Deeper into the Den, kiddies! Welcome to Part 34!

Somewhere, Under The Sea Somewhere, Waiting For Me...[edit source]

Blue Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
57000 16000 Blue Fang
Steal Morph Drops
X-Potion Can't Morph Save the Queen
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Lightning Water 1.5/5

Now, take Party 2 or 3 and go out and hit the switch to make the bridge appear. Your next fight is against the Blue Dragon. To face him, take Party 1 down across the bridge to where you fought the Ice Dragon and take the stairs below where it stood. Head up, and ride the turtle (Darryl's Tomb anyone?) across the water. In here are the Yojimbo and Outsiders you met in Kefka's Tower, along with the Vector Chimera and the Great Malboro. Plus, the Death Rider is new here. It uses lots of strong attacks like Hyperdrive, Blaster and Metal Cutter, so watch out for those. Ignore the switch, and go up the stairs.

Blue Dragon is nothing to you anymore. Waste him. I got a message during the battle that he reduced his own strength. He gave himself Poison, Slow and Blind and then tried to use Rippler on Relm. This was annoying, because she was still invisible from the Earth Dragon fight, but I used Dispel and kept fighting. Blue Boy didn’t last long enough to try it again.

The Seal of Water shatters, and you get the “Save the Queen”. FINALLY, a good weapon! It’s for Celes, it gives +7 to magic power, +4 to speed, +3 to stamina, and +40 to Evade and Mblock. Put it to use right away! Swap to Party 3, which has Celes, equip the blade on her and save again because one of your other parties should be at the save still (the third is on the bridge switch outside the save). Once you've finished exploting the glitch, it's time to move on.

Red Rum, Red Rum...[edit source]

Still as Party 1, go down the stairs and flick the switch. Watch as the next dragon is released. Go back to the save room and head right and up into a large area. Here lurks the Abaddon. They like to use status attacks like Sleep, Slow and Berserk, and they'll use Berserk on themselves, making them easy. The Dragon Aevis uses Wind Slash and a physical, and counters spells with Cyclonic on the party member who cast the spell. It’s no threat. Go down and left. Then go up the stairs. It's a good thing you have Celes, Runic will save your ass here.

Red Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
59000 12000 Many
Steal Morph Drops
X-Ether Can't Morph Apocalypse
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None Fire 4/5

Red Dragon will give up its life force to boost its power. It uses Flare, Firaga and Merton. Have Celes Runic it all. But he also uses lots of physicals and Red Fang which is Instant Death and also a physical move, so summon Fenrir before you Runic, there’s lots of them to avoid. Don't summon Phantom, because Vanish is lost when hit by a spell, Image is not. Finally, it has Flare Star, but it can also be healed because its damage isn't deadly. You cannot damage the dragon at all, you must endure its wrath until its strength gives out. Arise is very helpful, time your casts to occur during the short time between when you give Celes the command to Runic and when she actually activates the power. When its strength finally falls, it uses Ultima. Fortunately, it can be absorbed too. Kinda sad that this mighty dragon trades its life to cast the best spell there is, and you absorb it, huh? After that, it’s a final Flare, and the battle is over.

The Seal of Fire is shattered, and you get the Apocalypse. It gives +20 to Evade and Mblock, consumes MP for an automatic critical hit, and gives +7 to Strength and magic power. It’s not quite as good as the Save the Queen, but still very strong. Give it to Terra, it’s her ultimate weapon.

Do the Bunny Hop![edit source]

Swap to Party 2 now. Go to the room where Red Dragon was, and head left, down and a long way right, avoiding the switch by hugging the lower wall. Go south, grab the Teleport Stone from chest, and go up and hit the switch. Swap to Party 3, and follow Party 2. Go up the passage they opened and step on the switch. Time for Party 1.

Head to your buddies and take the right path they opened. Go up the mountain area. Here you’ll find Magic Dragons. They use White Wind to heal each other (they attack in groups), and also use Aero and Level ? Holy. They also used an attack called Wonderwing, but it didn’t do much and inflicted no status ailments, I think it's just a physical. Their White Wind gets annoying when two of them use it right after each other. BTW, notice how a lot of the enemies in this dungeon are pink and purple? Why the hell is that?

Hexadragons also attack here. They use Firaga, Flare Star, Meltdown, and have a “Breath” attack that Petrifies you. Finally, an enemy that can do something! But with only 750 MP, a Rasp or two removes the fire-type threats, leaving only Breath to worry about. Primeval Dragons are easy to kill, so trash them. Armodullahan uses Level 5 Death, Death, Blaster, Thundaga, and some physical attacks. You should use Firaga and Holy. Maximera uses the same elemental group attacks you’ve come to expect from his palette swaps. He can also Petrify you.

Go up the many stairs and into the upper door for a save point. Bring Party 2 with Mog here now. Then go and take the left door out of the mountain with Party 2. Here are the same Abbadon enemies, with Land Worms that appear in Kefka’s Tower. They use Magnitude 8 and are no threat. Besides, with Molulu's Charm you aren't fighting anyway. Go right, up and around, down the wooden bridge, and right to the dead end. There’s a hidden chest with an X-Potion here. Now back over the bridge you just came over, go left and push the weight to make a block appear. Take Party 2 back to the save (the second one you just found).

Take Party 1 down over the stairs. Go right when you can and over the bridge to the island of land in the middle. Keep going left and hop over the chests. Go around and up to the ledge. Go left and jump down and across, watching out for the guy trying to knock you off (Zone Eater’s belly now?). In the chest down here is an Econimizer, aka a Celestriad, which cuts all MP costs to 1. Oh yeah, now we’re talking!

Go back and start bridge hopping across to the left. If you fall, you’ll have to climb back up and fight some minor bosses along the way back up, represented by flames. Some of them can be avoided, but I’ll cover them all just in case. Here’s the enemy line-up.

Running the Gauntlet[edit source]

The Earth Eater’s Megaton Punch is Instant Death, and he uses it to counter physicals. He’s only got about 10000 more HP than normal enemies, and when Ultima does 9999, that doesn’t come to much in the end. Just have Arise ready for Megaton Punch.

Gargantua can Slow you with Evil Eye and cast Quake. And it’s a pathetically weak Quake, too. His only real danger is a physical that a quick Cura can heal. He’s a cakewalk.

Malboro Menace starts out easy enough, with Bad Breath and Blaster to counter. But as you do damage, he regenerates and multiplies. And the copies all use Bad Breath and Blaster, too. Hopefully you have Arise, ReRaise and Esuna ready. The first becomes two, then four. Once the group of four dies, you win. Use Ultima and Firaga and lots of Remedies. He's probably the strongest boss in the gauntlet.

Abyss Worm uses weak Landslide and Magnitude 8 attacks, and uses Acid to inflict seizure. He also uses Grav Bomb which is the same as Gravity. It’s no threat at all, his Earth attacks are weak.

Dark Behemoth will use Mighty Guard to cast Protect and Shell on itself. Use Dispel to remove these right away. It has a powerful Heave attack, so be careful. When he dies, he uses Meteor, so make sure you’re fully healed, it’ll do around 2000 damage a piece.

Skull Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
61000 14000 None
Steal Morph Drops
Holy Water Can't Morph Scorpion Tail
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire, Holy Poison 4/5

At the end of the tunnel is a bright, white light…walk into the light, my son…and be warped back to the chest-hopping place. What, you think you could get a free pass, no such luck! Go back to the start of the challenge and start hopping.

Along the hop across is a long bridge with a bridge in the lower-left that leads to an Elixir and some stairs up. At the top is another chest with an X-Ether. Along the way up you'll notice a blocked door, remember this. Past the X-Ether, head right to a pillar of rock. Up the stairs at the top is the next Dragon. First, switch to Party 2 and save, you don’t want to do this again. Then, equip the party with Ribbons, make sure no one is at a level multiple of 5 (level up a bit if this is so), and attack the Dragon.

Skull Dragon still uses the same Death and status spells as before, so Ribbons will be needed. However, this time it’s not his HP that you need to deplete, it’s his MP. Cast Rasp over and over, then Osmose more off of him. This can take a while. Cast Protect and Shell to help you survive, then keep Rasping him. As long as you have Ribbons and cast Regen on yourself, you'll be fine.

For your efforts, you get the Scorpion Tail, Gogo’s ultimate weapon, assuming he ever attacks. But it’s still good, it casts Bio, and gives +4 to all stats. For once with the weapons, the programmers get it right and give a character exactly what they need – in Gogo’s case, it boosts his crap-tacular stats. Give it to him now and save. You’re still not done.

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