Part 7 of Drake’s FFVI Walkthrough. Is anyone reading these intros anymore?

Ready for War[edit source]

Watch the lengthy scene. Basically, Kefka is leading the Empire to Narshe, and you now have to defend the city. Fortunately, all your party members arrive in time to help. Watch the gang head up to the mountains and prepare for a mighty battle. Remember how Locke and the Moogles fought to save Terra a while back? Well, it’s the exact same thing, only on a much larger scale.

As Terra, equip your new equipment, then talk to your party members one by one to become them, suit them up, then save and talk to Banon. Here’s how it works, the Troopers will walk towards Banon, and your three parties must stop them and defeat Kefka at the bottom of the screen. But this time, you get to form the parties. So who goes where? Well, split your party into two teams of two and one team of three. Use the three-man team to fight their way to Kefka while the two-man team mops up whatever Troopers get past the first team. But how do we divide the fighters up? Here’s how.

First off, as of right now, Cyan is useless. He’s going to spend the rest of the game collecting dust in the game drive, but we have to include him somehow, it just ain’t gonna be on the away team. As for Terra, Celes is better because of her Runic, so Terra is staying behind. Gau and Sabin I see as inter-changeable. Sabin is controllable, but Gau is stronger with Stray Cat, both are good fighters, it's just that the stronger fighter is a Berserker. But both aren’t good enough when compared to the remaining three characters, so they both stay behind. Locke comes along for the dual-Guardians and Steal, Edgar’s Bio Blaster is a must-have for the hordes of Troopers, as is Celes’ Cure magic. So, make a party consisting of Edgar, Locke, and Celes. Then pair up Terra with either Gau or Sabin, and stick the other with Cyan.

The Battle for the Esper[edit source]

Wouldn't it be nice to meet an enemy or two that isn't wasted in two attacks?

Take your three-person team down into the maze, then station the two two-man teams at the top. Notice all the paths intersect at two points near the top. By placing your other parties there, not a single Trooper will get through, letting you concentrate on the three-man party. Now, with the Celes-Locke-Edgar team, it’s perfectly possible to wipe out the entire Imperial force with them alone. In fact, that should be your goal for all this, so expect Edgar to be put through his paces blasting out poison smoke every battle. The first wave of enemies is the Green Troopers, which are usually 4 Coporals, but sometimes they’re a pair of Corporals and a Hunting Hound. They're easy to beat with a blast from the Bio Blaster. Along the way have Locke Steal things while Celes Cures. After the Green Troopers come the Brown. These guys are always a pair of Corporals with either a Fidor or a Heavy Armor. Again, Bio Blast your way to victory, but watch out for the Heavy Armor, they like to use Magitek Barrier to give themselves Reflect and Protect when their buddies bite the dust. After the Browns, just pick off any remaining Troopers and head down.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
3000 3000 Blizzara
Steal Morph Drops
Ether/Elixir Can't Morph Peace Ring
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None None 2.5/5

At the bottom of the screen is a Hell's Rider patrolling before Kefka. It has a nasty Silver Pike attack, and can use R Polarity and Venomist: R Polarity switches a party member’s row, Venomist poisons the entire party. Use Edgar’s Tools and Celes’ Cure. Locke can Steal a Mythril Vest from the enemy, then use his double Guardians. Once the Hell's Rider goes down, use Celes' magic to remove the poison you may have. Hey, Antdot became Poisona somehow in the translation. Why? It removes Poison, it doesn't cast it! Oh well. Heal up, and now, it’s just you and Kefka.

Kefka is loaded for bear with a decent physical and lots of strong magic. The basic Blizzard, Thunder, Fire and Poison spells are bad enough, but Kefka uses Drain to heal himself, and also has a mighty Blizzara attack that can kill you easily. Fortunately, you have Celes. Runic his spells while Locke and Edgar attack. But if you don’t have Celes and took Terra, then just hope you can keep up the Cures before Kefka unleashes Blizzara one time too many (and if you aren't careful, one time will be too many). Once the clown croaks, the battle is won and the Empire retreats.

This thing seems to have a knack for causing trouble.

Now it’s time for another confrontation with the Esper Tritoch. It wakes up and does another number on Terra. Tossing your other party members aside, a wave of magic transforms Terra into an Esper, and she flies into the sky with a scream. Wow. Turn up the volume on your Game Boy to hear her scream, the first time I heard it years ago on the Super NES it actually made me shiver. But I was eight, so...anyway, moving on.

Now as Locke, watch the scene in Arvis’ house. Seems Terra went west, past the mountains near Figaro Castle. Form your party. I recommend Gau, Edgar, Locke and Celes, although if you want more story, take Sabin instead of Gau. Cyan, now and forever, stays behind. But form a quick two-person party of him and whomever isn’t coming, take their equipment, then form your party. For this guide, I’ll assume you chose Gau over Sabin.

Exploring The Countryside[edit source]

The next little bit of the game is just exploration of various towns. Explore Narshe by leaving Arvis’ house and heading south over the cliff. Inside the house here are several chests with 5000 gil, a Thief Knife, a Reflect Ring, a Thief's Bracer, a Hyper Wrist, and another Earring. That Thief Knife randomly lets Locke Steal in addition to his regular attack. Note the locked chest, we’ll come back here later to deal with that. Shop around, and buy a new Flail for Celes at the Weapon shop. That Moonring weapon for Locke doesn’t give the same stat boosts as the Thief Knife or the Guardian, but it does let him attack from the back row without losing any power. Take one if you want, that Guardian of his is getting pretty worn out by now. Also, be sure to pick up new Mythril Shields to replace your old Heavy Shields and Bucklers. Also, be sure to swap around Relics between the party. Hyper Wrists go to Gau and Edgar, Locke gets the Thief's Bracer, and Celes gets the two Earrings you have. Now leave and head back to Figaro Castle.

At Figaro, put Edgar at the head of your party and head to the shops. The merchants charge half-price for Edgar, so splurge and buy buy buy. In particular, be sure to buy the two new tools at the Tool shop: the Drill is a powerful single attack, while the Flash blinds all enemies. The Flash does magic-based damage while the Autocrossbow does physical, but both are good. Alternate their usage depending on who you're fighting. If Sabin is in your party, sleep at the Inn for a scene I’ll officially cover later. Now go the front room of the castle and take the left stairs. Talk to the man to burrow the castle and had west. When the castle emerges, leave and save. Head all the way north to the little house by the lake. Inside the pot here is a Hero’s Ring, which raises all damage by 1/4. Now head back to Figaro, or more specifically, the town near it.

If it's any comfort, what Locke needs is here. Unfortunately this place is more than half the game away.

Kohlingen is a little town with little to do. Go to the far left house for a scene, then the far right house for a related scene. See, Locke’s girlfriend Rachel lived here, but when she went off exploring with Locke, she fell into a gorge and lost her memory. Furious, her parents kicked Locke out of town. Locke left, but while he was gone the Empire attacked, and Rachel died. As she died, her memory returned, and her final word was Locke’s name. Because it was saving him from the fall that caused her accident, Locke considers everything that happened his fault. Now the crazy guy in the house on the hill has her body preserved while Locke tries to find a legendary treasure to revive her.

Awwwwwww…see, this is why Locke ranks #1 for storyline in my book. And yet, I was completely unsympathetic when Cyan's family was killed...then again, Locke is cool, while Cyan is Captain Dumbass.

Now, leave the house on the hill. Cross the bridge above it and check the back door for a Green Beret, although you probably don’t need it. There's an Elixer in the clock in Rachel's house too - as a blanket note, whenever you see a clock in a house, check it, odds are that they're hiding an Elixer. The weapon and armor shops don’t sell much, but Shadow awaits in the café. For 3000 gil, he’ll join you for a short time but will again be prone to leaving without warning. Don’t do it, the last thing you need in the next area is to lose a party member without knowing it. Leave down and begin the long trek south.

Here, the Bloodfang can poison you, the Vultures can slice your HP in half, and Iron Fists can Stone to damage and Confuse you. Use Edgar’s Tools in tandem with either Sabin’s Rising Phoenix or one of the Gau’s multi-hit Rages. Celes’ Cure will be given a workout. Down south is Jidoor. Jidoor sells pretty much the same things Kohlingen does, with the exception of powerful new armor, which you should buy. As a note, White Dress is quite the fitting name for Celes' new armor, isn't it? Judging from her sprite, a White Dress seems like a natural armor for Celes. In tandem with the Magus Hat, Celes' magic is now quite strong. Beyond that, just buy items if you need to, then leave. Move north into the mountains, and save, definitely save, before entering the City of Thieves, Zozo.

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