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Jump off a cliff? Sure, why not![edit source]

Awwwww, isn't this a nice town? Well, not for long.

Walk around, save and enter the cave. De-equip Shadow of his stuff, then head up. After a scene, Shadow will leave you and you’ll jump off the waterfall. Here, you’ll fight a bunch of Opinicus Fish. They’re easy to beat. After making tuna for a bit, you’ll fight a Rizopas, a nasty thing with an El Nino attack that will kill you in two hits unless you heal. Use your best attacks to kill it before that happens.

As you wash up on shore, you meet Gau, a wild child. You’ll recruit him, of course. Head down and right to find Mobliz. Here you can buy some new weapons and armor, but you don’t need to right yet. Instead, go to the item shop and buy some Dried Meat. Now, there’s a small sidequest here that rewards you with a Tintinabulum, which you'll need later. Go to the house on the hill to the left, talk to the injured soldier, then bring him the letter. Go to the large house at the top of the hill and talk to the man at the clock to send a letter for 500 gil. From now on, whenever you talk to a merchant, or stay at the Inn, he gets another letter. Read each of them to him, send a reply, then talk to a merchant. Once you send the fifth reply, he hands over the Relic. It'll come in handy later.

Ok, time to leave. Battle enemies until Gau shows up, and use the Dried Meat on him. After the annoying scene, Gau joins you.

Raging around with Gau[edit source]


Gau SD Art.png

Gau is a very strong character early in the game, but he gets near-useless at the end. Gau has all-around high stats, but he can't equip any weapons and equips light armor, helmets and shields, including the Snow Muffler, the best armor in the game. Gau can't attack, he can only use his ability Rage. Rage lets him select an enemy whose Rage he knows, and mimic that enemy. Under the effect of Rage, Gau gains any status effects that enemy normally has, and can perform a physical and one of that enemies’ attacks. Gau is in Berserker mode while Rage is in effect, so you cannot control him. And this is why he's not so useful at the end of the game, because you need controllable characters. All the same, for the first part of the game Gau is strong, and can cast Level 2 magic when you don't even have Espers yet. Still, once the world goes kablooie, leave him at home.

Okay, here’s how the Veldt, and Gau, work. Nearly any enemies you’ve ever fought will appear here, including a handful of bosses. Those enemies do not give exp, but still give gil and any items they’d normally leave. To learn new Rages, have Gau Leap at an enemy while on the Veldt, then fight enemies until he reappears. He’ll know the Rages of both the enemies he initially Leapt at and the ones you were fighting when he returned. The only problem with this system is that it can take a long time to meet a certain enemy because the more enemies you've fought, the more you can meet here and the longer it will take to find one in particular.

Now, the fighter aside, I quite honestly hate Gau. Don't get me wrong, he's a good fighter. But he's a bad character in terms of story. Honestly, what does he have to do with Espers? Every character, with the exception of the two bonus ones, have some sort of connection to magic, Espers or the Empire. Even Mog had his telepathetic dreams, what does Gau have? Nothing. So he's a good fighter but a lousy character.

Now, before you move on, here are some following Rages you may wish to teach Gau.

Bomb: Floats, absorbs Fire, and uses Blaze, a powerful fire attack.

Stray Cat: Cat Scratch is a very powerful physical attack. Unless using a particular strategy like hitting a weakness, this should be what Gau uses every battle. Be sure to get it.

Templar: uses Fira and is Safe.

Darkside (must play Terra’s scenario first to meet it): uses Blizzara and is undead and Floating.

Trillium: uses Bio.

Angel Whisper: uses Gravity and is undead.

Cloud: uses Thundara and is undead.

Ghost: ditto

The swim to Nikeah[edit source]

So as you can see, Gau can be very powerful. As well, the Satellite enemy you fought in the Imperial Camp can be found here, and it will still drop Green Berets, so grab a few of them. Once you’re ready, enter Crescent Mountain to the south.

Inside the mountain, you see a scene. Walk up, right and down to find the Diving Helmet. Cyan and Sabin decide to use the helmet to jump into the Serpent Trench and let the rapids carry them away. Hey, they’re already jumped off one cliff today! Once more into the depths, my friends.

Down here, you’ll meet aquatic enemies, obviously. The Anguiform uses Aqua Rake when alone, and the Aspiran uses Giga Volt, so take them out first. Gau’s Stray Cat is excellent for this. Take the right fork to find a small cave when a X-Potion, then leave. Take the right path again, and you’ll find a larger cave. Go up the stairs and down, hit the switch to drain the water, and fall down the hole. Here you’ll find another Green Beret. Leave the cave. Shortly after the trip is over.

Remember this town; as with so many others, you'll return here later.

Welcome to Nikeah, the port city. Head up into town. The kid wandering below the armor salesman sells Relics, and the Weapon salesman sells the same weapons you got in Mobliz, with the exception of the Mythril Spear that you don’t need anyway. The armor salesman, on the other hand, sells Iron Armor. Buy a suit or two, it's good for Cyan, Locke and Edgar. Also, buy two Magus Hats. They’re inferior to the Green Beret and the Iron Helmet in terms of defense, but give +5 to Magic. The Silk Robes give a bigger boost for Magic defense and have +1 Magic for Terra and Celes, so if you want to use them over Iron Armor, feel free. His Iron Helmets are likely useless as you should have stocked up on Green Berets.

Also, in the café is a small scene where a dancer flirts with Cyan and he has a spaz attack. Yeesh, first machines and now women, is there anything this guy doesn’t freak out at? Buy more Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs, then go back to the ship and hop aboard. Watch the scene. When it’s all over, you’re back at Narshe and about to face the fight of your life.

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