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Brush the dust off[edit source]

Okay, make a party with Locke and Cyan. That's not a typo, bring Cyan with you. Don't get used to him and don't bother suiting him up. Fly to Doma Castle and stay in the rest room. When you wake up...Cyan doesn't. Watch as the so-called Dream Stooges leap into him, and of course, you follow.

Cosmic...[edit source]

Whoa. Looks like one of those Escher paintings, huh? How is it such a neat dungeon dwells in the mind of such an idiot? Oh well. You start off with one member of your party, the one from the fourth (bottom) slot. I hope you have several Ribbons, the enemies here like status ailments.

Weredragon is fond of Virite, which Poisons the party. It's weak to Holy and Fire. The Parasite attacks with Stop, and the Alluring Rider can use the dangerous LV? Pearl Lore, along with Doom and Roulette. Pandora can use Evil Toot to inflict more status ailments on you, and the Coco, which uses Imp, Drain, and Overture. Overture makes any physical against them go to the affected character, so watch out.

Curlax, Laragorn and Moebius
HP MP Dangerous Attack
15000, 10000, 12500 2000 (all) Arise (Curlax), Delta Hit
Steal Morph Drops
None Can't Morph None
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Ice, Water (Curlax), Fire (Laragon), None (Moebius) Fire (Curlax), Ice, Wind (Laragon), Lightning (Moebius) 2/5

Save, then go left and start wandering about. I think some of the doors are random, and honestly, like Ebot's Rock, it's just too much trouble to give you directions. Find your other two party members, make your way back to the Save, then take the center door of the three and follow the path to an area with only a single door with some strange symbols around it. Open the door for a boss battle.

Curlax, Laragorn, and Moebius are the Dream Stooges, and they're tough. When all 3 of them are alive, they use Delta Hit to Petrify on your your party members, and the only way to stop it is the Ribbon or another preventative Relic. Curlax must die first because he knows Arise and will revive Laragorn and Moebius when they die. He's weak to Ice, so use Blizzaga. Moebius has no weaknesses, but like to cast support magic like Protect and Haste, so he goes next. Laragorn may randomly leave the fight, and if he's gone when Moebius and Curlax fall, you win. He's Ice-elemental, so use Fire.

Or, win my way - cast Ultima twice and take out all three of the Stooges at once ^_^.

Whatever you do, enter the door.

Return to the Phantom Train[edit source]

Welcome back to the Phantom Train. Here, the Samurai can use Fatal, an Instant Death attack that *ignores immunity*! Be very careful, especially since you've only got 3 party members. Suriander puts you to Sleep and Snorts, it's just annoying. The Al Jabr uses Flash Rain and Thundaga, so watch it.

Use the save in the next car and go left. This area is Cyan's memory, twisted a bit, so you'll see him running from the Ghosts here. Enter the door and pull the switch twice to move the crates and claim the Genji Glove. Go on. Pull the switch and memorize the positions of the chest. I'm not telling you what they are, lazy-ass! Open the nearby chest for a Lump of Metal. Nearby is a chest that moves to block you. Put the metal in it to stop it, then claim the Flame Shield behind it. Head to the next car.

Here, there are three switches in this position.

1 2 3

Pull Switch 3, then pull 1. Go back and pull 3 again, then pull 2. Pull 3 again, then 1 to open the path forward. Here, close the chests in the pattern you saw in the last car, then pull the switch. In the next car, save and go to the locomotive. Enter the cabin and leave.

I'm not why sure you're in the mines, but you get Magitek Armor again! Yay! Here, the Io uses Wave Cannon, and has a lot of HP. Sky Cap is weak. The Pluto Armor can use Launcher and an attack you may not have seen before, Metal Cutter, watch out. Use Bolt Beams, and if Terra is with you, use Magitek Missile. She still has a full set of 8 Commands, while everyone else only has 4. How bad-ass of her.

Watch Cyan run, then follow him outside. Follow the path to the next cave, then go right back out the way you came. Try to cross the bridge.

Back in Doma[edit source]

Here, the spirits of Cyan's wife and son tell you that a monster is feeding off of Cyan's guilt. I suppose you have to save him. Save, rest, then go right for the throne room for a boss.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
23066 5066 Fury
Steal Morph Drops
Memento Ring Can't Morph Guard Bracelet
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Ice Fire, Holy 3/5

Wrexsoul starts by possessing one of your party members. Kill off your group members one by one until Wrexsoul re-appears, then go on an offensive with Blizzaga spells. Wrexsoul and his Soul Savers use Firaga, Thundaga and Blizzaga, and when the Soul Savers run out of MP they'll drain yours. Try and beat Wrexsoul before he vanishes again. As a note, if you missed the second Memento Ring in Thamasa, Wrexsoul has one to Steal. So have Locke, who I told you to bring, swipe it from him. You'll need it, and for that reason you have to bring Wrexsoul out at least once so you can swipe it.

Oh, and here's the easy way to beat Wrexsoul. When he vanishes, use Banish. The Soul Savers normally respawn when killed, but not when killed by Banish. Thus, you'll win without ever having to lay a hand on their boss. However, Wrexsoul won't drop the Pod Bracelet - it casts Safe and Shell, and sucks because you can win Miracle Shoes at the Colloseum which casts those spells and more.

Afterwards, Cyan will come to and clear his mind of doubt and guilt. In other words, he learns all his SwordTechs, and all of them suck. You also get the Murasame, which is one of the best weapons in other games - in this one it's useless. Before you leave Doma, check the throne room for the Alexander Magicite. Alex is the only Esper to teach Holy. Get back on the Falcon and put Cyan back at his old place in the engine room.

The Penultimate Peril[edit source]

We're almost ready to enter the final dungeon, but first, a side-stop. Make a party of Celes, Relm and Terra. Now you need a 4th member. For me, my secondary mages were Strago, Mog and Sabin, because Strago's Lores, Mog's Dances and Sabin's Phantom Rush all relied on magic, so they all had fairly high magic power. Take whomever you like, but I recommend Mog, and equip them with things that boost Mblock, magic defense and magic power. Twin sets of Earrings are useful, obviously, as are Economizers and Gold Hairpins.

Fly to the Serpent Trench and land in the small ring of mountains at the tower where you found Strago. The Tower of Fanatics hides the best magic-enhancing Relic this side of the Economizer. Give everyone an Esper and start climbing. Up here, some enemies have auto-Reflect, fortunately everyone should know Ultima, making most battles here easy. Still, you should know what to expect. All the enemies leave an absurd amount of magic points. As you climb, the higher-level enemies become more common.

As a final note, you may wish to equip your party with Reflect Rings to reflect spells off your party members. But it's not a nessessity if you have Ultima. Now, here's the roster of the tower.

Magic Urn is there to restore your party. They fight you in the treasure rooms and use items like Elixir, Ether, Potion, etc, on your party, then run. Use Osmose to restore your MP before they run.

Level 10 Magic uses Thunder, Blizzard, Fire, and speed-changing spells. It's pathetic, and undead, so you know the drill.

Level 20 Magic uses Gravity, Banish, Break, Graviga, and counters with Safe and Confuse. It's strong if you let it live, so don't. Use Bio.

Level 30 Magic uses Blizzara, Fira and Thundara. It can also cast Reflect and Imp. Bio works well.

Level 40 Magic uses Vanish, Drain, Mute, Sleep, and other status stuff. Thunder spells work on it,

Level 50 Magic is getting tough to beat. They use Hastega, Death, Break, Berserk and Bio. They're also undead.

Level 60 Magic is very dangerous. It uses Tornado and Quake, which pierce your Reflect Rings. They also use Slowga, Osmose and Regen. Use Firaga.

Level 70 Magic uses Blizzaga, Firaga and Thundaga, and is weak to Ice.

Level 80 Magic bounces curative spells off you and Level 3 spells off of allies, assuming the targets have Reflect. They also have Holy and Bio.

Level 90 Magic is as strong as they come. They use Flare, Meltdown and Meteor, and counter with Stop and ReRaise. Kill them quickly with Ultima.

Now, begin the climb up, the tower is a linear a path as it gets. The first treasure room has a Safety Bit, which makes a party member immune to Instant Death spells. Inspect the wall on the right side of the chest, then leave and go down a level. The Air Anchor is supposed to be Edgar's ultimate Tool, killing an enemy the next time it moves. It blows.

Go up. The second treasure room has a Genji Shield, you can never have too many of those! The third room has Shadow's ultimate weapon. It's GBA name is stupid and hard to say, so I'll call it the Stunner. It randomly casts stop. And it sucks. Shadow should Throw things, not attack. In the same room with the sucky weapon is an equally sucky boss, so sucky it doesn't even deserve a boss template.

Magic Master
HP MP Dangerous Attack
50000 50000 Ultima
Steal Morph Drops
Elixir, Crystal Orb Can't Morph Megalixir
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Varies Varies 3.5/5

White Dragon is the weakest of the 8 Dragons, and considering all of them are weak, that's pretty bad. It only ever casts two spells, Holy and Dispel, and it has less than 20000 HP. I killed it in two casts of Ultima, both of which did 9999 damage. It gives you the Holy Lance, which is fairly pointless since you already have two.

Continue up. The 4th treasure room has Force Armor. Now you're at the summit. In the chest is the mighty Soul of Thamasa. Give it to Relm and never take it off. It lets anyone cast 2 spells in one turn. Oh yeah. Leave the room and watch the scene.

Magic Master is the head of the Cult of Kefka, and he's mighty. He uses all sorts of spells, including Level 2s, Level 3s, Death, Mute and Bio. You'd think a guy with a name like "Magic Master" would use something strong like Meteor, Flare, Holy...or Ultima. And guess what, he knows it. He uses it when he dies, making you kick yourself because the long trek up the tower was a waste - I know, it's happened to me when I was a kid, I spent two hours climbing the tower and had to start over when I was killed by Ultima.

He also uses Barrier Change, which I'm sure you know alters his elemental weaknesses/resistances. But, he has a weakness. Use Berserk on him, and all he'll use is his physical, which is pathetic. Now cast ReRaise on everyone, then begin the pummeling. When Magic Master uses Ultima and dies, ReRaise will revive your party. Woot! For your efforts to get a Megalixir, an awesome item, and you get to keep the Soul of Thamasa.

Alright, if you brought Mog, just use the Molulu Charm to avoid fights. Leave and save. And get ready...it's time. Time to end all this....

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