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Well this is exciting[edit source]

Ok, same rule with Banon applies as before, he dies, you die. But the enemies are still no match for Edgar the Archer. There’s no forks here, just ride the rapids until you’re on the overworld outside Narshe. You can’t enter the front way, you get kicked out. Hm…remember how Locke got out? Go left and inspect the wall to find a hidden passage. The enemies inside are still nothing before the barrage of arrows Edgar produces from nowhere. It’s a fairly linear path in and out of the shafts, until you get to an area with a glowing light.

Now, you’re supposed to follow the light’s path. Don’t. Just head straight for the door and press A when the light reappears to fight some undead enemies. They’re easy to kill, but fight them at least once each, because it's the only place they appear, and the Dark Side is a good Rage. You start over when the battle ends, even if you win. This time follow the light and enter the door. It’s a fairly simple pattern, and even if you mess up, just “tag” the orange light to continue on. Now you’re in the same shaft Terra explored waaaaay back when she escaped with Locke. If you want to take the lower door, you’ll end up in the spot where Locke and the Moogles fought the guards, and from here you can find the Moogle Cave. There’s a chest here with a handy sword that does an automatic critical if used by someone with MP, but ignore it for now. Also ignore the chests in the main shaft. Just enter Arvis’ house and watch the scene.

Yeah, that’s it. Wooooow, what a scenario, huh? At least Locke had a boss and a new character! Yeesh, this didn’t even fill up a whole Part of the walkthrough! So, let’s just move on to Sabin’s scenario.

Enter The Doma-Natrix[edit source]

Enter the house. Well not really, ignore the actual house and chat with the guy on the Chocobo. He looks like a Trooper, but is actually a Merchant. Maybe he’s a friend of Locke’s to have this sort of get-up? Whatever, buy some Shurikens. Then talk to Shadow and take him up on his offer to join you. He may randomly leave at any time, just so you know.


Shadow SD Art.png

Shadow can join you at various points for the first part of the game, and joins you for good in the second part. Shadow equips all daggers, and light shields, helmets and armor. His speed and attack power are high, for Shadow is, as you may have guessed, a Ninja. As a Ninja, Shadow's ability is Throw, which lets he chuck almost any sword, dagger and spear at enemies, as well as some rods and all stars and skeans. Thus, Shadow should never attack, you should always have a healthy supply of Shurikens for him, it's not like they're expensive. Shadow also has a passive ability in which his dog Interceptor randomly blocks a physical attack against him, and counters with a strong single attack. Shadow is overall a decent physical fighter, and if you want a combination of speed and strength, he's not a shot far off the mark.

The camp is actually pretty inconspicuous. But trust me, it's there.

Inside the building is an old man who just rambles. He’s actually a part of the weakest sub-plot in the game, but whatever. Leave and head east, then south. Have Shadow Throw Shurikens and Sabin Blitz. None of the enemies here are any danger with that kind of power. When you find a bridge with a small desert nearby, save and enter the desert.

An Imperial Camp. Oh boy. You hide and listen to the soldiers – evidently they don’t like Senor Psycho, er, Kefka, either. In the end you watch Doma Castle get attacked and you get to fight them off as Cyan, a new character (and I use that term loosely) who shall from here on be referred to as Captain Dumbass for reasons that should be perfectly obvious by the time this whole Doma crap is over.


Cyan SD Art.png

There's one in every Final Fantasy, one character that almost no one likes. In this game, that character is Cyan. Cyan is a technophobe, a bumbling fool and is just plain idiotic at times. He's a Samurai, so his physical stats are high, but his speed and magic skills suck. Cyan can equip most heavy equipment, none of it anything spectacular. His weapons are severely limited to katanas, including his Holy-elemental GBA super-weapon, and the Scimitar. His ability Bushido lets him charge up a mini ATB bar to unleash a powerful attack. The problem is that the stronger ones take way too long to charge for too little pay-off. The only decent ones are 1, 2 and maybe 4 and 5. The ones past 5 take too long to charge. Cyan has bad stats, bad equipment, a bad ability and a lousy story. Stay away, kiddies, far away. Don't do drugs, don't take candy from strangers, and don't use Cyan.

Outside, you can fight the soldiers wandering around, but there's no point to killing them. Just talk to the Leader and use Bushido…excuse me, SwordTech, Level 2 for a quick win. I ain’t calling it Bushido, it sounds like that term for anime guys. anyway, now you’re back in the camp as Sabin.

Equip the Black Belt on someone first, preferably whoever has the better attack. Enter the right tent and either Hit the chest or Kick it, but kicking it gets you in a fight. Afterwards, check the chest for a Star Pendant. Head down and watch the scene with General Leo and Kefka - Leo's not a bad guy at all, but Kefka...well, you know by now. He wants to poison Doma, and since this would kill the Captain, I'd like to let him do it, but I suppose we should at least make an effort to stop him so we look good. Fight Kefka, all it takes is a single attack to make him flee. Now go all the way left and open the left chest inside the tent to fight a Satellite. Use your best attacks to beat it and win a Green Beret, the best helmet in the game at the moment that gives a +12.5% boost to HP. In the left chest is a Mythril Glove which casts Safe on a weakened party member and gives +5 to defense. Be sure to put this equipment to use, then go back and chase Kefka around some more. Beat the soldiers he sics on you, and watch Kefka kill Doma afterwards.

As Captain Dumbass again, head to the throne room, then the room right of the throne room. The Captain’s family is dead. But I don’t care about the Captain, so by extension…yeah. Now he goes and attacks the Imperial camp alone. Help him out by talking to him, the battles are all easy and the Captain is uncontrollable for them. Now go steal some Magitek Armor; the Captain, being a Dumbass and all, doesn’t realize how awesome Magitek is and hates the thing. See, now you know how he got his nickname. Fight your way back to the entrance with the armor and save once outside.

GhostTrain Now Boarding, Platform 9 3/4[edit source]

Head across the bridge and south. You can visit the occupied Doma if you want, although since everyone’s dead I don’t know why they’re occupying it. Go east and find the Phantom Forest in the middle of the mountains. Enter it. Now inside, go up to the recovery spring, then right, down, right, up, right, and up again to find a railroad station. Sabin hops on while Captain Dumbass acts like a dumbass. See, this is the Phantom Train that carries the dead to the afterlife, and right now, you’re on board. Crap. Seeing as how the Captain knew better, I guess he does have a brain, so let’s call him Cyan again. Inspect the door and then go right. Save in the rear car, then talk to the Ghost outside to recruit it.


Ghost PC(FFVI).png

The Ghost has low stats, no equipment, and it cannot be healed in battle. It can be healed outside of battle, though, and at least it provides another party member. Its ability is Possess, which kills the Ghost and the target. Note that if at any time the Ghost dies, it leaves the party, and can't be revived. However, multiple Ghosts throughout the train join you, so if one does die you can recruit another one easily.

Also, inside the compartment, check the switch for a scene with Cyan. Seems he hates machines in general, not just Magitek. Yeesh, this guy is stuck in the 1500’s, ain’t he? Whatever. Now head left. The following cars are full of Ghosts. Most of them attack you, but a few sell you items and some will join you if you didn’t pick up a Ghost in the back. As a note, the Ghost Merchants advertise low prices as they can’t take their cash with them, but charge the same as the other Merchants. Strange. Just take what you need and keep moving left.

The enemies in the train are all easy to kill, and it’s a good thing. Angel Whispers use Gravity to instantly knock off half of a character’s HP, Clouds use Drain, which is pretty self-explanatory, and Bombs can hit the party with a powerful Blaze attack. These guys go down easy, but don’t underestimate them because if they survive, they can hit hard. A pity they give almost no exp, or this would be a good place to level up. In the third car, use the door then talk to the Ghost that appears to start a scene. The Ghosts chase you up to the roof, at which point Sabin pulls a Matrix and runs from car to car to escape. After that’s done, enter the left car and pull the switch to uncouple the rear cars.

Re-enter the car and pull the switch again to open the left wall. Use the save point and move on. In the next car, sit at the middle table for a small scene that ends with you chowing down and getting your HP restored. Nice. As a note, by switching the front member of the party, you can see different scenes when you eat here. Leave through the way you came in and go around the outside. Enter the dining car from the left for another Earring.

Next Stop, A Boss[edit source]

HP MP Dangerous Attack
1900 350 Acid Rain, Diabolic Whistle
Steal Morph Drops
Can't Steal Can't Morph Tent
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Lightning, Holy, Fire Poison 1/5

Enter the car on the left and enter the first compartment and inspect the chest for a scene. Siegfried can attack a whopping EIGHT times in one turn, and each attack does a whopping EIGHT damage, maybe less! Yeah, just use any attack for a quick win. He snatches whatever was in the chest and runs off. Loser. You get to fight him later in the game, but he's much stronger then. Ignore the second compartment and head for the next car. The left compartment houses 4 chests with two Phoenix Downs, a Sniper Eye, and a mini-boss called an Apparition. It’s got some strong attacks, but just use the Ghost’s Possess for an instant win, since the thing will leave you soon anyway. You get a Hyper Wrist for someone, preferably Sabin. Head for the next car – if there’s still a Ghost with you, it leaves. Use the save point then enter the locomotive. Pull the left and right switches, then go outside. Walk up to the smokestack and pull the switch to fight a boss.

This guy looks familiar...

Hm, haven’t I seen this guy in FFVIII? The GhostTrain has two nasty group attacks called Acid Rain and Saintly Beam, and Diabolic Whistle inflicts a bunch of status ailments on you. Any one of these attacks can catch you unprepared and spell your doom, so keep your HP high. Have Sabin Blitz, Shadow Throw and Cyan SwordTech. But if you just wanna get this fight over with, know that the boss is undead. And anyone who’s played a FF game before knows what that means. Use a Phoenix Down on the boss for an instant win. It lets you go afterwards, when it makes a stop to pick up the latest newly dead – the Doma people. Watch the scene with Cyan and remind yourself he hates Magitek and machinery, and thus he doesn’t matter.

Leave the forest and save, then head to the cave to the east.

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