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The Top of the Tower[edit source]

Your parties arrive at the top of Kefka's Tower. There's a familiar laugh, and then, he appears. The guy you've been fighting this whole game, the guy who pretty much single-handedly destroyed the planet. The guy who's killed anyone and anything who stood in his way. The big Grand Pooba of Magic, Ruler of the World of Ruin and Psychotic Clown Extraordinaire, Kefka Palazzo himself.

Now, Kefka hasn't just been sitting around, watching you travel the world giggling to himself like an idiot. Well, okay, he probably did that a few times. But he's also been building up a few stronger servants to fight you. Yeah, more bosses, lucky you, huh? There's also a scene...what, you want to know what it is? NO! I've been telling you every scene thus far, you wanna know what goes down up top, *you* play through the game, *you* beat the Warring Triad, and *you* find out for yourself!

Anyway, seriously, this is the end of the game stuff here, I'm not going to give you spoilers anymore. Just know that despite his godhood, Kefka still hasn't lost his sense of humor, although it's just as twisted as ever. In the end, the final battle is about to start. Arrange your party like I said to last time. Here's a reminder:

And now...let the battle be joined!

BTW, turn up the volume for this fight, the music "Dancing Mad" is awesome. Hey, you played through the game, you've earned a good soundtrack! Enjoy it!

The three tiers.

Tier 1[edit source]

Now, on all the tiers, you cannot see the enemies or their names, so I'll explain them by their positions. Visage is the head of the enemy, Long Arm is the arm on the left, and Short Arm the one on the right. If Visage dies last, It'll use Quake, which is dangerous, so he dies first. It'll use Dread to Petrify you and Magnitude 8 when weak, so be careful. It also likes to use Protect and Haste, another reason he dies first. Use your Firaga and Flare attacks.

Once Visage dies, Long Arm and Short Arm are nothing before you. Long Arm is weak to Instant Death and Gravity spells, so use Gravity to do 9999 damage a couple times, then just pummel him. Or cast Death, your choice. It only uses a weak Shockwave attack, and is no threat. Short Arm is even worse, he just attacks physically. This first tier is actually quite easy. Just make sure everyone is alive before you deal the finishing blow. BTW, Locke can Steal an Elixir from each part here. But it doesn't really matter, there's a whole island full of monsters holding Elixirs out there.

Tier 2[edit source]

Here, Tiger is the tiger-head in the lower-right. Just above him, Power, to his left, Machine, and on the far left, Magic.

Magic uses just what you would expect - Magic. It knows the Level 3 Spells, ReRaise, Graviga, Stop, Dispel, Reflect, Bio, Drain, Hastega, Slowga, and lots of other stuff. Thing is, it's immune to all but one status ailment - Silence. Silence it and ite can't do anything. Save it for last.

Machine uses all those Magitek attacks you love so much. Launcher, Diffuser, Missile, Delta Hit, Atomic Rays, Magitek Laser, you get the idea. He goes first. Like Long Arm, he's vulnerable to Gravity and Instant Death, so use that stuff.

Power just uses physicals, he's worthless. When he dies, however, he uses 10 physicals in a row. This is another reason why you save Magic for last, you don't want to be caught offguard and have someone killed if Power dies last. It didn't kill me, but there's the possibility someone will get all 10 hits, so just to be on the safe side, ya know.

Tiger uses S. Cross, N. Cross, Flare Star, and it can Zombify you. Take it out second to stop him. Use Blizzaga to hit his weakness.

These guys will pose trouble if you aren't prepared. Use Hastega first thing, take out Machine, then Tiger, then Power, and finally Magic. Once again, everyone has an Elixir to Steal, and since Locke is Mugging 4 times, you might as well try once the first two are down. As long as your party members absorb or null Fire to avoid S. Cross and Atomic Rays, you'll be fine. Terra and Celes' Minervas, Relm's Force Shield and Locke's Force Armor do the trick.

Tier 3[edit source]

We're almost there. Here, which enemy is which is fairly easy to figure out. Lady uses White Wind to heal herself and her buddy Rest. She also absorbs all 8 elements and can cast Arise on Rest, and she puts you to Sleep. Obviously she goes down first. Use Ultima or physicals to do it.

BUT!!!! Don't take her out just yet! For it is she who holds the Ragnarok Sword that we need so much we brought Locke! Fortunately it's a common Steal, so only have him Mug until you get the blade. Then kill her.

Rest is much harder. He uses Meltdown and Tornado, so have someone with Curaga ready. He has another Ultima Weapon to Steal, so try and get that, too. When he gets low on HP, he uses the enemy Meteor, and a very dangerous attack called Trine, which inflicts Silence and Mute on the entire party. If you didn't equip Ribbons, you'll be sorry. Before you deal the final blow, either summon Fenrir, or cast ReRaise on the party. When he dies, Rest uses the attack "Repose" twice, which is an Instant Death attack. Use ReRaise to avoid losing a member.

Now, it should be Relm, Terra, Celes and Locke standing tall. It's finally time...

Final Boss[edit source]

HP MP Dangerous Attack
62000 38000 Many
Steal Morph Drops
Megalixir Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Holy Poison, Earth (floating) 4/5

Kefka is the final boss of the game, and the God of Magic. Listen to his monologue, then begin the fight. As you might expect, Kefka has a wide variety of attacks and is ready to duke it out. As a note, Locke can and should steal a rare Megalixir.

Kefka begins the battle with Heartless Angel, reducing the entire party to 1 HP. Immediately cast Curaga. He also has Blizzaga, Firaga and Thundaga, which is almost an insult that the God of Magic would use the same stuff you do. I would have him use a Level 4 spell like Firaja, or it equivalent, you know? Kefka isn't all spells, though, he has a powerful Havoc Wing attack that will likely kill a party member because of its high power and high hit rate, and he may double turn you with it. Ouch. This continues until you've taken off about half of Kefka's HP. He'll start countering attacks with Hyperdrive, which ignores defense and is likely an instant kill. Nothing Arise can't fix.

When Kefka says "The end is near" and makes the screen shake, he's charging up for his signature attack - Forsaken. Forsaken cannot be blocked and has 220 magic power; for a point of comparison, Ultima has 150 magic power. Luckily, Forsaken doesn't ignore split damage or defense like Ultima does, so it'll do a lot of damage but not enough to really be deadly. Keep in mind he doesn't counter your attacks while charging up. At this point, Kefka also has Trine, and if you didn't bring Ribbons you already know how crippling Trine is from Rest. And he has the Vengeance attack that removes any and all positive status ailments like Haste, Protect, Shell, ReRaise, etc, from the party. Considering the alternatives, you *want* him to use this. With only 10000 HP left, the real danger begins. Kefka's attack counter changes from Ultima. And this WILL kill you, ok, so either cast ReRaise or wait until he begins charging up Forsaken. There's another change in his pattern at 7500 HP, when he'll start using Meteor.

As this is the final battle, there's no point in conserving anything, so use your Elixirs and Megalixirs freely. As long as you have Ribbons, Arise and Ultima you shouldn't have any trouble. Having one mage devoted to buffing the party while thje other two bombard Kefka with spells and Locke hacks and slashes. If anyone died and you don't have the line-up I told you, then you should know what everyone does well by now. Edgar and Mog Jump, Setzer attacks with Fixed Dice, Shadow Throws, Gogo and Sabin Phantom Rush, and anyone else uses Ultima. If you have Gau, then that means everyone else got killed. And if that happens, turn off the Gameboy right now. Because if you do so bad you get stuck with Gau, you have no hope against Kefka.

The End?[edit source]

Watch the end scene. CSM tells you the ending, so if you want it, go to him. Me, I want you to *earn* your right to see the final scenes! I'll be back later to cover the post-game show! You thought this was over? Yeah right! We've got the Dragons' Den to cover now!

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