It's time for the confrontation with the Warring Triad! This is Part 31!

The Final Puzzle[edit source]

Party 1 is in front of the door with Party 2 on the left and Party 3 on the right. With our current set-up, go through the door as Party 1 and take a right. Go down from here. Switch to Parties 2 and 3, and move them off the switches. Then as Party 1, push down the weight to open the path for Party 3. As Party 3, go up through the door and take a left. Go down and push the weight. Now, move all three parties up and trigger the three switches. As the middle Party (Party 2, so you know), go down through the door and hit the switch.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
60000 5200 Several
Steal Morph Drops
Force Armor, Ribbon Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None Lightning, Water 3/5

Now, the left party is Party 3, the middle is Party 2, and Party 1 is on the right. It's not so complicated when you see the puzzle itself. Go up as Party 2 and prepare for a boss.

The Guardian, you may remember, guarded the Imperial Palace in Vector. It's now guarding the Tower stronghold, and this time there's no running away. Guardian starts off as your basic Magitek enemy with the Missile, Magitek Laser, etc, attacks. Then after a couple turns it'll say that it's imputing a Battle Programs; Ultros. It now knows Ink, Tentacle, Stone, and Entwine. After a few turns, it goes back to the default Program. Hopefully you can kill it before it goes to the second Battle Program, if not, you're in trouble.

It will run Dadaluma's Battle Program, and will Throw things at you. This is very bad. It'll also use a bunch of Hi-Potions on itself, then use Magitek Barrier, which I'm sure you remember gives it Protect and Reflect. Dispel this stuff. After another few turns as default, it will run the Battle Program of Air Force, and use Magitek Laser and Launcher before counting down to a Wave Cannon. Another couple turns as the standard boss, then the dreaded Ultima Weapon's Battle Program is up. It will use Flare and Meteo, then charge up for a bit and Flare Star. Then it's back to the start of the pattern.

As I said, you'll want to kill this thing before it gets to Dadaluma or else it'll bring the pain - Throw, Launcher and Flare Star are very dangerous. However, note that you have Gogo with you. Give him the Steal command, because Guardian has either a Ribbon or a suit of Force Armor for you. As for the battle, he's a machine, you know how to deal with them. Spam Thundaga and Ultima and try to take him out before he runs the second program.

Save, then swap to your next party, use a Tent (gotta love that glitch), swap, Tent, and save again. It's time for the battle with the Warring Triad.

Fiend[edit source]

HP MP Dangerous Attack
63000 4800 Demon Rage
Steal Morph Drops
Safety Bit Can't Morph Mutsunokami
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Holy Ice, Poison 3.5/5

As Party 3, go down and through the second door. Go up to find the first Statue.

Fiend has more HP than the actual final boss! He uses N. Cross, Blizzaga, and Absolute 0 at first. Plus, he counters your attacks with his physical. Once Fiend gets down to half his HP, he'll start Targeting your characters, then use a powerful physical attack called Fiendish Rage. Use ReRaise to avoid this. Eventually, Fiend's Aura will shift, he'll give himself Haste, Image and Reflect, and he'll use Force Field. Force Field picks a random element and negates all damage it does.

If you listened to me, your lineup is Edgar, Celes, Locke and Strago. Force Field is Strago's final Lore, and Fiend is the only enemy to use it! It sucks, granted, but you want a complete Lore list, right? Locke should be Stealing, because Fiend has a Safety Bit, and we'll need it shortly. Edgar's Jumps with the Holy Lance are more than enough to take out Fiend - Fiend is weak to Holy, and my Edgar did over 8000 damage a Jump. Focus on Stealing his Safety Bit, then let him use Force Field to learn it and hope it doesn't null Holy. And if it does, well, you still have Ultima.

When Fiend is killed, you get the Mutsunokami, Cyan's second-strongest weapon. And it still sucks. But, like the rest of Cyan's weapons, we can bet it for something good! And we will once we're done. First, we have 2 more bosses to go! Save and heal, then move up and hit the switch. Then swap to Party 2, the party in the middle.

Demon[edit source]

HP MP Dangerous Attack
58000 18900 Stop/Blaster
Steal Morph Drops
Red Jacket Can't Morph Radiant Lance
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Poison Fire, Wind 4/5

Go up and left. Outside, walk up the stairs.

Demon has a very nasty combo. He'll cast Stop, then use Blaster. Blaster is an Instant Death attack you may have seen before, but here's something you may not have known - it ALWAYS hits a Stopped party member, so if you get Stopped, kiss that member goodbye. Beyond that dangerous technique, Demon uses Flare Star, Aero, Meteor (the enemy version), and Metal Cutter, which are all strong, and he likes to counter your attacks with Firaga. Once damaged 8 times, he'll use the now-familiar Wave Cannon.

To avoid the Stop/Blaster combo, you can use Reflect, but if you get caught offguard and hit by one of his attacks that can't be Reflected (which are most of them, sadly), how can you heal yourself? Hm...ah-ha! You brought Gogo to the fight, right? Give him Lore and use White Wind, which will bypass Reflect and heal everyone an amount equal to Gogo's current HP. So do that, either use Reflect Rings or summon Carbuncle. This will also reflect Demon's Firaga counter, although it'll heal him a little since he absorbs Fire.

For your offense, Setzer's Fixed Dice/Master's Scroll make him king of physical attacks. He'll do to Demon what Edgar did to Fiend, but don't get cocky. Use Gogo and Gau to heal and defend, you can't afford to have Gau Rage in this fight. Terra should use Bio (Demon is weak to Poison) or Ultima.

When Demon falls, you get the Radiant Lance, a strong weapon for Edgar and Mog. We'll need it shortly. Go inside the door Demon was guarding, save, heal, and drop down the hole. Step on the switch. Swap to Party 1, now.

Goddess[edit source]

HP MP Dangerous Attack
44000 19000 Cloudy Heaven
Steal Morph Drops
Minerva Bustier Can't Morph Excalibur
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
None Lightning, Holy 4.5/5

Equip Relm and Shadow with their Memento Rings, and the other two party members with a Safety Bit (one from the Tower of Fanatics, the other Stolen from Fiend). If you don't, you'll regret it. Also, give Mog the Radiant Lance. If you don't have two Memento Rings, give Shadow a Safety Bit and leave Mog with his Dragoon Relics. Then go down, through the door and up to the final Statue.

Goddess is the final and strongest Statue. She'll use Thundaga, Thundara, and Charm, which you already know is annoying as hell. She's also healed by Holy, which is why Mog should have the Radiant Lance to avoid healing her. When she loses about a quarter of her HP, she'll start using Flash Rain, Thundaga and Quasar. If Strago hasn't learned it yet, watch closely, because the animation is awesome. Fortunately, other enemies have it for him to learn. Goddess also likes to use Love Token, which makes any physical against her go to the affected character. So obviously, stick to magic to avoid it. Too bad Goddess has no weaknesses like Demon or Fiend.

If that was all, she'd be equal to the other members of the Triad, but Goddess has something devious and deadly up her divine sleeve that sets her apart. When damaged 8 times, she'll use Cloudy Heaven. This is one of the most dangerous moves you've ever faced. It casts Doom on the party, but once the countdown ends, the members don't die - they become Zombies. This ignores ReRaise AND immunity to Zombie, so don't try using Ribbons. And, once cast, anyone who dies in any way, regardless of by the countdown or not, becomes a Zombie, and this effect lasts the rest of the battle.

See why she's the strongest of the Triad? Fortunately, while Overcast ignores Zombie immunity, it DOES check for Instant Death. Ahhhhh, now you see, right? Shadow and Relm's Memento Rings will shield them from harm, and those two Safety Bits shield Sabin and Mog too. And if you only have 3 of these Relics to go around, let Mog keep his Relics, because if you're lucky, he'll be up in the air when Cloudy Heaven is used. Pummel Goddess with Sabin's Phantom Rush and Relm's magic, and Mog's Jumps. Shadow should be Throwing things at her.

When you win, you get the Excaliber, the real thing this time. It's a holy-type Sword for Edgar, Locke, Celes and Terra. And it sucks. It gives +20 to Evade, but so do lots of other things. The Enhancer, Radiant Lance and Valiant Knife are all better.

It seems that magic is still around, and if the Triad isn't the source of magic anymore...then it must be...

The Final Preparations[edit source]

Here's how the final battle works. You number your characters 1-12, and fight against 4 Tiers of enemies. When Tier 1 is defeated, if anyone in the party is dead, they get replaced by the next person in line when you move to Tier 2. So, if two members die when you complete Tier 1, then Numbers 5 and 6 will appear to replace them for Tier 2.

This ultimately means that if you play your cards right, you'll never even need the last 8 guys. And you won't. Our first four will be so overpowered that we won't need anyone to replace them.

Obviously, you can guess who three of them are: Relm, Celes, and Terra, our own Triad of Magical Gods. Who goes with them? The answer may surprise you - Locke. Yes, Locke. Remember back in Narshe, I mentioned that the Ragnarok Sword can be stolen here? That's why he comes, you'll want that sword.

Behind those 4, just in case, Numbers 5-7 should be Strago, Sabin and Mog, in that order. Strago's Lores are handy, and Sabin's Phantom Rush too. Mog comes for magic power, because Dancing is a bad idea, you need controllable characters here. Gogo goes 8th, as a jack-of-all-trades. Edgar, Shadow and Setzer take up slots 9-11, because they're physical fighters and we need magic here. Finally, Gau takes the last slot because as said, we don't need Berserkers up here.

Now that the line-up is set, the equipment is next. The enemies use lots of magical attacks, so give Relm the Force Shield to boost her Mblock and magic defense, even the mighty Genji Shield is inferior to the Force Shield when it comes to magic. She should still have the Soul of Thamasa equipped, and leave Celes and Terra with their Genji Gloves and dual-Econimzers for magic power. Equip all three mages with Ribbons if you can.

Take the Master's Scroll from Setzer and give it to Locke with the Brigand's Glove. He wants to Mug, so have him do it 4 times. A Ribbon is tempting, but the item we have to Steal here are worthy the risk. Give him the Valiant Knife, an Aegis Shield, and a suit of Force Armor to boost his Mblock. Finally, put them all in the back row except for Locke. Everyone else in the back, because only Locke needs to attack up here.

So, here's how the line-up goes.

  • 1: Terra
  • 2: Celes
  • 3: Relm
  • 4: Locke
  • 5: Strago
  • 6: Sabin
  • 7: Mog
  • 8: Gogo
  • 9: Edgar
  • 10: Shadow
  • 11: Setzer
  • 12: Gau

When all is ready, move your three parties forward and hit the switches. You'll be taken to the Tower summit, and I'm sure you know exactly who's waiting for you...

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