Wow! 4 parts! This is easily a large, hard dungeon. But it's finally time to put this dragon to rest, literally. Prepare for the final battle at the heart of Dragons' Den!

A Little Side-Trip[edit source]

Land and take Party 1 into the right cave. Go up the tomb area where you just beat Gold Dragon. Go right down the stairs, up and left up these stairs. Go up, and you’ll where you fought Blue Dragon. In the center is a save point. Bring all three parties here. As we continue on, we’re going to keep one of the other two parties on the save. That way, we can swap back and save whenever we want. I recommend you leave Party 3, because Party 2 has Mog to avoid battles and we need another party to hit switches for us. Once they’re in position, you’re ready to move on. It is vital you don’t ride the turtle in this area, go around like I said.

Move Party 1 down, right and up to a blank tombstone. Carve “THEK, INGO, FDRA, GONS”, and read the new inscription: “THE KING OF DRAGONS”. The right wall opens up. Enter it.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
62000 62000 Megaton Smash, White Wind
Steal Morph Drops
None Can't Morph Gungnir
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire Ice, Lightning, Water 4/5

Walk all the way right down 2 staircases to find an Elixir. Walk left up and then down the stairs to find a Phoenix Down. Then walk down three flights of stairs, and all the way right over several stairs, then left up a long flight of stairs to a door. Go right, down and right to find a yellow light. Step on it to warp to a new area with four chests. The top left box is a Ribbon, the bottom-left is the Bone Wrist for Umaro. It gives +5 to all stats, and +10 to defense, magic defense, Evade and Mblock. It’s good, Umaro isn’t and never shall be. In the bottom right is a monster-in-a-box.

Three Final Bosses[edit source]

Neslug has amazingly high magic defense, and he uses Slowga, so you’d better have Hastega. The shell has such high defense it’s pretty much impossible to destroy, and any attack against it makes it counter with Megaton Smash, another Instant Death move, and we love those don't we? This means for once, Ultima is out because it hits the shell, and Locke cannot attack with his Master’s Scroll for the chance he attacks the shell. Focus on using Firaga against the head when it’s out. The shell will use White Wind to heal the head for 9999 when its out, so it can take a while. The good news if that if you accidentally attack the shell, Megaton Smash is blockable. The head only uses a physical, uses an attack to inflict Seizure, and another to inflict Stop. The shell is the real threat.

For your efforts, you win the Gungnir, Mog’s ultimate weapon that gives +7 to Stamina and Magic, and has 240 battle power. It doesn’t give the Jump Bonus, however. Sigh…like the Longinus before it, useless for the character that’s supposed to be a Dragoon. At least the bonus to magic is good for when Mog is a mage or Dances. Save and use a tent, you’ve got another boss. Open the fourth chest.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
22000 12000 Doom
Steal Morph Drops
None Can't Morph Angel Brush
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None None 3.5/5

Plague is a boss recycled from Final Fantasy IV. Before you even get your first turn, he casts Doom on the entire party, giving you 20 seconds (actually, less) to kill him. Use ReRaise on everyone just in case, then start abusing Ultima. He uses a Gaze attack to inflict Silence, Confuse and Blind on you, and even the Ribbon can’t stop it. Plus, he uses Haste on you which speeds up your countdown. And interestingly, if you use ReRaise and survive the 4-way Doom, he won’t use it again. However, he will use his physical now to kill anyone ReRaise survived. Survive those and revive the party, and you're home free.

You win Relm’s super-weapon, the Angel Brush, and it replaces the Magus Rod. Not only does it give +7 to magic like the Rod, but is also gives +7 to speed! Sure, it doesn’t give the +30 Mblock the Rod does, but there’s lot of equipment that boosts that, like Force and Genji stuff. Not so much equipment gives +7 to speed. So put that brush to use right away, and save. We'll need the Rod again in a moment.

Go down and left. The Stardust Rod for Strago randomly casts Meteor, gives +7 to magic, and +4 to Stamina. It also replaces his Magus Rod. Then go back to the four chests and right to the star. Go left for another warp. Here, go right and up. Ignore the warp, go left and down. Take the stairs down for a Ribbon, then go back up and take the stairs up. Step on the dark tile here.

Swap to Party 2 and go to the door that led to this whole new area, near the tombstone. Head right down the stairs and enter the door Party 1 revealed. Enter the warp, then go down and left. The Dueling Mask for Gau gives +6 to all stats and has excellent defense, along with halving all elemental damage. It’s great for him. Go right, back up to the warp, then left and up. There’s three chests here. The left one is a Genji Glove, the top one is a Crystal Orb. The right chest is another boss. Before you fight it, equip everyone with a Ribbon.

Flan Princess x5
HP MP Dangerous Attack
12345 1000 Mega Berserk
Steal Morph Drops
Superball, Megalixir Can't Morph Oborozuki
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire Poison, Holy, Wind, Water, Earth 2/5

The Flan Princesses use Imp Song and Mega Berserk on you, or they would if it weren't for your Ribbons. If you do, this battle is easy, just cast Ultima two or three times. They’ll counter with Entice, which you’ve seen, but just keep casting Ultima, it can’t work on all 4 party members. You can also try and kill them all with Banish. They’ll go down with minimal trouble. It's for this reason, as well convienience, that we don't need Party 1 for them.

The Oborozuki gives +7 to Strength and Speed, +50 to Evasion and +10 to Mblock. It’s pretty good for Shadow, it doesn’t power up his magic-based Scrolls, but those aren’t good anymore anyway, and it does power up his Stars and gives a fat ebonus to Evade. Now, leave the area back out the hidden door and go back to save point, then swap to Party 1 and bring them back too.

The Home Stretch[edit source]

It’s time for the final leg of the dungeon. As Party 1, step on the dark tile to open a door above the save. Swap to Party 3 and enter the door Party 1 revealed. Go up the path and hit the switch. Switch to Party 2.

As Party 2, go down to the pond and walk around to the right bank Ride the turtle to the left and go into the mountain area where you found Skull Dragon. If the turtle is not in the middle of the pond you cannot do this, so if it's not then go to the opposite bank of where it is and call it over. Go down, hop over the chests and save, then swap to Party 1.

Run around and take the same path Party 2 just took to the save. Press A at the pond to call the turtle back to the right. At the save, take the left door and go right around the bend to the weight and push it off. Walk around and hop over the rock to the ledge, and step on the switch.

Back to Party 2. Leave the save and head left. Go around the bend and down over the bridge. Go left and up, hop over the rock. Go left and up through the door to find a save you haven't used before. Use it and head left. Up through the door and hit the switch to make a warp appear.

Swap to Party 1, go back to the save and use it. It’s finally time to face the boss of the dungeon. Make sure you’re ready!

Head down the stairs and go right. Hop across the chests and go up the long stairs to where you fought Skull Dragon. Go left over the bridge and down past the chest to the door I told you to make note of earlier. Go up and step on the warp. Once you do so you cannot swap to other parties, so take what stuff you need from them now. As you approach the warp, switch to Party 2 quickly, run back to the save and use it, then come back and re-activate the warp.

Make sure everyone has the best equipment you have, and give everyone a Ribbon. Equip them with the best stuff and heal everyone to the max. High Mblock is needed, along with good defense and resistances to elemental damage. Here’s my equipment set-up

Aegis Shield
Red Cap
Minerva Bustier
Miracle Shoes

Magus Rod
Force Shield
Cat-Ear Hood
Behemoth Suit
Soul of Thamasa

Save the Queen
Paladin’s Shield
Red Cap
Minerva Bustier

Valiant Knife
Force Shield
Genji Helmet
Force Armor
Master’s Scroll

Ready? Go up and confront the boss. You just killed his brothers. And he is pissed as all hell. And that hell is coming straight at you in the form of the strongest boss in the game. Or, to put it as the boss himself says…

“I am Kaiser…and your time is at an end”[edit source]

Kaiser Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
65500 (x5) 60000 All of them
Steal Morph Drops
Celestriad Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Varies Varies 5/5 (if I could give a higher rating, I would)

Prepare for the battle to end all battles - in FF6 anyway. Kaiser Dragon makes every other opponent you’ve fought up until now child’s play. First thing, cast Float before the battle to avoid Kaiser’s Quake that does massive damage. To bad no such spell exists for his many other attacks.

Kaiser has almost a dozen forms, and he changes to the next every time he uses Wall Change, and I think he cycles through them, too, meaning he’ll use ones he already passed. He also regenerates when killed, and this means you actually have 5 Kaiser Dragons to kill, each of them with 65,000 HP. This is very, very bad, because he effectively has over 250,000 HP with this set-up. Oh, and here's the fun part - he's got 11 different stages, so there's no telling what's next when he Wall Changes.

Use Relm to Dual-Cast Ultima, then Quick, and Dual-Cast Ultima-Ultima twice for massive damage. She can also can Sketch Kaiser for the strong Hyperdrive attack (or a not-so-strong physical). Use Celes to heal the party and otherwise buff them with Hastega, Shell, Protect, Valor, etc. Terra, same, healing. Locke should stick to defensive-spells to lessen Kaiser’s blows and attack with the Valiant Knife only you don’t need more healing.

What attacks does Kaiser have up his deadly scaley sleeve? Meteor, Last Breath (super-strong physical), El Nino, Aqua Breath, Quake, Mind Blast, Wave Cannon, Plasma, the always deadly Heartless Angel, Hyperdrive, Revenge Blast (which is basically an Instant Kill), Cyclonic, Bio, Holy, Flare, Cloudy Heaven, Tsunami, Metal Cutter, Absolute Zero, Meltdown, Aero, Death, and more.

Now, since I was busy dual-casting Ultima like my life depended on it (which it did), I didn't waste enough time to note each form's specific weakness and pattern, so odds are you'll be too busy yourself. So forget hitting his weakness, spam Ultima, and just expect anything of the above at any time. As mentioned, elemental resistance helps halve the damage from many of his attacks.

Oh! And here’s the real fun surprise! Guess what he casts when he dies! Well, what else does an insanely- strong super-megaboss cast? Ultima! And unless you've got over 7000 HP, don't expect to survive this.

Use ReRaise on everyone (Relm can do this in a single turn with Quick and Dual-Cast), and make sure everyone always has it on. As mentioned, Celes and Terra should heal, and Locke should only attack when everyone is at full health. Ribbons will protect you from his status attacks, and the much Mblock and Magic defense provided by the above set-up will give you a good chance to blocking his attacks that can be blocked, and surviving the ones that can’t.

When Kaiser falls (remember to cast ReRaise to survive Ultima!), go up and receive the final Magicite shard – Diabolos. But the real prize is bragging rights, because you just wiped out the hardest boss in the game. Give yourself a pat on the back, you earned it.

You also get the message that another dungeon, the Soul Shrine, is unlocked. Ah, a gamer's work is never done! Well, actually, ours almost is!

Next time, the final part of the Final Fantasy VI Advance walkthrough!

Drake Clawfang's FFVI Advance Walkthrough
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