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Welcome, Space Monkeys, to the greatest Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough ever written. My true name is unimportant, but for those on this website its BlueHighwind. I am on a mission from God, here to create a walkthrough for the greatest game in the entire Final Fantasy series. I have been playing this game since it came out back in 1997, when I was just the tender age of six. It is the very first game I ever beat, and I must have played through it some million or so times. I can thank this game for largely teaching me how to read, and it remains the only game to ever make me cry. And no matter what you may think or believe in your heart of hearts, FFVII will always be the tops. Seriously, just think about it for a second. What game do you think of when you hear the word "JRPG"? What is the single most popular, iconic, and influential game in this series? FFVII isn't a RPG, it's the RPG. This is the landmark title - the standard by which all others, before and after, are judged. If you must play only a single game in this series, FFVII is the one you simply must pick.

This is a Walkthrough only for the original American version of FFVII on the PlayStation 1. If you're using the Computer version, you may find things a little different. Can't help you. If you're a lucky time traveler from the future who has the certainly inevitable FFVII remake on the PS3, PS4, or whenever it happens, then you'll find that this is a waste of your time. Just know that I hate you. Lucky bastard.

Once upon a time, back in August 2007, this was the very first Walkthrough I ever wrote. However, the results were terrible. The spelling and grammar was so bad that some sentences were incoherent. Clearly no editing or revisions had been done. Hey, my walkthroughs still aren't exactly "perfect" when it comes to the basics, but this was too much even for my low standards. Not to mention that the coding was amateurish, and when I didn't feel like writing the boring stuff (dungeons, treasure locations) I just copied from Gamefaqs. Also far too many gay jokes. I could do better than that, and I did! The rewrite is so much better in every way that the old version can only be found in Page Histories. And don't bother searching for them.

As with all my Walkthroughs, there's plenty of cursing, random comments, sexist jokes, and non-sequitur intros. This is how walkthroughs with my name on them work. If you don't care for nonsense, go over to somebody else's thing. Drake has his own Walkthrough.

How to Play Final Fantasy VII[]

I use these same jokes every Walkthrough, but it was done here first:

Before you even think of playing Final Fantasy VII, there are some minor physical limitations. First of all you need at least one working human hand, the ability to take visible Electromagnetic Radiation through organs called 'eyes' in a process called 'seeing', and a central nervous system to take in this information and interpret it in a meaningful way. Hearing is optional, but the game is much better if you can actually listen to the brilliant score. Plus, you're going to have to know how to read (if you can't read, then how the hell are you even understanding this?).

Now for the technological limitations. You are going to need a power source, preferably electrical to drive the machinery you're going to need in order to play this game. First you're going to need a TV made sometime in the Nineties or later, hopefully it's in color. Second you're going to need one of the three models of the PlayStation Line. Finally you are going to need a copy of the three discs of the actual game, which can be procured in your local video game retailer's Bargain Bin. Or much more easily on eBay.

Insert the first disc (it's labeled DISC 1) into the disc tray. If you cannot perform this simple task than you either lack the physical ability to play this game (if that's the case then I feel for you man, life really dumped a lot of shit on your lap) or you are just a complete fucking retard, in which case you will get no sympathy from me. Seriously if you can't do even that, then you've shown a greater degree of stupidity, and incompetence than an Italian Tank Division charge. Congratulations!

Basic Controls[]

If you've ever played a Final Fantasy and have even the slightest amount of intelligence you can skip this section and the next. If you're a total idiot who cannot grasp even the simplest concepts, feel free to read to your heart's content.

First of all for those of you used to any American PlayStation, this game's controls can be a little confusing. Unlike every single other game made, this game makes the Circle-button.png the select button, and the X-button.png the cancel, exactly opposite of what you're probably used to. You cannot use either joystick, so you must use the arrow keys. The Triangle-button.png is the menu button, and the Square-button.png doesn't seem to have any function unless specifically mentioned in a mini-game.

Battle system[]

This game uses the Active Time battle system so you cannot just leave the game mid-battle because your enemies will still move even if you don't. Other than that this is more or less a traditional turn-based RPG - allies and enemies both have HP (health points) which if totally depleted will cause that character to die, enemies are dead forever, but your allies can easily be revived. They also have MP (magic points) which give your character the ability to use magic, when depleted that character can no longer cast spells. If you've played an earlier Final Fantasy on an Nintendo System, than you'll notice that in this game you have only three characters to control, other than the older four.

Materia is the most obvious variation between VII and the other games in the series. Materia are magical orbs that can be junctioned onto your character's equipment and than give that character its exclusive spells or abilities. For example a Fire Materia will give the junctioned character the "Fire" Spell. Materia can be leveled like any of your characters and a set amount of AP new the Materia will gain new abilities. Fire Materia will eventually gain "Fire 2" and "Fire 3". After Mastering any particular Materia, a new Materia will be born exactly the same as the old, just without any AP. Good news is that Materia can be easily switched between characters without loosing any of its boosted attributes. So thanks to the heavy freedom of this system you can have a party with the ability to attack twice, Steal, learn Enemy Skills, use offensive magic, heal, give positive status effects, and Summon all at the same time without anything being lost.

Characters also have bars next to their health bars called Limit Bars, which fill up once the character takes damage. If the bars are completely filled the character can perform a special attack known as a Limit Break. Most are ultra-strong attacks, but others can heal, give positive status effects, or other effects. New Limit Breaks can be learned via specific methods, exclusive to each Limit and character. Usually its just use the last Limit X times, then kill several dozen enemies. There are four levels of Limit Breaks, with two in each Level. You can only use the two that are in the current level. Each higher level has stronger attacks or effects. You can switch between any two levels that you currently have Limit Breaks in. Switching returns your character's Limit Bar to zero. The Fourth Limit Level requires an Item of some sort be found in a Sidequest.

Alright enough of the boring technical stuff.

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