We're in the home stretch, only 4 subquests left to play!

Return to Figaro[edit source]

Fly to Figaro Castle and submerge to go to South Figaro. Along the way you should get a scene where the mechanic mentions the castle's movement is odd. Stop and go to the prison, and through the back of the cell.

Here in this dark cave, all the enemies have auto-reflect and high magic defense. But they're no match for physicals. The Figaro Lizard can Poison you, big whoop. Enuo, not to be confused with the equally lame villain, is weak to Holy and no threat, although it likes using water-type Lores like Tsunami and Aqua Breath. The Devil likes to use those 3 LV Lores its palette swap liked. None of these guys are any danger to you. Use stuff that ignores Reflect like summons and of course, Ultima, which many of your characters should know by now.

Master Tonberry
HP MP Dangerous Attack
22000 1200 Several
Steal Morph Drops
Elixir, Megalixir Can't Morph Gladius
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Varies Varies 2.5/5

Go down and check the chests. The right one is a Hi-Ether, the left is a second Wing Edge for Locke. Now, go to the right and down. Open the chest and get ready.

Master Tonberry likes all the stuff his buddies in Umaro's cave liked, like that powerful Knife physical and Traveler. But he has a nifty trick up his sleeve that sets him apart from his underlings, called Barrier Change. It randomly gives him 1 elemental weakness, 1 absorption from an element, and all other elementals are nulled. Plus, he does the same walk-forward-and-Knife movement his pals do. What's more, every time he changes his weakness, he'll gain a new attack corresponding to his current elemental type - Tornado, Quake, El Nino, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Firaga, Holy and Bio are the spells of the day. Obviously, this guy is not to be underestimated.

Naturally you'll want to ignore his weakness change all together, it's too much trouble to keep up with. The non-elemental Flare and Ultima are your best bets, but stay away from physicals to avoid the Knife/Traveler combo the normal Tonberries showed you. As a note, down here my Sabin was Phantom Rushing for 9999 damage. With that kind of power, Master Tonberry's 22000 HP won't last long. He leaves the Gladius, a Holy-elemental dagger. And boy does it suck, because everyone who can equip it has something better, and it doesn't give any stat boosts. But it is a Holy-elemental weapon, so it's not totally worthless, because a lot of the enemies here are weak to Holy.

Go left through the wall and claim the Death Tarot. This is supposed to be Setzer's ultimate weapon, able to cast Instant Death. It sucks, ok? Go up and left, and in the lower-left here is a Magicite shard and an X-Potion. Go down the stairs, save, then go up and left.

The Ancient Castle[edit source]

I don't care what anyone says, this place is Castle Baron, alright? Anyone who's played Final Fantasy IV will tell you that! Anyway, seems this place was a stronghold during the War of the Magi. When the castle came under attack, only the Esper Odin was able to fend them off. However, Odin met his match when the Zantetsuken failed against the enemy leader, who petrified him and left him frozen before the throne of the castle. Go up and left. In here is a chest, and it's another boss.

Samurai Soul
HP MP Dangerous Attack
37620 7400 Throw
Steal Morph Drops
Murasame, Murakumo Can't Morph Master's Scroll
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Poison Varies 3.5/5

Remember those Ninjas and Outsiders who like to throw things? Samurai Soul is to them what a sniper rifle is to a 9mm - Ninjas and Outsiders kill you, Samurai Soul kills you and all your party members aboard the Falcon. He throws Skeans, Katanas, uses GilToss, 1000 Needles, Shockwave and Gale Cut. Later, he'll give himself Reflect and Image status, *and* he has an attack called SlayerEdge which is Instant Death and ignores immunity. He's also got a lot of HP, almost 40000, which is more than a lot of the bosses thus far have had, and he's got super-high speed to boot. This guy is walking death. He's not a superboss like Shinryu, but he's still very powerful.

Now, fortunately he does have two weaknesses. The first is Poison, so use Bio and he'll eventually take over 3000 damage a turn. The second is that he can be Confused. Cast Confuse and watch him kill himself with SlayerEdge. Good thing too, otherwise he's very strong. He leaves behind the Master's Scroll, a very useful Relic that lets a character attack with a weapon four times. However, things like auto-criticals, randomly casts a spell, and other bonus effects, are ignored. But weapons that ignore defense still get that bonus, so the Ultima Weapon, Valiant Knife and another weapon all work well with it. As a note, when used with Mug, Locke can Steal 4 times and from different enemies, although the loss of bonuses still applies and you still can't Steal more than one item per enemy. Put this to use on a good physical fighter right away.

Leave and take the door right of the entrance to the castle. In here in the Punisher Rod, it consumes MP for a critical. However, the only people who can use Rods already have the Magus Rod, so it sucks. Note, however, that it was in fact the very same weapon Banon used when he was in your party back when the name "Returners" actually meant something. Now, actually enter the castle.

Inside, the Lunatys can use a strong physical called Mirror Orb, and uses Meteor (the enemy version) when alone. Take them out in a group to avoid this. The Armored Weapon uses the same techno-attacks you would expect, including Launcher which is as dangerous as ever. Since they have auto-Reflect their weaknesses (the same water/lighting stuff as all machines) are hard to hit, so use Ultima. As a note, what is this kind of enemy even doing here, this castle was destroyed 1000 years ago, right?

Head to the throne and touch Odin's remains to receive him as a Magicite shard. Now, I used to hear how he was the only Esper to give a Speed bonus, so he was great. Wel, he isn't anymore, because Cactuar gives a better bonus. Odin teaches Meteor too. Meteor hits all enemies...like Ultima. It ignores Reflect...like Ultima. It's non-elemental...like Ultima. And it costs a lot of MP to cast...like Ultima. You get the picture, it's a watered-down Ultima you should never need anymore.

Blue Dragon
HP MP Dangerous Attack
26900 3800 Rippler
Steal Morph Drops
None Various Crystal Equipment Zantetsuken
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Lightning Water 2/5

In the upper-right room is a Blizzard Orb, a useful Relic for the useless Umaro. It's beside a Gold Hairpin, which is another useful Relic. Now go back the throne room. Go the right side of the blue carpet in the middle of the room, and stand on the second step below the throne. Turn up the sound and press A. You should here a sound. Enter the door to the right. In here, inspect the bookcase for a scene about how the Queen of the castle loved Odin despite the fact he was an Esper (Terra has a little thought here if she's with you). Now go down the stairs.

The Blue Dragon is another one of the Eight Dragons, and by now you should have killing them down pat. You should know the drill, he's water-elemental and uses those kinds of attacks, use Thundaga, etc. However, if they're in your party, DO NOT Morph Terra, and if Shadow is here, kill him off right away!

See, the Blue Dragon uses Rippler, which exchanges his status ailments with those of a member of your party. Unfortunately, it also exchanges Dance, Rage, Morph, Runic, and Interceptor. Remember how the dog randomly intercepts an attack on Shadow? Blue Dragon can use Rippler on Shadow to swipe that power, and then, unless you have Strago Rippler it back onto himself and then onto Shadow, Interceptor's gone for good. So if you brought him, kill off Shadow to prevent that. Don't worry, the Blue Dragon is no worse than his brothers besides this little glitch. He leaves behind the Zantetsuken, Odin's weapon that randomly casts Instant Death. If you ever decide to use Cyan, give him this, Instant Death is all he has, all his SwordTechs still suck and only the Tempest and his new GBA super-weapon do anything good.

Now, go up and inspect the statue of the Queen. Odin will turn in Raiden, who still sucks. His +2 to Strength and teaching of the Quick spell are covered by Gilgamesh. Head back to Figaro, finish the trip to South Figaro, then go back to Kohlingen and board the Falcon.

Hidon-Go-Seeking[edit source]

Make a party with Relm and Strago. Fly to Thamasa and watch the scene in town. Strago's old buddy Gungho (who the hell named this guy!?) was injured by the legendary monster he used to hunt with Strago in their younger days. Strago vows to avenge him, so let's do that. Fly north to Ebot's Rock, and enter the cave.

I hate this dungeon. There's a chest in here that you must feed around 25 pieces of Coral at once. When you step on a switch, you randomly teleport to another room, maybe even the one you just left. Open the chests you find, and keep a mental note of how much Coral you have.

HP MP Dangerous Attack
25000 12500 Grand Delta
Steal Morph Drops
Warp Stone, Thornlet Can't Morph Warp Stone
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Fire, Holy, Earth Poison 3/5

In here, Mahadeva is no threat, nor is the Aspidochelon or the Moonform. To be honest, as long as Relm knows Ultima, none of the enemies here are a threat. But I suppose I should cover them anyway. The Creature can Confuse you, the Sorath is just a teddy bear, the Warlock uses Holy, and the Medusa Chicken can Petrify you.

Wander around collecting 25 pieces of Coral, then find your way back the chest. Feed it, then go up to find the boss.

Hidon likes using Bio, and he also can revive dead party members as Zombies using ChokeSmoke. His 4 Erebuses are all fond of Bio and Poison, too. The upper right one can Zombify you, the bottom left has auto-Reflect and absorbs all 8 elements, the bottom center one is no danger, and the bottom right one is no threat either.

Use Ultima to take out the four Erebus in one blow, then wait until Hidon glows. He'll use Grand Delta, the Lore version of Ultima - it has its uses, at least until Strago learns the real thing. But if you're having Celes use Runic for some reason, then you now have a way to attack around it, as she does not absorb Lores. As a final note, Locke can Steal the rare Thornlet from him - it's a powerful helmet with high defense that inflicts Seizure on the wearer. As for the actual fight itself, Hidon is weak to Fire, Holy and Earth. Pummel him.

Once Hidon falls, watch the scene. Seems Gungho was faking his injury to convince Strago to get back on the hunt. Strago tells Gungho all about his Tellah impression to tap into the power of Old Man Rage, and falls asleep in the process. As a note, if you leave and talk to him later, he may mention Hidon is back, so you can return to Ebot's Rock and fight him again. I believe that, until the GBA gave us the Soul Shrine, Hidon was the only boss you could fight multiple times. A little tidbit for you.

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