Whoa, 3 parts, and a 4th to come! The bonus dungeon is longer than the final dungeon! Welcome to Part 35!

The Ole' Switcheroo[edit source]

Still as Party 1, go down the staircase below where you fought Skull Dragon and make your way back to the save room via the long flight of stairs. By the way, the door on your right as you pass leaded to the Darryl’s Tomb area, if you’re interested. Take the door to the left of the save, then go straight left and step on the switch.

Party 3 should go straight up into the door to the area Party 1 was just in. Hop down over the rock they created. Down to the left is a chest you can vaguely see, it has Force Armor in it. Then go up and climb onto the small ledge left of the weight. Swap to Party 1 and go right and up, and hop across the rock created by the switch under the weight. Step on the switch to make another rock appear just below Party 3.

Swap to Party 3 and hop across the new rock. Then go around the two bridges and take the door. You should now be in the mountain area. Near the door to the second save point. Go inside.

Now bring Party 1 back to the save as well.

Dual-Cast Is Only Fair When Relm Does It![edit source]

Phew, it was a complicated process, but the three parties are back together again! The programmers knew what they were doing when they designed this dungeon huh? Complex and coherent at the same time. Anyway, heal up, then take Party 1 out, it's time to find the next dragon. Before you go, unequip the Paladin's Shield from whomever has it and give it to Relm, or whomever you decided to give the Soul of Thamasa to.

Go through the door to the area where you just did all the hopping and switch-hitting, and go right, up and left, then up to a small pool of lava. Inspect the rocks in the middle of the two pools and flick the hidden switch. Then go left and enter the nearby door for a palace area. In here the Shield Dragon has high HP and defenses, use defense-ignoring stuff like Ultima and Flare. They may drop Force Armor, so be sure to fight a few of them for that.

To the left is a chest with a Magus Robe, which is useless at this point. Go right, and there should be a passage up. If not, go back and hit the switch and try again, I think there’s a time limit. Up here is the next Dragon. The last time you beat them, it was so horrible for them, and you’re beating them again even when they’re powered up! Hell, the only way this next Dragon could stand a chance would be for divine intervention or something! Well, unfortunately, that’s exactly what it’s gonna get.

Holy Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
55000 22000 Heavenly Wrath, Heartless Angel
Steal Morph Drops
Elixir Can't Morph Zanmato
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None Holy 4.5/5

Holy Dragon has auto-Regen which will heal it for around 250 each time, and counters your attacks with Curaga to heal himself for 6000+ damage. You should cast Reflect on the Dragon to bounce his healing onto you. Holy Dragon’s other new tricks include Heavenly Wrath, which is an Instant Kill, Saintly Beam which hits the entire party, and Heartless Angel. You may remember that attack from Kefka, it cuts your party’s HP to 1 and can’t be blocked. But what’s worse, he uses it as part of a Dual-Cast with Saintly Beam. So unless someone absorbs or nulls Holy, you’re finished. He also casts several Saintly Beams in a row, too. I saw him use three in a row once, although it was only once.

Bombard Holy Dragon with Relm's Dual-casted Ultima (Flare will be reflected) and have Terra and Celes use ReRaise and Curaga as needed. Ironically, because of the Valiant’s Knife’s ability to gain power when Locke is low on HP, Heartless Angel worked against the Dragon by letting him do more damage with the Master’s Scroll – my Locke did 6000 damage a hit, 4 times. And since little Relm's Paladin's Shield absorbs Holy, she survived the dragon's Saintly Beams and, with Dual-cast and Quick, was easily able to revive the rest of the party in a single turn. With a little luck, and a Quick spell or two, the Dragon will fall.

You get Zanmato for Cyan, a Holy-elemental Katana. If it’s for Cyan, all it can be good for is betting, but unfortunately betting this gets you the still-useless Godhand, so this is even worse than the other Katanas thus far.

And as a random note, Saintly Beam, phew, haven’t seen that in a while. The last boss I remember using it was GhostTrain. Who would have thought an undead boss would know a Holy-elemental attack? What the hell, ya know?

Now, the 8th Dragon is all that’s left, but the path to it is tricky to get to. It's honestly quicker to Teleport out and go back in. so, let's do that. For this dragon, Party 1 won't be enough, so use Party 3 with Gogo, Edgar, Sabin and Shadow.

Put Up Yer Dukes![edit source]

Enter the right cave and go right, then up to the room where you met Ice Dragon. Go up the stairs just below there. You’re back in the Darryl's Tomb area where you fought Blue Dragon. Ride the turtle across, then go right and down, right down the stairs, and up. Read the 4 tombstones, here’s what they say:





Get it? Behind them is the final Dragon. Give everyone a Ribbon and something to absorb or null Lightning just in case.

Gold Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
60000 18000 Mighty Claw, Wave Cannon
Steal Morph Drops
X-Ether Can't Morph Zwill Crossblade
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Water Lightning 4/5

Gold Dragon is absorbing Magic. It works just like Celes’ Runic, any spell you cast, he absorbs. Now you know why we brought Party 3, it’s a good-ole fashioned slug fest, put yer gloves on, kid! He’ll use Mighty Claw to Confuse you, but you have Ribbons. His physical does around 1500 damage, so you’ll need to heal often. He also has Wave Cannon and Plasma, hence the Lightning protection. Use Edgar to Jump and Sabin to Blitz while Shadow Throws and Gogo uses White Wind to heal - Gold Dragon will not absorb it.

Congratulations, you crushed the New Eight Dragons! The Seal of Lightning shatters. But you know it isn’t over, right? We have another challenge ahead. Now, we’ll want to save this, so take Party 3 to where you fought Blue Dragon, directly behind where he was is a save point. Bring all three parties here, then, AND THIS IS VITAL, have one party go right, down and right to below the tombstones, and go down and left to the bank where you just hopped on the turtle. Call the turtle back to the center of the pool, then go back to the save. Calling the turtle back is very important, if you don't do this you'll regret it.

Are you now in a position to explore the deepest, darkest areas of Dragon's Den. This is easily the hardest dungeon in the game, so of course, down there somewhere, is an appropriately strong boss...

Drake Clawfang's FFVI Advance Walkthrough
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