Alright, kiddies, welcome to the Dragons' Den. Prepare yourself and enter the belly of the beast!

A League of Their Own[edit source]

Yeah, time to enter Dragons' Den. Woo, you just trashed the God of Magic and the Warring Triad. And you already beat the 8 Dragons once, how hard could it be to do it again?

Slap yourself in the face, right now.

See, you fought the Kefka programmed into the game back in the 90's! Welcome to the new millennium, where the programmers KNOW we can waste Kefka easily now, and gave us a much bigger challenge. The New Eight Dragons are stronger, faster, better. And unlike before, you can't just equip stuff that absorbs their element and take them down by multi-casting Ultima. It's not so easy. Well, it is, sort of, as long as you're properly prepared before the big fights. So, let's go and do that!

Blow your money on more items, then head to Jidoor and buy 4 Angel Wings. This is vital. Then head to the the Colloseum and put up that worthless Katana for Cyan we won. The Gamma uses Launcher, Gamma Rays (aka Doom), and Atomic Ray when it dies. By now you should have an idea of what to do. The Imp-Goon, a good mage, whatever you want. Kill it to win a second Radiant Lance for Mog or Edgar. But don't give it to them just yet, keep the Holy Lance on.

Now, bet that Ragnarok you got. Your enemy is a very dangerous Daedaelus. It's weak to Holy, you know what to do. Have Mog and Edgar Jump on it to death. It yields the Lightbringer.

Unless the super-weapons in the Dragon's Den are as good as I hear, this is the best weapon in the game for Terra, Locke, Edgar and Celes. It gives +7 to all starts, has 255 battle power, and +50 to Evade and Mblock. Oh yeah, baby.

Bet whatever else you want (check out the Colloseum's page for the betting list), then save and fly north. Land on the small island and form 3 parties.

For my first trip into the Den, I used these parties. Everyone has a mage or a fighter. I imagine there are more efficient parties, but my guys were so overpowered they wasted the normal enemies in here easily.




For my second trip, I decided to use this party, and have the Super-Party do all the dragon-slaying. I took Locke's Brigand's Glove and replaced it with the Genji Glove so he could dual-wield the Ultima Weapons, making him a machine. If you didn't swipe the second Ultima Weapon, then use the Valiant Knife - either works alright, although the knife is moderately stronger since you'll probably spend most of your time with less than max HP. I also gave the Lightbringer to Terra to replace one of her Enhancers. Since Mog was in Party 2 and didn't need to fight, I gave him Molulu's Charm. Party 2 hence became my exploration party to find out where to go and hit switches, since they didn't need to fight the tedious random encounters.




Party 1 shall be the super-party of mages and Locke, and we'll refer to the other two as Party 2 and Party 3, in that order.

Enter the Dragons' Den[edit source]

In here, the Great Behemoth and Dark Force enemies are back, and they brought heavy-duty reinforcements. The Great Dragon uses Blaze, Atomic Ray, Snort, and it may cast Quake when it dies. Use Float and lightning spells. The Vilia likes to use the Level 3 spells, but also Confuses you, Charms you (remember that from Owzer's House? It makes you attack yourself), and it uses Overture which makes a party member cover for it. Take it down quickly with Bio. Finally, the Zurvan uses the Level 3 spells and the Level Lores its palette swaps like. It also likes to counter with Osmose or Drain.

And as a final note, all these guys have over 20000 HP. Use Ultima to its fullest. They give Exp, but not magic points, so unequip all your Espers and re-equip them only for stat boosts. Zoneseeker, Bahamut, Gilgamesh, Crusader and Cactuar are the Espers of the day, boosting Magic, HP, Strength, MP and Speed, respectively.

Ice Dragon x4
HP MP Dangerous Attack
32000 20000 Freeze, physical x3
Steal Morph Drops
None Can't Morph Final Trump
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire Ice 3.5/5

For now, take Party 1 into the right entrance and go right and up. You’ll quickly find the new Ice Dragon

This Ice Dragon, as with all the other dragons, is much stronger than before. It uses Blizzaga, Freeze Dust, and a move called “Freeze” that casts Stop. It also uses Storm, which is similar to Snowstorm but stronger, and Avalanche. But the worst part is yet to come. Remember the Vector Lythos in Kefka's Tower, where it only looked like there was one, but there were actually four?

Yeah, I know. 4 Ice Dragons. What’s worse is that you're supposed to take them out one by one, because if you attack the group, they’ll use three physicals in a row, and that’s nothing to laugh at. Fortunately, they is a way to beat them, all at once, too.

Cast Hastega, then use Vanish on whomever has the Soul of Thamasa (for me, it was Relm), or summon Phantom. Then Dual-Cast Ultima. Their physicals will miss because you’re Vanished. Two Dual-Casts (by which I mean Dual-Cast twice) will put them down. Otherwise, they’re very strong, make sure you know Arise for this fight. Use Firaga and the like, but really, my way is easiest.

For your efforts, you get the Final Trump, Setzer’s ultimate weapon. Wait, can this thing do 9999 damage when Setzer is only at level 50? Oh, it can’t? So, why are we using this over the Fixed Dice? Oh, we shouldn’t? Ok, nevermind. The Seal of Ice also shatters, opening new paths for you. Back to the entrance with you!

The Perfect Storm[edit source]

Swap to Party 2 (or three, doesn't matter), enter the right cave and take the path up and around to the switch.

Switch to Party 1 and take the middle path (the one Party 2 just opened) up to the switch and step on it.

Party 3's turn. Enter the left cave and take the middle path again. Hop across the rocks and claim the Rename Card, an interesting little thing that lets you rename a character. If you named someone something really dumb that seemed funny at the time (like how I once named Terra "Kefka", which made the cut scenes fun to watch), it's useful. However, note that you can bet it at the coliseum for a pair of Miracle Shoes. Take parties 1 and 3 out of the cave now.

As Party 2, go back to where the Ice Dragon was and go down the stairs behind it. Go right and down for a Hi-Ether, then go back and take a left to a switch.

As Party 1 (confused yet?), enter the left cave again and take the right path to a rock up. Hop up the rocks and step on the switch. From your current position, Party 2 should be directly to your left.

Storm Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
62000 10000 Cyclonic, Icarus Wing
Steal Morph Drops
Hi-Ether Can't Morph Longinus
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Lightning Wind 4/5

As Party 3, enter the cave and take the left passage. Take the fairly linear passage up, right and down to a switch. Here, you can either hop over and fight the Dragon as Party 3, or step on the switch and fight it as your Party 1. Which do you think I'd choose? Before you fight, replace Locke's Genji Glove with a Sniper Eye and give him the Valiant Knife.

Storm Dragon is back, and he starts off the battle with Cyclonic. He’s also very fast and has the same Aero, Leaf Swirl and Wind Slash attacks as before, and a powerful physical attack called Icarus Wing. He has amazingly high Evade. Use Hastega to match his speed and Curaga to heal. With a Sniper Eye Locke cannot miss no matter how high his Evade, so hack and slash while your trio of mages use Valor and Curaga to keep themselves going. If you use magic, Flare, for once, is the spell of the day over Ultima due to Storm Dragon's High HP - Flare will do just as much damage for less MP and is overall more practical for this longer battle.

For your efforts you shatter the Wind Seal and get Edgar's ultimate weapon, the Longinus. It gives a good boost to stats, but it does not get the 2x Jump bonus of other spears, so it's worthless for Edgar. What's the point of having a Dragoon and giving them a weapon that doesn't get a Jump bonus?

Playing in the Dirt[edit source]

Now, as Party 1, hop north from Storm Dragon's grave and grab the Elixir from the chest. Then head right and up. Right again up to a save point. In here, if you can get all the parties here you can switch members, but we won't be doing that. Save and heal, then leave and go left, down and left. Equip everyone with a pair of Angel Wings, and go up the stairs to find another familiar face.

Earth Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
58000 24000 "enraged" physicals
Steal Morph Drops
X-Potion Can't Morph Godhand
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Wind, Water Earth 4/5

Earth Dragon does the same 50 Gs, Magnitude 8 and Quake attacks he always has – but this time, he does them a lot better, by which I mean they’re much stronger. This time, he isn’t Floating, he absorbs his attacks and heals himself for around 5000 damage. Not good. Cast Float on him to stop him from healing, and make sure equiped yourself with those Angel Wings to avoid his Earth attacks. If only it were that easy. When he gets weak, he get “enraged” and starts launching strong attacks in a row, and his Savage physical is tough too. Summon Fenrir or Phantom to avoid these and finish him off. Ultima and Locke are your friends, just summon Phantom and use Angel Wings and he's a piece of cake.

Now, if you think you’re up to the challenge WITHOUT Angel Wings, let me share my own, personal horror story with you. I went into the battle Floating, thinking I was prepared. Earth Dragon used 50 Gs, followed by Magnitude 8 and Quake on his first turn. Took out my entire party…except for Setzer, who was equipped with the Paladin Shield which, thank GOD, nulled Earth! Unfortunately, whenever I revived someone he used another Magnitude 8 or Quake to kill them, and through it all, Setzer was immune.

But, Setzer knew Ultima. After casting Regen, Haste and Protect, and Float on Earth Dragon to stop his healing, Setzer was able to single-handedly take down the Dragon through much mental agony and much usage of X-Potions to keep himself alive. He didn’t really have much choice. That may sound impressive, me taking down one of the new Dragons with only one party member. Well, in a way I suppose it is. But I would never, ever, ever, want to try it again, especially since this was after wiping out the first two Dragons and NOT saving. Kiddies, learn from my almost-fatal mistakes: BRING ANGEL WINGS! DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE!!!

Alright, now that my little trauma is finished, let’s move on. For your victory, which for your sake I hope isn’t as narrow as mine, you get Sabin’s ultimate weapon, the Godhand. It gives +7 to Strength and Stamina, and +3 to Speed, and…+0 to magic power. So it’s good for physicals, but why on earth would Sabin want to attack when he can Phantom Rush? And what powers up Phantom Rush? Riiiight, magic power, and what doesn’t provide magic power? Riiiiight, so how useful is the Godhand? Riiiiiight, not at all! Stick with the Tigerfang, it’s only weaker by 5 battle power anyway.

You know, so far these “Ultimate Weapons” the Dragon are guarding aren’t much, huh? They don’t give a Jump bonus to the guy who needs it, don’t give magic power to the guy who needs that, and are overall inferior to the weapons we already have. Hopefully the other stuff we find is more worth while! Now head back to the save point and step on the switch.

Swap to Party 2. Head back to where you fought Ice Dragon, and go up over the bridge Party 1 created and head up to the save.

Now as Party 3, take the left cave to find yourself directly below where Earth Dragon was, and head to the save.

Well, the gang is back together at the save and 3 of the 8 dragons are down for the count. I guess this is the end of the first quarter. Buy a beer and take a bathroom break before the second quarter starts.

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