哨兵 (Soldier)= "Shao Bing"
  • 守卫铁蝎 (Scorpion)= "Shou Wei Tie Xie"
  • 气电士兵 (Air Buster)= "Qi Dian Shi Bing"
  • 雷龙 (Reno)= "Lei Long"
  • 仆人 (Flunky)= "Pu Ren"
  • 索特 (Scotch)= "Jiong Te"
  • 科奇 (Kotch)= "Ke Qi"
  • 苹果号 (Aps)= ""Ping Guo Hao"
  • 死神号 (Death/Specimen)= "Si Shen Hao"
  • 四角电神 (Behemoth)= "Si Jiao Dian Shen"
  • 鲁费斯 (Rufus)= "Lu Fei Si"
  • 夜豹 (Dark Nation)= "Ye Bao"
  • 刚球 (Ahriman/Motor Ball)= "Gang Qiu"
  • 大海怪 (Bottomswell)= "Da Hai Guai"
  • 杰诺娃 (Jenova)= "Jei Nuo Wa"
  • 戴恩 (Dyne)= "Dai En"
  • 鲁德 (Rude)= "Lu De"
  • 亡灵之王 (SoulKing/GiNattak)="Mang Ling Zhi Wang"
  • 亡灵 (Skeleton/Gi)= "Mang Ling"
  • 布莱尔 (Scarlet/Palmer)= "Bu Cai Er"
  • 红龙 (RedDragon)= "Hong Long"
  • 时光魔神 (Scylla/DemonGate)= "Shi Guang Mo Shen"
  • 影子 (Shadow)= "Ying Zi"
  • 萨菲罗斯 (Sephiroth)= "Sa Fei Luo Si"
  • 单翼天使 (1WingedAngel)= "Dan Yi Tian Shi"

What is this?![]

Created by the anonymous programmers of Shenzhen Nanjing Technology Co. Ltd. (they have a site, but it's fraudulently 'legitimate', and written in Chinese), the tone-down remake was revolutionary to be fit into a 3 megabyte cartridge. Of course most of the elements of the game are ripped off of Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III, but the whole thing is a novelty unto itself. It being crammed into a 3 meg cart, with huge blocks of Chinese text and other space-hogging elements, many areas of the game have been omitted (which is a relief, because we don't want to have to go into that...). The game's worth a try, though the difficulty is atrocious...

Differences from the Original[]

There are a LOT of differences in this game compared to the original. Here's a list:

  • A Famicom/NES game...(duh)
  • A word-for-word Chinese version
  • Choices in the game (such as yes or no) are removed, so you're often picking the right choice, or both...
  • Special elements from the game (such as a timer) are removed
  • Graphics ripped off from Final Fantasy II and III
  • Music are ripped off from the same games and modified, but at a much slower tempo
  • Yuffie and Vincent are omitted from the game...
  • Because they aren't there, Wutai is gone and so is Mt. Nibel
  • Any bonus dungeons such as the Ancient Forest puzzle or Materia caves are omitted as well
  • No minigames either
  • The WEAPONS don't exist at all
  • Each character can only equip one piece of Materia, but can be switched in the middle of battle
  • Materia hold numerous numbers of spells with a set number of castings (MAX 20 for Chinese, 25 for Patched)
  • Instead of bangles, there are four pieces of armour (Helmet, Armor, Bangle, Accessory)
  • Armour only increases stats (there are six of them). There's no added defense number
  • Speaking of armour, each character can only equip certain makes of armour (Plate, Mail, Leather, Cloth)
  • Damage numbers and leveling-up stats are minute, so you're often "underleveled"
  • All the enemies or bosses don't seem to have a specific attack priority, so their attacks are often random.

How to Play[]

The controls are simple as NES controllers only have 2 buttons and a start & select button:


  • Directional Buttons= move around; while in the menu, to see other characters' stats, magic, and equipment, use either synonymous directional buttons.
  • A Button= confirm
  • B Button= cancel
  • START Button= opens menu
  • SELECT Button= ----


  • Directional Buttons= move cursor up and down the menu; select target
  • A Button= Confirm action, open spell/item list
  • B Button= Cancel previous action, close spell/item list
  • START Button= ----
  • SELECT Button= ----


The battle system is similar to Final Fantasy II and III, it is generally turn-based. Red numbers are damage numbers and white numbers are restoring numbers. Enemy names are on the bottom right while the party names and HP are on the bottom left. Materia can be used over and over again for a set number of castings (see differences above) and gain levels the more they are used, when the bar of a specific spell reaches MAX, it can be brought to a magic shop to be "enchanced" (gain a level). The same goes with weapons, but you have to buy the armour pieces. The battle commands are pretty simple: Fight, Magic, Item, and Run. When a character gets killed/K.O.'ed, use a Phoenix on them. You can also switch Materia in battle. Just simply select it in the item menu and you'll swap it on that turn.


For menu, you can access the stats, magics, and equipment of each of your three characters. You can also choose to switch characters and save anytime. Stats are divided into five categories (Strength, Vitality, Intelligence, Spirit, and Agility). You can equip weapons, one Materia, and armour pieces in the Equip menu, and you can see Materia magic in the Magic menu. To see each character's stats, magics, or equipment, simply press the up or down/ left or right buttons.


Status effects? Hell, there are none here! Consider yourself lucky...


Check your emulator's input settings to check which buttons are which, different emulators have different input styles. I highly recommend Nestopia or NesterJ, as the ROM uses a unique mapper (#163) to support 16x16 Chinese fonts. If you don't like the slowness of this game, use the "Fast Forward/Alternative Speed" button (find it!) to speed up your progress, it really works for me. Having a Fast Forward emulation command helps a LOT in this game if you're extremely impatient...

How to Beat the Game[]

  • Use this patch (Courtesy of Lindblum from! It not only translates the game, but makes it easier! And, no, I'm not going to give out any ROMs for this game. This whole walkthrough mainly revolves around this particular patch.
  • Also, this supplementary patch is fixed so that you can run by holding the B button. It also quickens the battle animation, but you're better off using your particular emulator's speed preferences for that. Note that this one doesn't translate the game, but merely alters the script for movements and such.
  • Use Magic often! Physical attacks are terrible, but Magics are your primary attack source...
  • A high Vit and Int stat allows your HP to increase more in each level-up as well as have higher-levelled Materia. Higher-levelled Materia leads to more powerful spells. You'll be using them extremely often compared to physical attacks.
  • Be patient, boss battles take at least five minutes or so to finish. the final battle takes much longer.
  • Unless you don't have the patch, while buying armour, the top option is usually the most stat-giving one so go get that one...
  • If the music (or lack selections thereof) grates on your ears, turn it down...that usually helps concentration and increases patience. Either that or substitute it with whatever music of your choice (I wouldn't recommend metal, it doesn't mix well with this game.)


Speaking of music, there's quite a few of them so I'll list them out because those'll be the only one's you'll hear in the with it. All of the music is a slower, tinnier, grating rendition of the original, which I suppose makes it more....original?

  • Prelude from I can't tell where...
  • The Promised Land from Final Fantasy II
  • Rebel Army Theme from Final Fantasy II
  • Elia, Maiden of Water from Final Fantasy III
  • Town Theme from Final Fantasy II
  • Battle Theme from Final Fantasy II
  • Boss Battle Theme from Final Fantasy III


  • 10/29/10: Finished Bonus 2
  • 7/14/09: Finished Bonus 1
  • 5/23/09: Part 4 Complete
  • 5/23/09: Part 9 Complete, ending in the lucky Chinese number 9
  • 5/19/09: Part 8 Complete
  • 5/18/09: Part 7 Complete
  • 5/17/09: Part 6 Complete
  • 5/15/09: Part 5 Complete
  • 5/12/09: Part 3 Complete
  • 5/03/09: Part 2 Complete
  • 5/02/09: Part 1 Complete