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Ah, Final Fantasy VII. Loved by millions, hated because it's loved by millions, and the series' triumphant foray in the third dimension. It may be blockier than a LEGO model of itself, but underneath is an enduring classic that appeals to all types of gamers -- completionists, grinders, casuals, aesthetes; there's something for everyone. Especially if, like me, you're a combination of the above. I can't decide where I place VII in my favourites list; somewhere between VI and X, certainly. I did say I'd be covering this game after I walked through Final Fantasy IX, so here it is -- Apoqliphoth's walkthrough for Final Fantasy VII.


Unlike Final Fantasy IX, where there are largely-pointless endeavours (looking at you here, Tetra Master) that have no impact on the main game, VII has several worthwhile side-quests and attractions, and I will try to cover as much as possible. If, after publishing, I feel I've missed something I'll go back and add it. That's the Apoqliphoth way.

If you've read my other walkthroughs, you'll know that I'm a massive foodie. And a maths nerd. And British, so I spell stuff correctly put the letter 'u' into words like 'flavour', 'harbour' and 'colour'. I also say 'lift' instead of 'elevator' and 'herbs' instead of 'erbs' (because there's a fucking h in it). If you can deal with that we'll get along famously.

I like to quote obscure literature, music and art, so that's a thing.

I also say 'that's a thing' quite a lot.


  • Final Fantasy VII is fairly traditional JRPG -- you fight random encounters, gain EXP, level up and increase your stats. However, the game deviates from ultra-traditional RPG cliches with its ability-learning system, as well as the pseudo-modern industrial and environmental themes that are prevalent throughout.
  • The game starts with Circle-button.png and X-button.png reversed, so you may want to adjust that to avoid muscle memory issues...
  • While the game starts off exclusively in the city of Midgar, the entire world does eventually become open to you.
  • There's very little that's permanently missable, and I'll warn you about anything that is well in advance.

Materia System[]

  • Materia are differently-coloured orbs that can be equipped to a character through their weapon's Materia Slots. Once equipped, any effects of the Materia apply to that character. For example, equipping a Fire Materia to Cloud's sword will allow him to cast the Fire spell in battle.
  • There are five colours of Materia, each with a different function:
Colour Appearance Type Description
FFVII Magic Materia Icon.PNG
Magic Equip to learn spells. Also affects Strength and Magic parameters.
FFVII Summon Materia Icon.PNG
Summon Equip to be able to summon creatures in battle. The higher the level, the more times you can summon that creature per battle.
FFVII Command Materia Icon.PNG
Command Equip to gain a specific battle command, such as Steal or Enemy Skill.
FFVII Independent Materia Icon.PNG
Independent Some increase stat parameters, others bestow innate abilities like Counter.
FFVII Support Materia Icon.PNG
Support Link with other materia to obtain various effects.


Look at all these characters. And you can only use three at a time ;-;

Cloud-FFVIIArt.png Barret-FFVIIArt.png Tifa-FFVIIArt.png Aeris-FFVIIArt.png RedXIII-FFVIIArt.png CaitSith-FFVIIArt.png CidHighwind-FFVIIArt.png Yuffie-FFVIIArt.png Vincent-FFVIIArt.png

General Tips[]

  • Fight everything. Don't run; it's cowardly. Materia takes quite a long time to level up, and you'll need all the AP you can get. It's difficult to get too overpowered, so don't worry about that. You have to really go out of your way to make the game too easy, and what would be the point anyway?
  • When you do master a Materia, replace it immediately unless you absolutely insist on continuing using it. You'll need to level a wide variety of Materia to survive, and wasted slots won't help the matter. I'd stick with All-Restore, though. Just keep replacing it with the newborn All and Restore Materia to make a tidy profit.
  • Once you can buy Hypers, use them. Being in Fury status is awesome. While it reduces your physical attack accuracy to 70%, it doubles the rate at which your Limit Break gauge increases, making early-game grinding for stronger Limit Breaks much easier. Also, it's a nice added challenge xP
  • It's not really a tip, but some enemies in this game have hilarious names. Whether it's due to bad translation or the designers being high, it's brilliant in places.

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