This is part eight of my FFVI walkthrough. Enjoy.

One small step for you, one giant leap for difficulty[edit source]

Ok, get ready, because from this point on, the game’s difficulty increases dramatically. Enemies will use magic, even normal enemies are dangerous and deadly, and it’ll take more than Edgar’s Tools to carry the day. Here in Zozo, the Gobbledygooks can use Vanish and make themselves invincible to physical attacks, Harvesters can heal themselves with Hi-Potions, and the Hill Gigas may cast Magnitude 8 when it dies for over 200 damage to the party. And inside, Veil Dancers can use Fira, Blizzara and Thundara. Yeah, like the title says, from now on the game just got a lot harder. Fortunately, by the time you’re done in this town, you’ll be ready to meet the new challenge.

Being that this is the city of thieves, it must help to have a thief of your own with you, right? Locke can Steal Dragoonboots from the Harvesters. but they'll retaliate by Stealing gil from you. Fortunately, you get it back when you kill them. Dragoonboots are useful for Edgar and another character, and can also command a hefty price - at 9000 gil, they're the most expensive Relic sold at the shops. The Hill Gigas have Gigas Gloves, which do to attacks what Earrings do for magic, that is, a +25% boost. And Locke can also swipe more Thief Knives from the Veil Dancers. He Steals every turn here.

They may be thieves, but the citizens here know how to brawl. Be very careful.

Now, with that little horror story fresh in your mind, head left and up. See this guy with the blue turban? He says the town in dangerous. No shit, they just read the paragraph above. Enter the café nearby. Now, there’s a really cool item nearby, and there’s two ways to get it. See, everyone in town except for the guy out front lies. So you can talk to them one by one to deduce the time because they’ll all tell you what time it isn’t. Or, you can do the easy thing and read the next paragraph.

Go to the inn up north and enter the building. Set the clock to read 6:10:50, and go up the stairs to find the Chain Saw. This is stronger than the Drill, but it randomly does a Jason-Vorhees style instant kill. This means that against normal enemies it rocks, but against bosses if you get the instant kill, you just wasted a turn. Use either this or the Drill as you feel its needed. Now go out and go down to find a large building with the Relic shop symbol above the door. The guy at the counter inside says that there’s no girls around here, especially not at the top of this tower. Gee, should we search here?

The Great Tower[edit source]

Go up. It’s here that you can find the Zozo Strip Circuit! These guys are in line for lap dances, but you aren’t allowed to join in. Somehow this little detail got cut out of the NA versions, but my superior brain knows better! Anyway…after them, note the crane that you can use to go down, which you must use because that line of horny guys downstairs prevents you from walking.

Here, go up the stairs. In the small room here you’ll find a handy Relic that lets Locke turn Steal into Mug. The difference is that Mug damages, and with a Genji Glove, he can Mug, and by extension attempt to Steal, twice! From now on, Locke Mugs every turn. Now go back down to the doorway with no door. Go inside and walk left to jump across. Go up the stairs inside, check the pots for an Ether and a Hi-Potion, and go outside. Jump back across to the original building.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
3270 1005 Throw
Steal Morph Drops
Jeweled Ring/Thief's Bracer Can't Morph Thiefknife, Headband
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Poison None 2.5/5

Head up the long flights of stairs and go outside again. Up the stairs behind the door is a Burning Fist, currently the best weapon for Sabin. Near that is a nice man who doesn’t want you on the tower, and his name ain’t Olaf…

Meet Dadaluma. WTF is with these names? And come to think of it, he looks even more like Yang than Vargas does! Anyway, Mug, Stray Cat, Cure and Drill him. As a note, you can Imp him with Celes so he can only use physicals. When he gets weak he’ll use a bunch of Potions on himself, cast Protect on himself, and maybe call in two buddies in the form of Iron Fists. I think he also starts to Throw things now. I say “think” because I remember him doing that on the Super NES, but on the GBA all it took was another Cat Scratch to destroy him. Meh, if he’s that easy to finish off then does it really matter what he does?

With Dadaluma dead, go up the stairs and enter the door. Go left for some Hermes’ Sandals, right for a X-Potion. Now go take a piss, turn off your cellphone and grab a bucket of popcorn, then walk up and talk to Terra. It’s time for a movie.

Something so serious even I can’t crack jokes at it[edit source]

Despite his eagerness to suicide himself, Ramuh has a lot of important stuff to say, so listen up.

This guy is Ramuh, an Esper. Yes, a real, live Esper. See, here’s the whole lowdown on this War of the Magi you’ve been hearing whispers about the whole game. A thousand years ago, there was a great war between humans, Espers, and humans with Esper-extracted magic. When the war finally ended, the Esper created an alternate dimension and moved there to keep their powers from being abused.

Of course, you know that didn’t last. About two decades ago, the Empire found the portal to this other world and managed to capture a few Espers before the Espers beat them back and sealed the portal. And from the Espers captured, Magitek was born. Ever since then, the Empire has been draining Espers of their energy. Ramuh and three of his comrades were prisoners at the facility where the Espers were held. They managed to escape, but his three friends died in battle.

Okay, if you skipped the above, you don't know an awesome story when you hear it. So here’s where the storyline effects the gameplay. Now that they’re dead, those Espers have become Magicite. While magic can be forcibly extracted from live Espers, once drained of their energy they die, and when killed they become Magicite, which can teach magic to its holder naturally over time and at a much higher concentration. For now, all Terra needs is time to accept what she is. And to help her, you shall infiltrate the Empire and free the Espers they’ve captured in the hopes one of them can help. To assist you, Ramuh bestows upon you his own Magicite shard along with those of the three who fell with him.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled sarcasm[edit source]

Claim these new comrades and talk to the party members there to start a scene where everyone gathers to leave town. Hey, if Terra is so vital to the war effort, why are they leaving her behind in a city full of crooks and bandits? Hm...anyway, the plan is for Celes to lead the party to attack the Imperial capitol Vector, and Locke is still crushing on her so he goes too. You can take two buddies with you. Let’s see…well, Edgar is a given, and then it’s the classic Gau-Sabin toss-up (notice how I didn't even bother to mention Cyan Garamonde anymore. Hell, I didn't even care enough to link his name properly.). I prefer Sabin, seeing as how I just used Gau, plus there's a little scene if you take him along. So take Sabin and Edgar, leave town and save, then go right back in.

Time to finally learn magic! Here’s how it works. You now have Espers. Use Abilities to equip an Esper to a character – its one-one, one Esper to one character at a time. As you battle you’ll earn AP. Espers teach spells at a certain percentage, also called a learning rate. Let’s take Ramuh – he teaches Thunder at a rate of 10%. Each AP won in battle increases the character’s aptitude with that spell by that amount, so 2 AP gives that character 20% of the Thunder spell. When the % reaches 100, the spell is learned and the character can cast that spell. Also, press Up in the Magic screen to summon the Esper once per battle. As you can imagine now, some Espers teach spells more quickly than others, and of course, the best spells have a very low learning rate and take forever to teach. Oh, and some Espers, like Ramuh, give the character a stat boost when that character levels up.

Simple, right? Battle around in Zozo to learn some spells. Siren teaches four at a decent rate, so give her to Celes and distribute the other three to Locke, Sabin and Edgar. Be sure to note that Ramuh's Thundara is learned slowly, but is easily the best spell you have access to at this point. Remember to reequip Sabin with his gear, including the new claw you found for him. When all is ready, head back to Jidoor.

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