Alright kiddies, it's been eight months now, but at long last it has come to an end. Welcome to the grand finale of Drake Clawfang's Final Fantasy VI Advance walkthrough!

All Night Level-Up Binge[edit source]

Put on your favorite montage music, it's time to train kid! Locke, Celes, Terra and Relm shall be your guides for this final challenge. First, it's time to get them strong enough. Head to the Dinosaur Forest and train them up. Do it one at a time, switching the Soul of Thamasa among your spellcasters and dual-casting Blizzara will be enough for the Tyrannosaurs, and Locke's 4-hit Ultima Weapon/Valiant Knife will slaughter them. If you find a Brachiosaur, don't run, Quick and Blizzaga are your friends - Terra took one out all by her lonesome, no joke. It shows you how far you've really come, doesn't it?

Level up with Growth Eggs and use your Espers for stat bonuses. Diabolos gives +100% HP, meaning you get twice as much more HP on the level up than you would otherwise. Cactuar gives you +2 Speed, Gilgamesh or Raidin gives +2 Strength, and Zoneseeker and Valigarmanda give +2 Magic. So boost up those stats, all my characters were at level 76 with 8500+ HP. All of them had approximately 60 speed and Locke had 60 Strength while my mage trio had 70+ magic power - Relm had over 90. Yes, much of this comes from weapon and armor bonuses, but who is keeping track? If you want you can level up right to 99, but for now, let's just go with 76, that's still pretty godly - make sure you're not at a multiple of level 5, because the enemies coming up know Level 5 death. I gave Locke a Genji Glove, the Master's Scroll and two Ultima Weapons. He will be your workhorse for much of your next challenge, he did 7000 damage a hit for me.

Memory Lane[edit source]

Head to Mobliz, save and land the Falcon on the island east of it. This is the Soul Shrine, where the souls of all you have killed have gathered to fight you one final time. This is a 128 battle gauntlet against everything and anything the game has chucked at you in the past. You have to do these battles in a single run, leave and you start over, but fortunately you can Quicksave and you get breaks every 20 battles or so. Use this time to heal and switch Espers - equip them, you still get Exp and Magic Points in these battles. Also, the battles in the shrine are slightly random - I fought a Great Dragon on my second try where there wasn't one before - so this is just what I faced and when, and shouldn't be taken as a representation of what you'll face.

Also, while fighting you may meet the Glutturn. There are four kinds, and each demands an item - give them that item and they run, don't and they get pissed. These little fuckers (yeah, I said it) are annoying as hell. One of the Glutturns wants an X-Ether, and has a Master's Scroll to Steal. This is yet another reason we need Locke here. I didn't need another Scroll, so I gave it an X-Ether and let it run off. The next Glutturn I faced wanted an Ether, and when I didn't cough it up he started using lots of physicals. I cast Vanish and he was helpless. I swiped his Force Shield and Locke's Ultima Weapons crushed him easily. Glutturn Number 3 wanted an Elixir and started casting Ultima. It was strong, but I survived and Relm's Curaga healed me. This is why we leveled up, so we can survive things like this. Have Celes Runic every turn and focus on swiping the Glutturn's Soul of Thamasa. Yesss....The final Glutturn wants a Hi-Ether and has a Celestriad - we can get these from the Brachiosaur, and it uses Instant Death so just give it the item and get it over with. Also, you can meet them more than once, which is good or bad depending on your point of view.

The first round was against enemies from the World of Balance, although a few easy enemies from Dragons' Den snuck in. The second round consisted of enemies from the Floating Continent and the World of Ruin and ended with my first boss, Dark Behemoth - Locke wasted him a single turn, and once again I survived Ultima, although I naturally had to cast Curaga first thing afterwards. Round 3 was when I started facing the bigger fish, I still won handily with Locke but they were starting to do damage and healing every few battles was something I started doing to keep my HP at its max for Locke. My second boss, Gargantua, that Locke again wasted with ease, also showed up during the round. Round 4 chucked a few more minor bosses but was largely enemies from the Tower of Fanatics, Phoenix Cave and Dragons' Den.

Boss, Bosses, and More Bosses![edit source]

Round Five...FIGHT!!!

Round Five begins the boss barrage. It starts off with the mid-World of Balance bosses from Zozo and Vector. Remember whatever strategies you used before and forget about them, Locke is slashing with the Ultima Weapon for 30,000+ damage. During this time I encountered the Elixir-loving Glutturn again and snagged myself another Soul of Thamasa, giving me one for each mage. I love this place! Oops, spoke too soon, the next enemy was a Crystal Dragon, and the SOB kept using Cyclonic - I spammed Curaga while Locke Elixir. Well I hadn't seen the thing before, how was I to know? I took him out easily once that was done. Round 5 ended with a fight with a Brachiosaur. I gave my party the following equipment set-ups - if you didn't get three Soul of Thamasa, replace it with a pair of Miracle Shoes.


Aegis Shield
Minerva Bustier
Soul of Thamasa


Force Shield
Minveria Bustier
Soul of Thamasa


Magus Rod
Force Shield
Cat-Ear Hood
Behemoth Suit
Soul of Thamasa


Ultima Weapon
Paladin's Shield
Genji Armor
Master's Scroll

Ready? Let the fun begin again! Round 6 began easy, pitting me against enemies from Kefka's Tower, mostly machine enemies but others, ending with 2 Fiend Dragons. I knew Round 7 couldn't be so easy, so I healed up well.

Yup, I knew it. Ice Dragon was back, in his original form from Narshe, followed by the other 7 Dragons. Considering we crushed their powered-up forms at Level 55-60, and we're level 78 now (I'd leveled up during the battles)...yeah, I wiped them all out in one turn. These guys are just nothing anymore, but I did get all their dropped items again, like more Force stuff, etc. There was another break after them, and I didn't need it. Round 8 started chucking bosses again. I blasted through most of them with little to no difficulty, and you should too. You'll fight Magic Master again, use ReRaise to survive Ultima just in case (yes, we survived it before, but we can never be too careful when Ultima is in the enemy's spellbooks). The round ends with a battle with Deathguise. We're almost done, we're into the home stretch!

Round 9 begins with Ketu, Rahu and Inferno. Then it's the Guardian. Are they even trying? Oh shit...yes, they are, the Warring Triad is back! As scary as it may seem to take them on in a row, it's not difficult, you're just beyond them now. Just go all out against Goddess to kill her before her Cloudy Heaven ruins all your hard work - with Locke's 4-hit combo, it shouldn't be too hard. Break time again. There's only 9 battles left...and just who do you think they are? Oh yes...they're baaaaaaaaaack!

Ice, Storm, Earth, Gold, Skull, Holy, Blue and Red are the order in which you fight the New Eight Dragons. Remember, Vanish + Ultima for Ice, Float and Phantom for Earth, slugfest for Gold, Rasp and Osmose for Skull, and Runic for Red. You've fought them before with this party, defeating them against is daunting, but do-able. And the final enemy waiting inside the Soul Shrine? You guessed it - Kaiser Dragon is back and as deadly as ever baby! Remember to spam ReRaise and Quick in all these final battles to claim victory, you've come too far to lose now! I had 5 Megalixirs during the fights, feel free to use them when needed, you won't have a better time than now! Be especially careful fighting Gold Dragon and Holy Dragon, as Gold and Holy will both play havoc with your healing abilities (Runic and Heartless Angel) - another reason to use those Megalixirs now!

For your mighty feat, you get the Master's Crown, the ultimate key item, giving you bragging rights for years to come! Not only did you beat the hardest bosses in the game, you did it in a row!

Omega[edit source]

Omega Weapon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
65500 65000 Many
Steal Morph Drops
Megalixir Can't Morph Murakumo
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None None 5/5

You've killed the 8 Dragons...three times, and their boss twice. You've destroyed the ancient Warring Triad, restored Balance and defeated the God of Magic. Now there is only one challenge left. Return to Dragons' Den and enter Kaiser's lair to find your final opponent.

"Omega" refers to the end, so it's fitting that our final challenge is the iconic superboss Omega Weapon. His most dangerous attack is Grand Delta, which he charges for and does 5000 damage to the party, make sure you have a mage with Curaga on standby. He also uses Freeze Dust, Blaster, Heartless Angel (deadly as ever) and Kefka's signature Forsaken. He also has a strong Omega Drive physical. He's strong, but you can defeat him.

Quick is your friend - with it, Locke can slash for 9000+ x 8 damage - he was doing 9999 sometimes, but not always for me. Otherwise, Quick and Dual-Cast your way to victory. Omega Weapon's Freeze Dust is annoying and he can be quite dangerous, but at this point you're overpowered and can defeat him with patience and timely casts of ReRaise and Quick.

When he falls, you get...nothing. And that, kiddies, is the paradox of omega - the absolute, the end, nothing. You've won the game, but what have you won in the end? Or have you even won at all?

....okay, screw the philosophizing, you just finished the game! Pat yourselves on the back, kiss your significant other, cheer, jump up and down, strip nude and dance the macarena, as BlueH says, I'm not here to judge. You finished it all, it's over. What's left to do, you ask?

Get a complete Lore list.
Get a complete Rage list.
Level everyone to 99.
Teach everyone every spell.
Do a low-level playthrough.
Kill Kefka with one character.
Kill Kaiser with one character.

If you need more to do, those goals are actually pheasable. What, you need more to do?

Complete the Soul Shrine with one character.
Complete the World of Ruin with one character.
Make that one character for all of them Umaro.

Alright, that ought to keep you busy until the end of time, Umaro sucks so bad, if you can complete the Soul Shrine using only him then you are a gaming god. Either that, or you're a nerd with too much time on their hands. I have my money down.

Anyway, you get on that stuff. I'm gonna sit back and let my hand rest from all this typing.

Thanks for playing kiddies, GOOD NIGHT!

Final Fantasy VI Advance: Final Party

Terra Branford menu.png Locke Cole menu.png Celes Chère menu.png Relm Arrowny menu.png
Terra Branford Locke Cole Celes Chere Relm Arrowny
Level 84 Level 84 Level 83 Level 83
HP: 9514 HP: 9588 HP: 9568 HP: 9648
MP: 999 MP: 875 MP: 999 MP: 885
Lightbringer Ultima Weapon Save the Queen Magus Rod
Aegis Shield Paladin's Shield Aegis Shield Force Shield
Circlet Circlet Circlet Cat-Ear Hood
Minerva Bustier Genji Armor Minerva Bustier Behemoth Suit
Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon
Celestriad Master's Scroll Miracle Shoes Soul of Thamasa
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